Afs Motivation Letter

My dear future host family !

This is a small introduction of myself, my family and my friends.. my name is Anne, I live in Cebazat, a city nearby Volvic and Clermont-Ferrand ( the born city of Michelin! ). My region is ???lAuvergne???, a pretty region full of natural parcs and lakes! We have culinary specialties as ???Truffade??? which is potatoes mixed with cheese! It is delicious ! We also have a famous rugby team ( they won the French championship!!): LASM !! In my family I have a 21 year-old brother, Paul and a 19 year-old sister, Lucie! I also have a Dog and a cat, their names are Satine and Leon, they are very cute !

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The first time I heard about AFS was a few years ago when one of my sisters friend went overseas to spend one year in the USA . This experience my friend had, did make me wonder a lot about how it was to be an exchange student. English language and Civilization have forever interested me, as soon as I started learning it, around 11 years old. I also am interested in traveling, discovering other cultures, different from mine, meeting other people from other countries and being fluent in English. I hope to grow personally after this year abroad, to have a new vision of the world and its different cultures !

My plan for the future is to work in an English speaking country, I would love to experience Universities in North America, and I will try to do everything possible to achieve it! As it is my dream since I am little!I would like to be a physiotherapist and also work with children. Why not in another country than France

I am very determined and a quite strong minded girl, sometimes stubborn but when I want something I do everything I can to have it or achieve it! I do anticipates a lot of things, for instance, Christmas or birthday present , or my work at school ! I am serious at school, at least I do my best to succeed. I am very curious and I really like English, Biology, History! I also have a class where I can debate about laws and society in France and I have the privilege of presiding it ! I love that class !

I have some extracurricular activities like volley-ball, I practice three times a week. I love acting too, I am in a drama club and I enjoy it, we meet once a week, on Fridays. Cooking, scrap booking, drawing, hanging out with my friends, going to the movies are some of my favourites things to do! My friends are really important to me, I have a group of friends whom I am really close with! I enjoy meeting new people! My friends describe me as someone nice, open-minded, enthusiastic and sociable. I like laughing and having fun with them, we do not take ourself too seriously. However, I like listening to them if they are in trouble.

I also am a ???family girl??? I like hiking with my parents and hanging out with my brother and sister.
I love my siblings, I love to be with them and spend time with them! I also love traveling, therefore, I sometimes have to leave them for a week or so. For instance, I left three time abroad : twice in England and once in Spain! It was really amazing !
I am the last one in my family but my parents have never made any difference with my sister and brother, we have a quite similar education!

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