Adult Learning Theory Paper Essay


In an attempt to find how adults learn. experts examine and evaluate surveies that have been done that involve the grownup scholar. The more that experts understand how the scholar processes information. the better the apprehension will be on how to construction their learning environment. Research is continually altering in this country. and pedagogues know there are differences in how each grownup scholar attains information. In the two articles. “Adult Learning Theory for the Twenty-First Century” by Sharan B. Merriam. and “Adult Learning Theory: Applications to Non-Traditional College Students” by Kenner and Weinerman. different theories are discussed.

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In the diary article. “Adult Learning Theory for the Twenty-First Century” by Sharan B. Merriam. she explains that there are ever new updates and research on grownup larning theories. “Today the historical. sociocultural context of grownup acquisition is recognized as a cardinal constituent in understanding the nature of grownup learning” ( Merriam. 2008. p. 94 ) . This differs from the early decennaries where experts merely focused on one type of scholar. More attending is being placed on precisely how the grownup scholar learns in society than merely as an person. Adult acquisition was first idea of as a cognitive procedure. nevertheless presently it is thought of as a much “broader activity affecting the organic structure. emotions. and the spirit every bit good as the mind” ( Merriam. 2008. p. 98 ) .

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Another theory of grownup acquisition is shown in the diary article. “Adult Learning Theory: Applications to Non-Traditional College Students” by Kenner and Weinerman. This theory is about the grownup scholar and how she takes her work success and integrates it in her academic success. She uses her life experiences to assist in her academic community. “By understanding what makes grownup scholars different from traditional pupils. developmental pedagogues can supply specific tools that help adult scholars incorporate into the college or university environment and increase their opportunities for success” ( Kenner. Weinerman. 2011. p. 88 ) . Since integrating into a new academic environment can convey challenges. it is of import that the pedagogue understands the student’s history and can integrate different larning manners in a successful manner ( Kenner. Weinerman. 2011 ) .

Both of these articles are similar in the fact that both of the authors’ ends are to better understand the grownup scholar. Both believe that there are differences in how grownups learn and are focused on how to better understand and do the scholar successful. The first article recognizes the alterations in theory over the old ages and brings attending to new theories. It besides touches on the fact that old life experiences play a portion in how one learns. which is the focal point of the 2nd article. The 2nd article is more specific in the manner that it focuses on a peculiar group of grownup scholars.

Experts are go oning to understand the manner the grownup scholar learns. and how to better run into the ends of their scholar to do them successful in the faculty members. The manner grownups learn is continually altering. and the more cognition that is gained. the more a learning environment can be structured to suit the demands of the single scholar.


As an grownup scholar in the instruction universe. the more cognition that I have on the different ways I learn. the better I will be able to understand why and how I learn. I will be able to use different theories to my mundane acquisition. This will assist me hold a greater apprehension of how to integrate this into my ain work and mundane life.

I can use the first article “Adult Learning Theory for the Twenty-First Century” by Sharan B. Merriam. to myself because as the expert is go oning to derive cognition and understanding on how adults learn. I so can take that information and usage it in my mundane academic calling. Merriam states that grownup acquisition is a multidimensional phenomenon. and I agree with that. There are many different ways I can larn. and I have to take into history that the civilizations environing me can play a portion in that.

The 2nd article. “Adult Learning Theory: Applications to Non-Traditional College Students” by Kenner and Weinerman. I think I relate to more because I did non travel into college right off after completing high school. Geting a college grade was non every bit of import to me as traveling out in the work force and doing money. or going and holding the chance to be adventuresome.

I have a different acquisition manner because of that. and in a manner it can both aid and ache my acquisition. “Knowles identifies four rules that characterize grownup learners” ( Kenner. Weinerman. 2011 ) . The 4th is that we are motivated. which I decidedly am. We go back to school to accomplish a personal end that we have set for ourselves ( Kenner. Weinerman. 2011 ) . That is why I have decided to travel back to school.

Both of these articles show of import theories on how the grownup learns. but the 2nd article resonates with my ain personal experiences better. Merriam explains that there is a value to integrate more originative ways of larning into pattern ( Merriam. 2008 ) . I think that because I left school to prosecute my ain escapades. I did derive a different set of accomplishments that I can now convey into my learning environment. I agree that I face challenges that differ from other pupils. but I besides understand the plus side to taking the path that I chose ( Kenner. Weinerman. 2011 ) .

In decision. there were both similarities and differences in these articles. and they both play a portion in how an grownup learns. I can take this cognition and integrate it into my acquisition. and besides take my ain personal experiences from life and retroflex it into my academic calling. These articles helped me understand why I learn the manner I do. and how I can endeavor to be a better pupil now and in the hereafter.


Kenner. Carl & A ; Weinerman. Jason ( 2011 ) Adult Learning Theory: Applications to Non- Traditional College Students. 41. 2 Spring 2011. P 87-96

Merriam. Sharan. ( 2008 ) Adult Learning Theory for the Twenty-first Century. New Directions for Continuing Education. 119. 93-98. Department of the interior: 10. 1002/ace.

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