A Critical Review of Erikson’sTheory Essay

The Psychosocial Stages of Development is Erik Erikson’s major part to personality formation. Harmonizing to his theory. an single base on ballss through eight phases of development. Each phase has its ain alone features.

This paper will concentrate on the strengths and failings of Erikson’s Theory every bit good as its application to adult acquisition and in existent life.

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A Critical Review of Erikson’sTheory

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Erik Erikson’s Theory Explained

Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development holds a important topographic point every bit far as analyzing and understanding human development is concerned. His topographic point in psychological science can non be discounted because of the part he gave to the field. Although Erikson’s theory is similar in some facets with other personality development theories. there are some alone differentiations as good ( Marshall. n. vitamin D ) .

His theory is comparable with Freud’s theory in a sense that both of them believed that the development of an single base on ballss through assorted phases. The difference between the two theories is that while Freud’s development phases focus on the libido or sexual thrusts. Erikson’s psychosocial phases focuses on the development of societal traits ( Marshall. n. vitamin D ) .

Harmonizing to Erikson’s theory. an single base on ballss through eight critical phases throughout his life. Each of these phases have their ain unique properties and clip period. As the person goes through each development phase. their ultimate end is to successfully finish each phase before they can continue to the following. Failure to finish a phase may hold unfavourable results to the person ( Chapman. n. vitamin D ) .

For case. in Erikson’s 6th phase of development which is Intimacy V. Isolation. the failure of the kid to develop socialisation accomplishments or the ability to organize relationships may do him to go a lone wolf. individualistic. uncomfortable with other people. and others ( Chapman. n. vitamin D ) .

Erikson’s theory indicates that throughout the life of an person. they will see a certain crisis. In the development phase mentioned above. the struggle they experience is their inability to develop societal accomplishments ( Chapman. n. vitamin D ) .

Application to Adult Education

The psychosocial phases of Erik Erikson is an deduction that the formation of single personality does non halt in childhood but is a womb-to-tomb procedure. The negative effects of uncomplete phases may attest themselves during the ulterior phases of life which is why it is of import to every bit much as possible win in each phase ( Chapman. n. vitamin D ) .

For persons who successfully completed each phase. they will hold an thought of what to make when they are faced with a similar state of affairs. Most of the clip. these persons tend to be stronger amidst the hardships of life ( Chapman. n. vitamin D ) .

Another deduction of Erikson’s Psychosocial phases of development is that the individual will hold a better apprehension of themselves. their strengths. failings. their accomplishments. abilities. and others ( Chapman. n. vitamin D ) .

Critical Analysis of the Theory

An in-depth unfavorable judgment of Erikson’s theory is presented by Professor George Boree of Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania. He raised the undermentioned points refering the psychosocial phases of Erikson ( Boeree. n. vitamin D ) :

Thingss happen in a certain sequence and non because of biological scheduling. For illustration. one can non hold the ability to love unless they have developed sexual adulthood.

The timing for each phase may change from one civilization to another. For case. a babe can get down speaking earlier or much later than what is indicated. Nowadays. people get married even before making 18 or 21 old ages old.

Erikson’s theory is applicable and utile to assorted civilizations and in any period. It is applicable to current and future coevalss.


Understanding of the ego is a life-long procedure. It does non halt at Stage Eight of Erikson’s Psychosocial Development. Likewise. individuality crisis can take topographic point at any point of life. The most of import thing is that parents play a major influence in the successful formation of their child’s personality.


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