Alternative Energy Sources

Forcing Alternative Sources of Energy by Shifting Powers of a better Economy
???Are alternative energy sources the answer to ending human dependence on oil???
Tabitha Williams
SCI207: Dependence of Man on the Environment (ABL1141F)

Instructor:?  Michelle? Rogers

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October 20, 2011

From the beginning of time, we as human beings have searched the world over to find the needed means to fuel machinery and produce energy. Sources found under the earths??™ surface such as crude oil and coal worked tremendously to provide the needed energy and fuel to meet our demands. Crude oil and coal are what we call fossil fuels. These two fossil fuels are used to complete many tasks that help the humanity of human beings. The fossils are burnt to provide fuel energy sources to complete those tasks. With that along came several problems on the horizon for using these fossil fuels to complete such tasks. Now these problems have gained so much power, it has forced humans, to create alternatives to help resolve the problem as to avoid future disaster.
We as human, have so many things going on that we forget about what we do to add to the problems that we have such as driving or vehicles to work and sitting in or working in a more than enough lit atmosphere. Not even noticing that the source that gives us this energy that??™s being burnt, is fossil fuels and the source that allows us to dive our cars to and fro are also fossil fuels. It is hard to believe that, in the US alone (which makes up only five percent of the population) consume between 20 and 25 percent of the worlds resources (Pride Solutions). Fossil fuels are generated by the storage of impurities. Impurities are things that cause obstruction to the function of a natural material (Wikipedia).
Impurities can be destructive when they create a blockage that cause the working nature of whatever material it is derived from not to be able to function. For example, when certain plants in marshy areas die out, they begin to be covered up by other plants which block them from receiving oxygen which at this point begins to break down and cause bacteria in the plant tissues that eventually molecularly bring forth impurities, which over thousands of years turn into coal (fossil fuels). The bacteria also release gases such as methane and carbon dioxide as the plant breaks down. However, until these things are burnt, in most cases to create energy to we rarely see the problem unless it is from the byproduct being made. When these things begin to be released in the air, it causes so many issues it??™s redundant for, example, smog. This is the most noticeable of all the hazards. Things like this cause air pollution which in turn causes us as humans to have breathing problems. Then you have the hazard of rain water which is pure that then falls into the polluted air and caused problems. Eventually falling to earth??™s surface, are the chemicals from auto emits and factories that have cohabitated with the moisture in the atmosphere and formed harmful acids.
However, with all the issues that are being caused, not only in the atmosphere but in us as humans, in the near feature it is said that if alternatives are not used the fossil fuels that we to use at our convinance will no longer be available as freely as we would like. So what does this mean for us Well it means that the fossil fuel usage is beginning to take its toll on us as a whole. So today??™s focus has been to reduce this affect by steering towards alternative sources. These sources produce a satisfying source that will reduce the toxins and pollutants while provide valuable source of energy. Not only that these alternative sources provide a way to preserve what??™s left of the natural resources that we use.
One of the main sources that come to mind when speaking about alternative sources of energy is solar energy. Solar energy is derived energy form the sun. The primary use of this would be to use it to generate enough energy to produce electricity. Additionally, solar power uses sunlight that hits solar thermal panels to convert sunlight to heat water or air (Alternative Energy). Solar power is a renewable source of energy which means it can be produced over and over without causing harmful effects or releasing harmful gasses. The use of solar energy can be used for all of our everyday needs such as heating, light, and other sources which we currently use fossil fuels for. However at the same time if the sun is not shinning solar energy cannot produce energy. Also solar power plants or stations cost a diligent amount of funding in order to build them.
Another source is geothermal energy. This type of energy is a source of energy produced by underground heat sources, like hot rocks. These rocks produce heat underground which warm water and produce steam. When holes are made in the areas where these rocks exist the steam shoots out of the ground and purifies itself and causes wind to hit turbines that will then also produce electricity. This is also called wind energy??¦. Wind energy is used to transform wind through large turbines to produce power.
Most times these turbines are place in areas that are of abundant wind and connected to a grid which produce the electricity by flow of constant wind work. If this is done properly this source of energy produces no harmful byproducts or gasses. Normally one a plant such as this built it usually provides its own power source, and takes up little space. However, if this type of plant is not set up properly it can cause pollutants. If the holes are not placed in the ground correctly it can cause unwanted gases to be released into the air. It is also said that if these turbines and steam holes are used often that the steam can deplete from the earth holes.
All though there are many sources that can be used, be it renewable sources or non renewable sources, energy needs to be conserved to preserve our future. The rate at which we create and deplete energy is constantly on the rise and is becoming more and more damaging to the world we live in, in many ways. We can put a grip on that energy buy simply consuming less on a day to day basis. Mans dependence on energy can make or break our living space. Therefore to prevent the inevitable damage that wasteful usage of our energy can wreak we must understand the importance of the energy we use. If we all conserve a little energy each day by using the many alternatives out there we can save not only our economy now but our future.

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