Aids Essay Research Paper AidsAcquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

Aidss Essay, Research Paper

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Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, or AIDS, is a really recognizable disease in the United States and all other parts of the Earth. Bing one of the most deadly diseases to adult male, AIDS is feared because it brings certain decease and presently, there is no remedy. Unlike other diseases such as Tuberculosis and Malaria, AIDS is really non the causal factor of decease. Alternatively, other viruses infect the organic structures cells and leads to decease, but merely after AIDS has wholly incapacitated the immune system. The bulk of AIDS patients die from pneumonia, while some suffer assorted other infections of malignant neoplastic diseases and tumours ( Aol, AIDS ) .

The disease AIDS, is caused by a retrovirus known as HIV, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus. A virus is a parasite which that is benign until it combines with the cells of other beings ( Aol, Virus ) . This parasite consists of two molecules of viral RNA familial stuff, surrounded by a protein coat ( mirid bug ) . A particular enzyme called contrary RNA polymerase is embedded within HIV, which enables it to do a DNA transcript of the viral RNA familial stuff, therefore integrating the cistrons of HIV into its host ( see diagram ) . As HIV reproduces itself, it begins to destruct of import cells within the immune system of the organic structure. The organic structures immune system is its exclusive protection from unwellness, and one time destroyed, common illnesss such as the varicella and holding a cold become lethal ( Aol, Virus ) .

The procedure in which HIV targets the immune system is a really simple measure. The immune system rests on the shoulders of T4 cells, a critical constituent of lymph cells. The receptor molecule of these cells is a molecule called CD4, and this molecule is the ground HIV may infect a T4 cell. HIV contains a coreceptor called CD26, which enables it to adhere with CD4, and addition entryway through a T4 cells membrane ( Aol, Virus ) . The cell is so destroyed as HIV engulfs it.

Though the virus HIV is the premature phase of the disease AIDS, both remain really similar and are transmitted in the same manner. HIV/AIDS, has been rumored to be transmitted through physical contact, the air, and even through caressing, all of which proved to be false. Scientists now urge that after extended testing, there is strong grounds to back up the theory that AIDS is merely transmitted in three different ways: 1. ) sexual intercourse, whether vaginal or anal, with an septic individual ; 2. ) exposure to infected blood or blood merchandises ; 3. ) and from an septic female parent to her baby during birth. At least 97 per centum of all U.S. AIDS instances have been transmitted through one of these paths, an

vitamin D though research workers have extracted HIV from a figure of organic structure fluids, including: blood, seeds, spit, cryings, piss, chest milk, and vaginal secernments, there is no grounds that these “hot” fluids may infect another individual through physical contact ( Aol, AIDS p.3 ) .

As HIV infects the host, it may stay undisturbed for a drawn-out period of clip. This is the ground why it one of the universe & # 8217 ; s taking slayers, because there are no noticeable symptoms of infection to the human oculus, and it does non kill its host really rapidly. Therefore, deceases from AIDS go on unnoticed. In 1997 entirely, there were 2.3 million deceases worldwide as a consequence of AIDS, up from 1996 & # 8217 ; s decease toll of 1.5 M. In the province of Virginia, there are over 10,000 septic individuals, many of which are incognizant of it ( Aol, AIDS chart ) . The lone symptoms of the disease are internal, and they require trials. A trial accounting for the figure of T4 cells in the organic structure has proven to be an effectual method in aiming HIV/AIDS victims, along with other similar trials that give really high per centums of accurate consequences, such as the Hepatitis B trial. Many people who feel that they may hold contracted the virus choose non to be tested in fright that they may hold it. This lone leads to more elaboration of the virus over the universe as unsuspicious hosts transfer it other victims.

Presently, there are no remedies or vaccinums for AIDS, nevertheless scientists have created ways to protract the life-span of septic persons through the usage of many drugs. Drugs such as AZT ( azidothymidine ) , ddI ( dideozyinosine ) , ddC ( dideoxycytidine ) , d4T ( dideoxydidehydrothymidine ) , 3TC ( 3TC ) have been proven to interfere with the reproduction procedure of the virus, but do non look to hold an affect in the cells of full blown AIDS. Just late nevertheless, there have been indicants of a possible intervention method that can stamp down the AIDS virus in freshly exposed victims. The combination of Hydroxea, dideoxyinosine, and Indinavir, seem to be extremely effectual in discontinuing the reproduction procedure and heightening the immune system. Though it is non one hundred per centum, there have been instances in which these drugs proved effectual in contending AIDS antibodies.

As for now, the best remedy we have for AIDS is instruction and hazard decrease. Because AIDS can merely be spread in a few ways, the most logical reply is to disengange from any behaviours that might set ourselves at hazard for catching AIDS. Through educating our communities and our immature people of the concealed dangers and effects of catching this virus, we may be able to decelerate the toll of deceases and convey this virus to an terminal, & # 8230 ; for now.

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