Action Research Master Of Education

Numerous observations and projects carried out by psychologists, teachers, and supervisors have proved that modern education system needs some improvement as it fails to provide children of 12-13 years old with necessary materials to keep them engaged and interested in school activities. This increases a chance of their premature involvement in adverse lifestyle including smoking, drugs abuse, and alcohol addiction. The reason of pronounced boredom may be found in such disturbing elements of working environment in class as cell phone ringing, miscellaneous noises outside the class, or the look of a teacher/supervisor or peers.

The main objective of the project was to indicate and evaluate the level of attention among eleven 7-graders, who were asked to rewrite the familiar text with small and therefore almost unnoticeable changes. The activity was carried out three times throughout a week. It started at 9 am as it is considered the most productive period of time for both children and adults, and lasted until 10.15am including some 5-minute breaks for physical exercises (jumping, etc.).

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The data gathered during the project were thoroughly examined and analyzed. It showed that during the first stage of the project children noticed no more than 20% of text rearrangements. In fact, many of them still made some stylistic and spelling errors. It should be noted, that according to the project guidelines, cell phones and other random noises were not suppressed or limited. Moreover, the windows were kept open and quiet music was turned on.

The second phase was being carried out with neither cell phones nor players so the noise nuisance could not interfere into the working process. According to the results of the second project stage it was concluded that up to 75% of changes in the passage were noticed and correctly rewritten.

The fact that school children were told about the potential approval and rewarding after the implementation of the activity to great extent has contributed to the final part of the study. Having received strong incentive resulting in team motivation, the group increased the results up to 98%. From the point of view of pedagogics, competition is an optimal method to encourage students to focus their attention on a particular subject or process. It is especially true when the matter concerns young teenagers who tend to have a higher need in self-affirmation.

In general, the project gave positive results that indicate improved ability of 7-graders to concentrate their attention on the materials provided by the supervisor. Also, it has been noticed that with periodical repetition of the activity the overall progress in studies among the children of the class was enhanced. The teacher indicated an increased activity and commitment among the members of the team. Interestingly enough, those students who have always tried to avoid the perception of new materials or participation in class discussions started demonstrating their abilities after the implementation of the mentioned above project.

 According to the recent research, those students who are characterized by high level of attention at school are most likely to get a good job and appeal to other people due to their ability to process information at top speed. Typically, they tend to notice the smallest details of the surrounding environment and therefore get better understanding of the atmosphere they find themselves in. Therefore, there is a high probability that attentive people regard things in a sensible light because they gather, analyze, and evaluate information faster and to a high degree of accuracy.

Concentration of attention implies focusing on a particular activity without distraction towards other minor subjects or phenomena. It has been noticed that children are most likely to pay attention to visual, emotional, or sudden sounds or subjects. To train the steadiness of concentration of attention parents and supervisors should assist their children in organizing their own activity. Stated simply, teenagers are more than welcome to be engaged in sports, music, arts, and other kinds of hobbies.

Attention distribution comprises the notion of parallel accomplishment of various tasks simultaneously. It is very important that the teenager undergoes the process of switching over to another type of activity smoothly without paying attention to negligible things and realizes his/her responsibility for successful ending results of all on-going activities regardless of their number.

Parents and teachers should try not to distract the child’s attention through the process of the activity because it exhausts psychological resources of the child at early age, which may later influence his learning skills. It is not recommended that the child stops playing tic-tac-toe to watch cartoons or that his/her parents turn off the light while he/she is reading. These actions may results in the child’s failure to perceive the importance of a particular activity he/she is currently involved in.

In conclusion it would be appropriate to note that concentration of attention is very important for successful implementation and maintenance of many life activities.

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