According to Crapo Acculturation Essay

Harmonizing to Crapo. Acculturation is what happens when members of one civilization adopt the beliefs and/or behaviours of another group. Our text edition states ”Although both societies may alter as a consequence of drawn-out contact. the politically or economically less powerful of the two is likely to see the most dramatic acculturational alterations as they adopt the linguistic communication and certain other cultural traits of the dominant culture” ( Crapo. 2013 ) . My bosom felt so heavy when watching this 40 minute movie.

I could non assist but experience a haste of emotions and for what those kids and their parents went through. As a female parent. I could non conceive of person taking my kid from me and transporting them off to a boarding school. Those kids were tortured. round. and worked to decease. and the misss were even sexually assaulted. Once the kids were released they had no self-worth. They felt like they were unable to suit in amongst society. and most significantly with their folk.

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The movie ne’er mentioned the existent ground the American Government decided to acculturate the Native Americans into Western civilization. There could be several grounds they chose to make so. The first 1 that comes to mind is power. They besides may hold done this to utilize them for inexpensive labour. Another possibility as to why the American Government could hold acculturated the Native Americans is because they feared what they were capable of. Acculturating others into another civilization is justifiable every bit long as they aren’t being forced to make so against their ain will.

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When person is forced into acculturating it effects them severely. in a negative manner. Besides. it is unjust that persons are punished for acculturating. particularly when it was against their ain will to get down with. Mentions Crapo. R. H. ( 2013 ) . Cultural Anthropology. San Diego. Calcium: Bridgepoint Education. Givens. S. F. ( Producer ) . ( 2011 ) . Indian school: Narratives of endurance [ Video ] . Lincoln Park. Myocardial infarction: American Indian Services. Inc. Retrieved from the Films On Demand database.

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