Analysing key success factors of Audi

Audi AG is a German company founded by August Horch in 1910 is involved in planing and fabricating epicurean cars and SUVs. Since its birth it has been functioning technophiles and elect groups and so it has been focused on invention and engineering. It ‘s logo of ‘4 rings ‘ signifies the brotherhood of four independent motor-vehicle makers – Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer ( Audi, 2010 ) . Presently with its two trade names Audi and Lamborghini, it caters to the both premium and supercar sections. Back in 1921, Audi founded the usage of left-handed guidance by establishing Audi-K-type theoretical account. It shortly became automobile industry ‘s criterion to hold left-handed guidance autos. Subsequently in 1964, it was bought by Volkswagen. Then in the class of 1970s, Audi gained acknowledgment in US by presenting 100LS luxury saloon, energetic Fox coupe and saloon. Subsequently in 1980 at the Geneva Motor Show, Audi revealed the Audi Quattro – an all-wheel-drive athletics coupe that gained an enthusiastic response at the show. ( Audi, 2010 ) This completed boosted Audi ‘s future image and growing. More theoretical accounts like V8, A4 and Cabriolet theoretical accounts, A6 “ allroad ” waggon, A8 with galvanized aluminum and light weight were pioneered. Then it ne’er looked back and kept experimenting, introducing and increasing market portion. Recently TT, Audi ‘s low-slung athletics coupe, Q5 crossing over SUV and the alien R8 athleticss auto have been introduced. ( Audi, 2010 )


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The aim of this study is to do Audi an aspirational trade name. The cardinal success factors that signifier hinderances in accomplishing this aim will be figured out with illustrations for grounds. Besides, Literature reappraisal on factors that by and large affect trade name aspiration and trueness will be sought and compared with Audi ‘s current public presentation and scheme executing.

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Aspirational Brand:

Precisely, an aspirational trade name is a trade name which has big population with a desire to have it or be portion of it but is unable to afford it but they have this desire to have it in the hereafter when capable. This population is known as draw a bead oning audience whereas the portion of population that can afford it is known as ingestion audience. The fact that an aspirational trade name adds positive features to the consumers, people are willing to pay a premium monetary value for it in return. ( Business & A ; Companies, 2008 ) For illustration, Louis Vuitton – has bags monetary values up to $ 1.100 or even more and still with the current economic conditions, adult females love to purchase merchandises from this luxury trade name. ( Morago, G. , 2008 ) This is how Audi has to be positioned and is the purpose of this study. A possible manner employed by Ackermans can be considered excessively. Ackermans is a retail merchant in South Africa has repositioned itself as an aspirational trade name by providing to assorted section needs – now it has introduced family-focused merchandises, endorsed its stand-alone shops, enhanced ocular facets, in-store experience, engaging standards, preparation and staff agenda. Due to all this, now it ‘s the 3rd most shopped shop in SA. ( Barten, M. , 2007 )

Audi in Middle East:

Audi Middle East was recognized in 1998 with its regional offices in Dubai, Iraq and Yemen. Presently, there has been an addition of 8.5 % in Audi gross revenues in the fast half of 2010 in the Middle East which proves the strong image and an established market portion. Harmonizing to Mannering – Mendelevium of Audi Middle East, Audi Q7 SUV has been the best-selling theoretical account boulder clay now and Audi R8 spyder and A8 are expected to be introduced by the terminal of this twelvemonth. ( McGinley, S. , 2010 ) Furthermore, it has been actively take parting in Motor Exhibitions like the ‘Dubai Motor show ‘ and optimizes the chances of growing and acknowledgment on such events by establishing new theoretical accounts like the TT RS, late. ( Khan, A. , 2010 )

Merchandise Portfolio:

German luxury auto shaper manufactures premium and athleticss autos consisting of A-series, Q5 – Q7 SUVs, TTs runabout and coupe, S4 and A6 allroad Quattro waggon along with Lamborghini ( Italy based subordinate of Audi ) that manufactures Murcielago and Gallardo. Furthermore, it has fiscal services that makes finance available for renting and buying vehicles, manages insurance of the vehicle, and besides offers Audi Visa Signature recognition card. ( Hoovers, 2010 )

Key Success Factors

Using Porter ‘s five force and PESTEL analysis, the factors that are presently interfering with the accomplishment of the aim mentioned above can be identified. It faces ferocious competition from Mercedes-Benz and BMW – German based auto makers.

Audi ‘s Porter ‘s Five Force Analysis:

A tool that allows to measure the public presentation and schemes of rivals within a specific industry, for illustration, laptops – electronics, and farther compare them with our ain concern functionality and offerings. It gives a good apprehension of the competitory environment in which a house exists and reveals menaces and chances of the market.

Competition among Rivals – in car industry catering to the demands of elite section, Audi being good established still faces direct competition from BMW and Mercedes-Benz in Dubai, who are every bit strong in footings of trade name name and merchandise offerings. Whereas the indirect rivals can be Honda, Toyota, Nissan ( Nipponese houses ) , and Ford as these besides operate globally, do hold a good market portion in Dubai, and are less expensive compared to Audi. But these houses have endorsed trade names like Lexus owned by Toyota in an attempt to function elect section. However, their monetary values are lower than Audi. The high diverseness of challengers in relation to civilizations and allied doctrines has increased competition in this industry and this can step in in the accomplishment of Audi ‘s aim of being an aspirational trade name. ( Bradley, D. , 2005 ) . No uncertainty, with its cutting border engineering and invention, Audi is able to prolong its current market place and survive the competitory environment but to go an aspirational trade name, it will hold to believe and use schemes even more better than what it ‘s presently making.

Menace of new entrants: Foreign participants like BMW, Jaguar, Ford, Aston Martin are already in the Dubai market and the capital investing required to come in the market is even more than earlier due to the economic conditions. So this force will be weak and less of a menace to Audi.

Power of Suppliers: production of Audi vehicles is maintained in Germany, Belgium, Hungary and China whereas the supply is concerned, one major provider is Al Nabooda car co. bing in Dubai with few external 1s. ( Odiabat, H. , 2010 ) Normally, luxury autos designed for upper category niche tend to be few in figure compared to the other less dearly-won trade names. Hence, the bargaining power of providers is strong.

Power of Customers: when buying luxury merchandises, clients are more concerned about the characteristics, design, quality instead than the monetary value. As Audi has every bit strong rivals like BMW and Mercedes, clients do hold options and can buy either of these trade names alternatively of Audi, but those who merely want to purchase an Audi will non be bothered to research these options. ( Gillies, M. , 2008 ) For this ground, dickering power of client is average and Audi should do exchanging cost higher in order to hold high client keeping. For case, by supplying semi-annual care service, increased insurance continuance, endowing appliances utile for auto or giving away a illumination reproduction theoretical account etc. This is another topographic point where Audi can improvize in order to place itself as an aspirational trade name.

Menace of Substitute merchandises: possible replacements can be small cheaper autos like Lexus, impulse or motorcycles like Harley Davidson but nil is comparable to the experience of having a epicurean auto like Audi. Hence, this force is of less menace to Audi.

Audi ‘s PESTEL Analysis:

PESTEL analysis is a tool to measure environmental forces moving on an organisation and comprises of political, economic, societal, technological, environmental and legal factors.

P.E.S.T.E.L Analysis of Automobile Industry in UAE Market

Political Factors

Supportive Government with free trade and motivates globalisation and FDI.

Tax- free system

Gulf intelligence studies UAE as largest buyer of German merchandises and Dubai as the 7th biggest export market after Europe. ( Al Baik, D. , 2010 )

Economic Factors

Rise in monetary values of fuel is a concern for Audi

Good labour handiness


Socio-Cultural Factors

Multinational population shacking in Dubai.

Hot topographic point for exhibitions and events.

Educated and affluent section available.

Technological Factors

Dubai has ever been a good platform for establishing new engineerings like GPS, iPhone. Peoples are willing to follow new engineerings to heighten their life styles.

Legal Factors

Car rating trial is performed to measure the safety and effectual functionality before establishing it in the market.

Environmental Factor

Eco – friendly criterions need to be followed.

After analyzing the market for Audi by using both these tools, the five critical factors that would step in with the aim are:

Intense competition – there ‘s no such trade name that is non found in Dubai market. Audi faces strong competition environment and this factor can interfere with Audi being an aspirational trade name. It ‘s found that UAE car market still is one of the strongest that helped in stabilising the planetary auto market, which suffered from recession. ( Nelson, L. , 2010 ) Audi is already being strong in covering with this competitory environment by coming up with latest engineering and advanced characteristics like the MMI ( Multi Media Interface ) pilotage along with incorporate telephone, sound, and vehicle engineering in its new Audi A8 theoretical account that provides utmost convenience and enhanced safety to the clients. ( Datamonitor, 2010 ) The reaction of the challengers in the signifier of merchandises against Audi ‘s latest innovation is something inevitable and requires more attempts from Audi lo live up their existing image and be in front of the rivals in the market.

Dickering power of clients – With intense competition, clients get more and more options and so the power of doing picks between trade names with clients intensifies every bit good.

Petrol monetary value – lifting monetary value of fuel and economic crisis presently in Dubai besides makes it hard to promote people to pass money on epicurean merchandises. Peoples, instead, prefer salvaging money by puting in projects/ concerns supplying long term net incomes. Harmonizing to the study of Gulf intelligence, locals were highly dissatisfied with 3rd clip addition in gasoline monetary values within the same twelvemonth. ( Rasheed, A. , 2010 )

Economic conditions ( recession ) – higher monetary values of nutrient and conveyance gives rise to rising prices in Dubai market, due to which people want to salvage money every bit much as possible. This economic tendency, if continues will decidedly impact consumers buying behavior on epicurean merchandises. ( Gulfnews, 2010 ) As said by Crichton, J. , – Director Gross saless and Marketing for BMW Middle East that in 2009 gross revenues for premium autos decreased by 27 % due to the recession and increasing rising prices. ( Maierbrugger, A. , 2010 )

Pace of technological promotions – rapid promotions in invention and engineering is another issue. Though invention and engineering has been major focal point of Audi but the rate at which this happens in Dubai market is certainly a concern. One wakes up to happen a similar merchandise but with a new alone property every forenoon. To be an aspirational trade name, Audi needs to fit up with this gait. For case, after the recent launch of Audi A8, BMW came up with X5M with few extra characteristics – high acceleration in a SUV. ( Benjamin, A. , 2010 )

AUDI ‘s Need and Value

Self-fulfillment demands

By utilizing Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demand, the demand analysis of Audi will be investigated. Harmonizing to Maslow homo are motivated by their unrealized demands and these demands follow a form. When the basic demands ( lower demands ) are accomplished, new demands higher in the pyramid are established. The hierarchy is as follows:

Psychological demands

Basic demands

Audi normally targets at the Esteem and Self- realization demand of a consumer as it serves the upper category section. One possessing BASIC installations and societal life can develop the demand of accomplishing something that will raise his/ her societal position from others or add on to the personality. Elite section fulfil their regard and self-actualization demand by buying epicurean merchandises. Safety demand is every bit of import for them when going a portion of any trade name. This is what Audi marks and to be an aspirational trade name it needs to populate up to the outlooks of the elect group and have emotional bond with them via personality traits of the trade name, heightening driving experience of Audi and client service.

Unmet demand: Audi can keep PR event yearly where all elect group members get to run into other clients within the same section, portion their experience of the vehicle they own, and acquire information on company ‘s growing and success. By making this, it will guarantee client satisfaction, trueness and keeping and beef up its bond with the clients.

AUDI ‘s Target Segment

With the assortment of theoretical accounts and the monetary value scope ( 86,000 AED to 454,000 AED ) the possible mark sections can be within the age scope of 25 – 35 and 45 – 60. ( DriveArabia, 2010 ) The first section comprises of childs who are active, self-dependant, smart, focussed, but it may non be necessary that they have successful lives and are capable of possessing a epicurean auto. At this phase, they would be more focussed at carry throughing their basic demands like puting in lodging or life insurance. But still, high category people within this age scope face no such troubles. Whereas the 2nd section, do consists of senior and older age group but the fact that with in this age group, people are rather settled and successful in footings of life and finance and more precedence is giving to self-fulfilment demands ; so more possible clients can be derived from this age group.

As the motivation is to do Audi an aspirational trade name, the age group 25 – 35 old ages, who may non be able to afford this trade name ‘s auto, will be still considered as portion of the mark section. Therefore, the mark section of Audi that is chosen is a group of persons that fall in the age scope of 25 – 50 old ages and possess features of being self-dependent, ambitious, goal-seeking, successful, extravert, updated, passionate, holding higher mean monthly income, high societal category and position, want to be Centre of attending amongst their societal circle, possess sense of quality, good cognizant of trade names in the market, possess sense of measuring merchandises, and value their lifestyle – balance of work and life.

Furthermore, by detecting the current age construction shacking in UAE, it would be even easier to turn out coevals of turnover from the mark section that is mentioned above.

0-14 old ages: 28.86 %

15-64 old ages: 68.74 % ( mark section lies with in this age scope and as the per centum is higher so decidedly it ‘s profitable for Audi. )

65 old ages and over: 2.4 % ( alloExpat, 2010 )

Literature Reappraisal: Variables impacting trade name aspiration and trueness

Consumers ‘ demands are of all time turning and germinating overtime. An anthropological survey by Burnett and Hutton ( 2007 ) revealed that three new major consumers ‘ demands are cognition, genuineness, and personal experience. Any trade name supplying positive experiences through cognition and genuineness would be successful as it would be providing to the altering demands of the consumers. Thereby, constructing up consumer base and heightening consumer keeping. For case, Land-Rover was good known for bring forthing trucks for the roughest terrain but on detecting a market, who liked the trade name image and name, needed a glistening and a comfy version to drive on route, the trade name came up with Range-Rovers and Freelanders to turn to such demands. ( Ritson, M. , 2006 ) Therefore, a trade name ‘s ability to fit up with the changing demands of the clients and presenting exceeding experiences are two of import factors act uponing trade name trueness and aspiration.

The client love for any trade name begins with a product/ merchandise use. It ‘s the invention behind the merchandises of a peculiar trade name that plays a critical function in uninterrupted satisfaction, trueness and client keeping. Otherwise a trade name offering traditional merchandises would be of no involvement to consumers. The trade name can non stand entirely without advanced products/services so it ‘s suggested that effectual execution of product-brand typology is indispensable. An empirical research by Morago et Al. ( 2008 ) on partial application of product-brand typology, where the pick was between electronic merchandises ( advanced ) and vino ( traditional ) for consumers, revealed satisfaction and trueness is more when measuring trade names and merchandises together instead than when each of them is evaluated individually. For case, BMW ( trade name name ) and auto public presentation ( merchandise innovative properties ) together delivers more satisfaction and more people would wish to be portion of such a trade name. Hence, invention is important to trade name aspiration and trueness. This variable farther emphasizes on appropriate trade name extension – adding on new merchandises or merchandise line within the same trade name name. If clients do n’t happen a proper tantrum between the new merchandise and the trade name image or the new manner to place the trade name is misunderstood by the clients so this involves a great fiscal and consumer base loss. ( Aaker and Keller, 1990 ) For case, a inexpensive auto with less or economical characteristics would non suit with the image developed by a Mercedes. It would be against its trade name image.

The literature on trade name personality and study research carried out by Maehle and Shneor ( 2010 ) on association between the trade name and human personality uncovered that consumers buy from those trade names merely that fit up with their ain personalities. They used 15 propositions as suggested by Ekelund and Aaker and verified them against the statistical study consequence. They classified consumers ‘ personality in 3 chief dimensions – blue: task-oriented, structured and logical successful executers ; red: people under this class are planimeters with a relational focal point, personal engagement and societal positions ; and green: people concentrating on alteration, vision and thoughts. Their findings revealed consumers with Blue DI type show clear disfavor from the excitement dimension of trade name personality, while consumers with Red DI class show strong penchant for the earnestness dimension of trade name personality. But no clear findings were developed for the Green DI type, likely related to the individualistic, non-conformist and advanced orientations of such persons. ( Maehle and Shneor, 2010 ) If a client is unable to construct up this bond with a specific trade name ‘s personality, that trade name would non be preferred. So, trade name personality is an of import constituent and a tool to distinguish a trade name from its other rivals. For illustration, Honda uses “ the power of dreams ” while Toyota focuses on that one should “ acquire the feeling ” . Customers ‘ attractive force to trade names ‘ personality is more intense than the merchandise or service.

Another survey by Gabay et Al. ( 2009 ) where interviews with 5,364 participants from nutrient industry were conducted, unveiled that trade name value ( choice v/s monetary value ) across sections lies in merchandise functionality, grade to which merchandise solves single jobs or heighten his/her state of affairs and features instead than the name. For case, Starbucks has created value in footings of the quality of the java and the experience at the mercantile establishment delivered by it. Though it has premium monetary values but it ‘s worth it and preferred by clients due to the quality of the merchandise, experience at the mercantile establishment and the client service. This suggests that the value to the clients in footings of quality of the product/ service and experience offered by the trade name plays a critical function in trade name aspiration and trueness.

Furthermore, a trade name ‘s state of beginning and its personality does act upon a consumers ‘ buying purpose due to the stereotypic perceptual experience in consumers towards any state. Thereby, impacting trade name aspiration and trueness. It can hold both positive and negative impact. Besides with the information on state of beginning clients do construct up perceptual experience on quality of the merchandise every bit good. This is proved by a cross-city study of china car industry for German – China joint venture for car trade name ‘BORA ‘ , conducted by Wang and Yang. The questionnaire comprised of 2 parts – foremost one covering with the trade name and related subjects and the 2nd 1 was about demographic background of the respondent. The findings revealed that German autos known for good engineering and public presentation in consumers ‘ head when will organize a joint venture with China, ( as in instance of Bora ) it would decidedly portray a positive image, therefore doing higher purchase purpose. This variable really forms the footing of trade names ‘ aspiration and trueness. As people being loyal would prefer their state trade names over other states every bit good as a trade name from a state keeping strong image will derive acknowledgment, uninterrupted growing and would be desired and preferred over others like places from Italy or electronics from Japan.

Any trade name is known by its logo and the message it portrays. Besides, the architecture of the retail mercantile establishment signals trade name individuality and experience delivered to the client. It ‘s a direct or indirect manner of pass oning trade names ‘ promise to the mark section like the Nokia logo exhibits its motor – linking people. A little alteration in trade name logo can impact strongly committed consumer base. Interviews carried out by Walsh, Winterich and Mittal ( 2010 ) , with six design houses and 4 big corporate individuality houses revealed that rounded forms Sons are in tendency and when altering logos, the alteration in rotundity ( should n’t be angular ) should be less in order to avoid the negative impact on the strongly committed consumer base like the Volkswagen which means people ‘s auto in German, its logo has ever been unit of ammunition and was really derived from Nazi flag. It had been black and white until 1999. Since 2000, colorss were added to the logo exhibiting a positive alteration and capableness to accommodate to the new epoch. ( Dkumar, M. , 2009 ) Furthermore, immense disbursals are incurred by companies in logo redesigning like $ 20 million spent by UPS for its new logo in 2003 as this is a really critical facet of trade name communicating. Any alteration in trade name promise or committedness every bit good as positioning via Sons finally affects trade name aspiration and trueness.

Literature on consumer behavior besides emphasizes on holding distinguishing properties associated with the merchandise or the trade name for it to be on the path of aspirational trade name. Findingss of the study conducted by Caruana et Al. ( 2009 ) disclosed that distinction as an of import placement facet of trade names and winning awards and repute represented in ranking magazines for a peculiar trade name does hold an impact on client ‘s emotions and penchant. So to be an aspirational trade name, distinction along with high ranking is indispensable.

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