Advantages and Disadvatnges of E-Banking

The Good and the Bad of Online Banking With the onset of the Internet technology, there are a lot of things that you can take advantage of. You can do your shopping online, do business transactions, and even do your banking. Online banking has set a revolution in how business is done. Not only would you benefit from personal banking but doing your business transactions online proved to be very beneficial too and can save you a lot of time and money. But just like in all things, online banking has its advantages and disadvantages.

If you are thinking twice about online banking, here are some pros and cons that you might want to consider. The Good: 24/7 availability You can access your bank account online any time of the day, even on holidays. You can check and monitor your transactions with just a few clicks of the mouse even in the wee hours of the morning. Accessibility Whenever there is Internet access, you can always check your bank transactions. This is best for business travelers and those who are in far away areas. Such accessibility is very beneficial when in comes to emergencies and you need to access your account.

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Speedy transactions One of the advantages of online banking is that you can save a lot of time. No longer would you have to wait in line for your queue in banks or in ATM machines. Confirmation and execution of your transaction can be done in a matter of second. Multitasking Not only can you monitor your bank transactions online, but you can also manage other types of account like IRA, securities and CDs. If you are an investor you can also take advantage of financial tools like stock quotes, rate alerts and other managing programs. The Bad: Registration process

If you want to enroll you in online banking, you may have to devote some time doing so. You need to go to your local branch and fill out an application form. You also need to provide them with valid identification cards. Approval may take 3 days to 7 days. Difficulty in using online banking If you are not a tech savvy person, you might have a hard time navigating through bank sites and manipulating your bank account online. You need to devote time and some amount of effort in learning how you can bank online efficiently. You can do this by going though the site’s FAQ’s and tutorials.

Constant bank updates To cope with web technology, online bank sites would often go through updates that may cause your online banks to be ‘under construction’ for some time. Because of such updates, you should also learn new features of online banking and get familiar with it. Security and safety With the rise of identify theft and unauthorized access of online accounts, a lot of people are in still in doubt if they want to risk their private and financial information. But this issue can easily be solved with proper education and following safety procedure of online banking.

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