16 options for young people and adults Essay

1. 3 Explain the station 16 options for immature people and grownups

The chances for students aged 16 and over has traditionally been either to go forth school and get down employment or to remain and go on with their instruction. Although many students do still take one of these options. there is now more chances available as there has been an increased authorities focal point on instruction for station 16 twelvemonth old’s in peculiar a focal point on cut downing the figure of immature people non in instruction. employment or preparation. The authorities is in the procedure of increasing the age to which all immature people in England must go on in instruction or preparation. Since 2013 all immature people have been required to go on in instruction or preparation untill they turn 17 old ages of age this will increase to 18 old ages of age by 2015.

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The goverment are concentrating on station 16 options because they want to increase the quality of instruction available and guarantee that all immature people have the tools and chances they need to carry through their possible so they are prepared for farther instruction and work regardles of their background or life fortunes. By giving immature people the options to set about academic and vocational instruction including appreniteships and traineeships they are supplying the accomplishments need for life and work assisting to make a more responsible. engaged and cohesive society. The station 16 options set out by the authorities are: College

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Sixth signifier
Employment with preparation

One of the grounds for this alteration has been because of the authoritiess concerns over the figure of 16-24 twelvemonth olds who have been classified as Neets. Neets are immature people who are non in employment. instruction or preparation and are between the ages of 16-24. There is a figure of factors that can lend to immature people going Neets they are: Young people who were eligible for free school repasts are more likely to go neets than those non eligible. Young people who have been excluded or suspended from school are more likely to go neets than those non.

Young people who have their ain kid are more likely to go neets than those who don’t. Young people who have a disablement are more likely to go neets than those who are non. Young people who achieved five or more GCSEs A to C class are less likely to go neets than those who have non.

The authorities hopes that by raising the engagement age it will guarantee that immature people are equiped with the accomplishments they need to be able to derive makings that will take to sustainable occupations. Education and preparation is provided by a figure of different ways for illustration:

Armed forces
Young person and community administrations
Employment preparation
Private preparation suppliers

The scholars can work towards a scope both academic and vocational makings every bit good as return GCSEs and functional accomplishments such as English and Maths. They can work towards acquiring A’levels. entree classs. foundation grades and station alumnus makings. In add-on to the makings mentioned there are professional and specialist makings available to scholars such as first assistance. safeguarding preparation. manual handing ECT.

All the above together will assist to guarantee that:
More immature people go on to analyze and derive the accomplishments and makings that lead to sustainable occupations. They will be fewer immature people who are classified as neets ( non in instruction. employment or preparation. More immature people will be involved in societal action and feel they can do postivite alterations in society and their ain lives.

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