4a.1 the young person and look interested

4a.1 Explain the reasons why people communicate.
We communicate for a variety of reasons. We use communication to share information, comment, ask questions, express wants and needs, build social relationships and social etiquette.

4a.2 Describe factors to consider for effective communication.
A main factor to consider for effective communication with others in my setting is their age. In my job role we work with young people who could be less developed in communication than others. In this case we may need to simplify our language, get down to their level so that eye contact can be made. We also need to be aware of our stance and body language while judging the young person’s so that we can respond properly to emotions. It is also important to show that we are listening to the young person and look interested in what they are saying. In some cases, it takes a while for a young person to complete a sentence, so looking bored or uninterested could result in the young person to stop the discussion and it might have an effect on their confidence to communicate in the future.

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4a.3 analyse reasons why in a particular situation a child or young person may be unable to use verbal communication.
A situation could be that you are trying to give directions or instruction to a young person but they are unable to use verbal communication for example: –
• Hearing Impairment- A young person that has a hearing impairment in
one or both ears.
• Learning and speech impediment- A young person that finds it hard to communicate through speech and gets frustrated because they are not understood.
• 0ther languages – you may need an interpreter or find other means of communicating with young people that do not speak the same language.
• Visual sight- A young person that has no visual sight or poor vision in one eye.
• Disability/learning difficulties- A young person that might have Autism might stop them from communicating effectively and might need visual aids to help them communicate.

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