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Online Alumni Registration is better than manual for fast and effective registration. Based on the research of the proponent Tagging City University, registration office faced a lot of problem regarding manual registration process. In this case, the proponent decides to develop a website that will help registrar in the process of registration. A site that can benefit both the University and Alumni in terms of time, money and effort. The site is designed to make the process more accessible.

The site offered not only the registration but also meet the needs of the Alumni. The site features announcement of events for the alumni to be updated about their former university. 1. Current State of Technology Now a day the development of technology become fast and new invention appears. The manual process becomes computerized and now online process. Online registration is better than the manual. It is easier to register via net than to go to the university to register. 1. Objectives of the Study The main objective of the study is to develop an online system for Tagging City University Alumni, specially: To create a web-based system for all Tagging City university Alumni to build up camaraderie via online; TO create and develop an ID System for Tagging City university Alumni; Create database for the embers of Alumni; To help alumni become aware of the latest news and events of University. 1. Statement of the problem Why there a need of Online Alumni System in Tagging City University in terms of the registration process?

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Specific Problem: How can the system help the registrar to manage the data of Alumni? How can the system save time and effort for the registration? 0 Is the system useful for both company and alumni? 1. Significance of the study In our modern generation, advance technology become part of our lives. Everyone wants to do thing faster and more accurate. The proponent inducts a study for the reason and benefit of the following person. Tagging City University – The University is one home of learning.

The propose system can benefit the university, because they can access the alumni easily. Registrar/ Administrator – The one that responsible in maintaining and keeping the data or information of all students of the university. Easy for administrator to key-in data regarding alumni activities and information. The data entered by alumni member are can easily managed. Alumni – Those students who left the university after completion the course requirement. The yester will give them a fast and convenient way of registration. 1. Scope and Limitation Scope The online system is designed to help the university in the registration process. And the system has many features to display like Alumni page, profile, search, note search, notes, security log etc.. Limitation The design of online system is for Tagging City University only. The system for registration is for Alumni and not for the current students. CHAPTER 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES 2. 1 Related Literature 2. 1. 1 Related foreign Literature The University of Upset Sound alumni network is over 35,000 members strong.

Alumni reside in all 50 of the United States and in 56 countries around the globe. These Loggers are leaders in business, medicine, education, civic service, and numerous other fields. Among them are renowned scientists, entrepreneurs, award-winning playwrights, diplomats, politicians, performance artists, engineers, and other accomplished individuals. Committed to living “creative and useful lives”, Upset Sound alumni are impacting our world in very real ways. Want to honor an outstanding Logger? Nominate an alumnus/and for an alumni award of merit.

Looking to connect with alumni in your industry or in the area in which you live? Visit the alumni directory and regional club pages in the university’s online community for alumni. 2. 1. 2 Related Local Literature The Alumni are a source of pride for the University. UP alumni all around the world maintain active participation in university-related events and issues. The alumni invariably give back to the UP community and the nation at large through the support and guidance they provide their alma mater, and through achievements and triumphs in their respective fields.

The UP Alumni Awards sponsored by the UP Alumni Association yearly recognizes distinguished and significant alumni. The Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) reverse as the link between the alumni and the rest of the academic community. It assists the UP and Alumni Association (PUPA) in identifying, cultivating, and involving the alumni in institutional and alumni programs, events and activities. It also represents the UP and the PUPA at institutional and alumni programs, events and activities both locally, on-and off-campus, and foreign venues whenever possible. 2. Related Studies 2. 2. 1 Related Local studies Equipped with higher academic degrees and meaningful experiences from their postgraduate studies in universities in the Philippines and abroad, the alumni are confident that they can contribute in a significant way towards meaningful and positive changes in their communities and the country as a whole. The APIPA is working to further strengthen the professional capacity of its members to effectively pursue their collective mission of altering the social contexts in their communities to make them conducive to social justice.

By conducting research and undertaking socially relevant academic projects, the organization is committed to do its share in contributing towards the Ford Foundation’s goal of social development and justice. Aside from developing a strong solidarity among its members, the initial project of APIPA shall also open up possibilities of collaborating with other IF alumni organizations in Asia and the rest of the world. On November 20, 2008, the IF Philippines Alumni Association (APIPA) was formally launched at the Tore Venetian Hotel in Guenon City, with 56 Alumni participants.

The occasion was graced by members of the IF-P Philippines National Advisory Board and National Selection Panel. The IF Regional Director for Asia and Russia Programs, Dry. Mary Crunched, delivered a talk on the status of IF alumni associations in other countries. . 2. 2 Related Foreign Studies In the course of trans-national education and recruiting, the role of the foreign alumni of German higher education institutions is becoming increasingly more significant.

Due to their study or research stays at the German higher education institution, foreign students are not only extraordinarily well qualified, but are also well disposed toward Germany, and often hold key positions in the areas of science, government, industry, and culture in their home countries. Networking and life-long learning are fundamental, so that the alumni as experts, decision makers, and partners in reign countries can remain in contact with Germany, and at the same time stay aware of the latest developments.

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