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In the economic globalisation today. alternatively of computerized accounting manual accounting. histories. reimbursement and other accounting activities as the chief computer science theoretical account accounting profession. is the modernisation of direction and accounting reform and development demands of its ain. is a modern societal mass production and the inevitable merchandise of the new technological revolution. Accounting Computerization to the present. is non merely a simple combination of accounting and computing machine. and has developed into more than one sort of complex topics. In this paper. in computerized accounting industry in the execution of the traditional accounting maps of the impact were analyzed.

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First. computerized accounting information processing in the industry. the basic features of Computerized Accounting information Processing chiefly refers to the application of electronic engineering on accounting informations input. processing. end product of the procedure. At this phase chiefly for the usage of computing machines alternatively of manual clerking. calculation and accounting. and replacing parts in the human encephalon under the manual accounting completed the analysis of accounting information to find. Computerized Accounting information Processing procedure has the undermentioned features: 1. first of all. is the computing machine as the chief computational tools. informations treating codification of the velocity and truth. Computerized accounting is based on computing machine as a manual accounting records and procedure the information to unreal replacements. It uses the original system informations coding method to shorten the length of informations points. cut downing informations storage infinite. therefore bettering the accounting informations treating velocity and truth.

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2 Second. the information processing is a man-machine combination. the system of internal control processs. and complex. Computerized accounting Although computing machine computation tool. but still the public presentation of the full information processing and unreal combination of the computing machine. Computer information ( information ) processing is carried out through the plan. the system internal control processs are required. For illustration. the general limitations on the operating authorization with the watchword procedures to verify whether the balance of a loan sum of confirmation processs. Meanwhile. informations treating man-machine combination and system of internal control processs. doing system control composite. its control point from manual accounting to the person’s control to both human and machine control. the control concerns the forces division of functional separation. and computing machine hardware and package care. and accounting information and accounting records storage and security.

3. one time once more. computerized accounting and manual accounting regulations changed. the commissariats of manual clerking diary. general leger. the books have to utilize set. and a dislocation to utilize loose-leaf books. through the 10 sets of histories to accomplish if the common restraint. cross-checking. verifiers. history books record is incorrect with the jurisprudence and utilize the crossed ruddy Corrections rectification. computerized accounting through the formation of the history page printout. and can be loose-leaf binding. print end product is the diary of general. general leger and coverage. affecting the dislocation of a big figure of secondary topics. three topics mouth. big figure of prints. therefore. are by and large used discs. Cadmiums and other signifiers of end product. rapprochement of work done is by and large rely on accounting package. every bit long as the end product person’s original certification is right. the computing machine can be accomplished rapidly by manus the assorted histories under the conditions of processing. manual accounting books look into map under the conditions of computerized accounting computing machine has been replaced by a dislocation of the assorted accounting information recorded computing machine hunt map can be completed lone show or print out when needed. people are more dependent on the constitution of assorted subsidiary computerized system history. more a contemplation of and command over economic activity.

Mistake managing for the books and records are no longer utilizing the mistake rectification method manual manner. but to guarantee supervisory reappraisal. A general regulation. those who have reviewed the informations can non be changed. If an mistake occurs. it must be a sensible inquiry. the usage of transmittal people “corrected certificate” attack to corrections. similar to the Scarlet Letter Corrections. so that corrections can be retained hints.

Second. the fiscal accounting impact of computerized accounting work for the basic features of Accounting is non merely greatly cut down the labour strength of the fiscal staff and greatly improved corporate accounting information processing and transmittal velocity is more of import is the work of corporate accounting has undergone a qualitative alteration. chiefly in: 1. so that genuinely standardised corporate finance. Recognizing computerized accounting. companies can easy accomplish the fiscal information processing and concern procedure specifications. to avoid the traditional accounting period due to human factors in informations processing is non unvarying and do non match to the existent work to cut down the standard unreal fuzzy and subjective uncertainness. and heighten the objectiveness of the accounting work and comparison of accounting information to ease the concern procedures of fiscal and concern control. reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download hypertext transfer protocol: / / eng. hi138. com 2. is contributing to sharing of information resources.

As Web-based intervention. non merely can be done in the fiscal sharing of resources between the assorted places to guarantee the integrating of fiscal informations ; but besides to bring forth fiscal information set privileges may be any question at the same clip. In traditional accounting period. because the division of transmittal and manual. non merely can non obtain the necessary fiscal information other than that even among the assorted fiscal places can non be the sharing of resources.

3. to ease the strengthening of fiscal internal controls. Realized computerized accounting. the one most likely to be refined and clarified the whole procedure of accounting for each nexus in the frame of mention and appraisal criterions. accounting forces and the work can be purely controlled. On the other manus to accomplish an effectual real-time monitoring of all informations and operating conditions are recorded in the system log. all the subdivisions to cut down the possibility of fraud.

4. beef uping fiscal direction. In the execution of computerized accounting. the accounting information processing capablenesss continue to better. so that the accounting reflect the ability of economic activities more seasonably and accurate information reflecting the more elaborate. comprehensive and in-depth. information enquiry taking provides a convenient control fiscal operations to guarantee that the fiscal place in the direction of the nucleus.

Third. computerized accounting for the impact on the public presentation of fiscal audit The execution of computerized accounting. accounting information has greatly enhanced processing velocity and truth of accounting information users to supply seasonably and accurate accounting information. is a leap forward in the development of accounting. Auditing and accounting environment faced by the consistence of alterations. in peculiar the links between the two. so that every major alteration in the accounting. are a direct consequence of major alterations in the audit.

Accounting is a accelerator for alteration auditing. it will greatly rush up the usage of modern information engineering. environmental demands in conformity with scrutinizing alterations the audit procedure. Accounting popularity of the traditional accounting theory and pattern have raised new jobs and demands of the accounting footing is bound to hold a important impact on the audit. so need to analyze these effects and take appropriate countermeasures to As to the audit aim. and can efficaciously forestall the audit hazard.

When a system has been completed and put into usage. and so better it. than in the system design and development phase is much more hard. the costs are comparatively expensive. Therefore. in add-on to after usage of computerized input station audit of accounting information systems. but besides should be in the system design and development phase. a particular audit staff involved in progress and make the audit.

Therefore. the current hearers non merely to hold the accounting and scrutinizing theory and practical cognition at the same clip. but besides master the cognition and accomplishments in computing machines. reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download hypertext transfer protocol: //eng. hi138. com Most companies use manual or computerized accounting to track outgos and income. Assetss. liabilities. gross. disbursals and equity must be documented and transferred to a general leger incorporating the company’s fiscal inside informations. Such information may be analyzed to assist concern proprietors make future fiscal determinations. utilizing the advantages of either manual or computerized accounting. Time

Computerized accounting has the advantage of increased efficiency and clip direction when compared with manual accounting. Computers may more quickly execute accounting maps or appraisals than manual accounting systems. one time information has been entered into the system.


Computerized accounting has the advantage of higher truth when compared with manual accounting. harmonizing to the College Accounting Coach. The possible for human mistake is greater when employees are manually finishing accounting processs. This may be peculiarly true when covering with multiple currencies. since computerized plans can immediately change over exchange rates. harmonizing to “Guide to Computerizing Your Accounting System” from The Manager’s Electronic Resource Center.


The advantages of manual or computerized accounting systems may be equal when it comes to dependability. Manual accounting can work independently of machines so that work continues when “the system” isn’t working. But with modern backup systems and increased functionality. the disadvantage of dependability in computerized accounting may be lessened.

Creativity in Analysis

Although computerized accounting systems are expert at quickly calculating complex analyses of accounting minutess and studies. the nuance and focal point of an analysis’ speculation or hypothesis depends on the individual runing the system. In this position. manual accounting may hold an advantage over computerized accounting systems. Without the nicety and experience of an existent individual. computerized accounting systems lose their potency for sophisticated analysis. Additionally. analysis may be hampered or obstructed by package design.


The advantages of computerized accounting include fast. complex coverage. Computerized systems can bring forth bills. purchase orders and other paperss more rapidly. Many studies are automatically updated and immediately available.


Neither manual nor computerized accounting systems take the advantage when it comes to staffing. It can be dearly-won to staff qualified comptrollers to finish manual accounting procedures. but it can besides be dearly-won to staff comptrollers familiar with specific computerized accounting package and scheduling.


When it comes to be comparing. the advantages of manual accounting systems are clear. Computerized systems can be 1000000s of dollars to buy. implement and maintain. It may be necessary to buy updated package with some regularity.

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