Albert Speer

1.The scorched earth policy is a Military strategy to destroy anything that might be useful to the enemy such as bridges, waterways, telegraphic and power facilities. in 1945 Adolf Hitler refused to surrender and ordered Albert Speer to Carry out a Nation Wide Scorched earth policy that became known as Nero Decree. Speer attempted to disrupt its implementation because he wanted the German people to be left with something to rebuild their lives in the future and he did not want to see everything he built and work hard for to be destroyed.

2.Albert Speer distinguished himself in his early architectural work and Nazi party between 1934 to 1937 by tacking on responsibilities and working on architecture projects for the Nazi party such as strength throw joy campaign, the 1934 party rally at Nuremberg were Albert Speer created the cathedral of light by using 150 search lights point up these brought him further credit and recognition for his talents, the Berlin Olympic games in 1936 Albert Speer was could on to reconstruct the glass box that had angered Hitler for its simplicity, Albert Speer was able to satisfy Hitler with his organization skills and speed at fixing the problem. In 1937 Albert Speer design for the Paris world exhibition design of the germen pavilion won a gold from the judges and won Hitlers approval. Albert Speer became a man the Nazi Party can rely on to organize their relies and a man that could be relayed on to build Hitlers ambitions.
3.Albert Speer relationship with Hitler was very close even described by Gita Sereny as almost erotic. As Albert Speer Started to design and decorate more Nazis Party rallies Hitler took notes of Albert Speer and his organizing ability so Hitler made Albert Speer his own personal architecture and handed him a stream of projects to design, including the new Reich Chancellery in Berlin and the Party Palace in Nuremburg. they spent hours poring over designs, sharing the same pencil. Hitler calls Albert Speer ???architect of genius??? while Albert Speer admired and was mesmerised by Hitler character. Speer was regarded as being the second most powerful man after Hitler and he was given the special privilege of having a house inside the three-Kilometre inner security fence at the Berghof. the evidence of their growing relationship exists in form of Spandau diaries and photos and videos of the pare working together and Leni Riefenstahl as she was able to give allot of information on the relationship between Hitler and Albert Speer.

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4. Albert Speer main achievements as the minister for Armaments and war production are: rapidly expanding war production capacity by realizing some factories still operated a single shift and too many resources were being used on non-essential consumer production, Speer also established a central planning board were he was able to control Germanys resources and planning there allocation, in 1943 Albert Speer established the Ruhr staff a taskforce whose job was to look over the reparation and restoration of destroyed factor. Albert Speer lost millions of workers but was able to keep production of weaponry at a high rate by introducing of a system of reserved occupation which gave exemption from military service to the most important skilled men. Albert Speer in spite of massive Allied bombing attacks. Output was increased from 9540 front-line machines and 2900 heavy tanks to 35350 machines and 17300 tanks. these were significant to the overall German war effort. Albert Speer was also in charge of the secret weapons, the V1 and V2 rocket bombs that Hitler hoped would save Germany. these were significant to the overall German war effort because it increased weapons and ammunition output and kept the German machines in the field therefore prolonging the war by at least two years.

5.Throw out Hindenburg trials to the rest of his life Albert Speer repeatedly denied that he was not anti-Semitic nor he had knowledge of Jews being gassed and held up in concentration camps but there is evidence to prove otherwise. there is a letter sent to his daughter when he was in prison states I really had no aversion to them or rather, no more than that slight discomfort all of us sometimes felt when in contact with them
There is also evidence that Albert Speer was directly evicting Jews from Berlin so he could begin his Germania project, 52000 flats in the centre of Berlin were destroyed and Aryans were given the flats of Jews that have been evicted by Albert Speer. Albert Speer was directly responsible for the eviction of Jews from their homes and not taking orders from Hitler. Albert Speer also use Hungarian Jews as slave labour to build bunkers. there is no real connection tying Albert Speer to concentration camps but survivors of the holocaust say that they have seen him on one time visiting a camp.

6.Albert Speers main achievements as the architect of the Reich are in 1935 Albert Speer received his first major project as the architect of the Reich and its was to build a complex for the annual Nuremberg party rally which became known as the German stadium.
the Berlin Olympic games in 1936 Albert Speer was could on to reconstruct the glass box.
In 1937 Albert Speer design for the Paris world exhibition design of the germen pavilion won a gold from the judges and won Hitlers approval.
In 1938 Hitler asked Albert Speer to build a new Reich chancellery that had to be finished in 12 month. Albert Speer using his ability of organising was able to meet the dead line and the building was opened on in January 1939.

7.The Germania project was Albert Speer Ambition and Hitlers dream to see Berlin better then Rome, Paris, and London. The plans included the construction of two main boulevards, 120 meters wide and running cross-shaped through the city, lined with a number of gigantic buildings, halls, squares and triumphal arcs. Germania??™s skyline would have been ruled by the colossal Volkshalle. The huge dome, modelled on the Pantheon in Rome and large enough to hold a crowd of 150,000 for Nazi rallies, would have been almost 300 metres high as tall as fifteen Brandenburg Gates stacked on top of each other. The Germania project was put aside as the Second World War raged on and Nazi Germany??™s defeat edged closer. Most of the material Speer had acquired ended up being used to build air raid shelters once the Allied bombardment of Berlin began in 1940.

8.The challenges Albert Speer faced as the Armament minister were that factories still operated a single shift and too many resources were being used on non-essential consumer production. resources needed to be managed more affectively. Many of the factors in the Ruhr were heavily bombarded by allied forces and needed repair. many of the workers in ammunition and war affert factors were conscripted into the army and the factories were left shorthanded Albert Speer was unable to use Women to work as the Nazi government did not allow him to do so.

9.Albert Speer during the Nuremburg trial was the only Nazi in charge of a ministry to admit to be guilty but he claimed to be detached from politics of the Reich. He also stated that he is first and foremost an architect and an organiser. Albert Speer also admitted a shared responsibility as he was a minister in Hitlers government. was sentenced for 20 years in prison in Spandau and he escaped the death penalty he was convicted with 4 different counts Participating in war crimes, conspiring to commit war crimes against peace, crimes against humanity and perpetrate war.
As Albert Speer was the only Nazis leader to admit to be guilty our interpretation of Speer is affected and we View him as missed guided over ambitions architect that joined the Nazi party to rise in rank in society. we Albert Speer as the good Nazi.


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