Alienation in “Paul’s Case” By Willa Cather Essay Sample

Alienation. as defined by the Webster’s Dictionary. “is the act of alienation or retreating affections” – World Wide Web. dictionary. com. There are many factors that lead to the disaffection of worlds and disaffection can take many signifiers. within a household or within society. When a individual is considered ‘different’ . they are pushed out of society and because of this become withdrawn and finally find themselves even more unnatural. In the short narrative. “Paul’s Case” by Willa Cather. the chief character Paul struggles with societies limited position of ‘normal’ . Paul is jaded by society ; he does non suit in as an person and hence becomes a different individual. Society causes people to make a fantasy universe or a prevarication that they can get away to in order to happen felicity when they feel they are non accepted by those around them.

Peoples try to suit in so that they are accepted by others. When a individual can non suit in they adapt so that those around them will accept them. Many people make up things about themselves. or do up a separate life style. when they do this they are altering who they are and are hence doing it harder for society to accept them for who they genuinely are. By seeking to be person they are non. they make it hard for others to see them as an single and alternatively see them as a follower. Peoples change themselves and all that they stand for so that others will alter others their positions of them. by altering their ethical motives no longer suit with this individuals ‘image’ . In the beginning of the narrative the reader is introduced to Paul as an unnatural stripling ; his instructors. students and even his household position Paul as person who clearly does non suit into the “American Dream” .

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Paul possesses the penetration to see beauty others can non ; He has a strong fondness for the humanistic disciplines. which stereotypes him as a individual who is non manfully. This misunderstood fondness for the humanistic disciplines causes Paul to populate in two universes ; one The Arts where he is happy and the other is a world where he is non comfy. By dividing his love for the humanistic disciplines from his existent life he has caused himself to go anomic by those around him. Due to others position of Paul. he finds himself as different and he is so forced into a fantasy kingdom to happen comfort. Paul tries to suit into the humanistic disciplines universe. because he has a love for the beauty that is contains. but he does non rather fit in at that place because he has ties to the ‘other world’ . these ties hold him back and do him to be a misfit by both civilizations. Bing an castaway causes Paul to make an flight for himself when he feels the force per unit areas of society on him. This flight becomes his fantasy universe.

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The old quotation mark “A prevarication told frequently adequate becomes truth” – Lenin. is more than merely a stating. it is in fact a world. In the same manner that society cause one to alter themselves. it besides causes one to alter the truths about himself. Paul finds himself non merely leting his life to float in to his phantasy. but leting his phantasy to float into his world. By making this Paul causes his existent truths to go concealed and lost between world and phantasy. For Paul to get away the abrasiveness of society he creates a phantasy that he can come on to at will in order to happen comfort. In the clip that this narrative was written. The Arts were looked down upon ; many of the difficult working Americans saw The Arts as feminine and non a worthwhile calling. Paul’s male parent was one of these work forces. The Humanistic disciplines gave Paul a sense of felicity that he could non happen anywhere else. when he was non involved in The Humanistic disciplines he found himself down and depressed so he creates a phantasy in which he could bask. Whenever he felt the force per unit areas of society on him he would withdraw to a vision of all things that gave him joy.

Merely the same that Paul creates a fantasy universe. people create a prevarication that they live in. This prevarication separates them from the hurting of society. Similar to the manner that Paul found felicity from his phantasy ; people find a prevarication that makes them experience content. Paul would make his phantasy to make satisfaction. The returning to a life where Paul was rejected. hopeless and insignificant was excessively much for him. His infatuation with the theatre allowed him to populate everlastingly in a individual minute. This is true with so many people that they can’t stand the universe that they live in so they retreat to a dream to populate in felicity. Paul spent most of his life in his dream universe that comforted him and accepted him ; Paul ne’er one time felt abashed or non liked because it was his imaginativeness and he could make any state of affairs he desired. One of the jobs is that when one is non in their ain phantasy universe. they are unable to happen felicity or credence in world and hence have created a false felicity for themselves.

When society forces person to alter it gives them the feeling of hurting for being an castaway. people like Paul so turn and make a fantasy universe for felicity. but alternatively of conveying in true joy. they bring themselves more pain. This is because when they are in the minute of their dream the are happy. the life around them is perfect. they have friends and household that love them ; but when they return to reality the are struck by society. The realisation that cipher there loves him or her. and that cipher is like them ; gives them heartache and more hurtings so they escape back into their imaginativeness. Every clip that they let themselves return to the existent universe they are hit by the thought that they are non accepted and each clip this thought occurs they are hurt more. This rhythm continues until the idea of being isolated in their phantasy is worse than the idea of alteration to conform to society.

Society pushes people to go castawaies ; it alienates against those who are different from the norm. For every individual who has of all time been judged as person they are genuinely non they know the feeling of being alienated. Society causes one to make a false felicity. which gives them false hope. In the long tally. all those that are alienated by society could stop up populating entirely.

“To dare to populate entirely is the rarest bravery ; since there are many who had instead meet their bitterest enemy in the field. than their ain Black Marias in their cupboard. ”


-Charles Caleb Colton. Lacon. 1825

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