1.1 Explain the Sequence and Rate of Each Aspect of Development from Birth to 19years

The main areas of development include: physical development, social and emotional development, intellectual development and language development. Through physical development, a young child from age 0 to 3 will learn to turn their head toward some sounds and movement, move from sitting with support to sitting alone, raise arms to be lifted, begin to walk and kneel to play.

The aspects of social and emotional development include: response to adults, especially the mother’s face and voice, enjoying the company of others and games like peek –a boo, liking to please adults and perform for an audience and developing a sense of own identity and wanting to do things for themselves. The intellectual development of a child aged 0 to 3 includes the child beginning the realise that others are separate beings, imitating others and trying out the ways of behaving in play and becoming more confident but still needing adult reassurance.

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Language development for children aged 0 to 3 includes making a variety happy sounds, babbling sounds beginning, moving from using single words to putting them together as a phrase and putting words together into a sentence. Physical development for ages 3 to 7 include: jumps, pedals, hops and skips and social and emotional development includes the child becoming more confident and self-motivated and making friends but they may need help in resolving disputes.

Intellectual development involves the child understanding two or three simple instructions and beginning to understand sameness and difference in various aspects of life. Language development includes the child starting to use pitch ad tone and their grammar becoming more accurate. The aspects of physical development in young people aged 7 to 12 include running, jumping, skipping, being able to hit a ball as well as climbing and swinging. An aspect of social and emotional development is the young person becoming less dependent on close adult for support and being able to cope with wider environment.

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