Analysing the leadership style of richard branson

Merely by detecting the distance which Richard Branson has gone in the concern universe it is non hard to make up one’s mind him as an exceeding concern leader. Here the effort is to analyse his signifier of leading utilizing the major theories leading. Words normally connected to Branson are originative, merriment, anti-establishment, fast, self-seeker, adventurer, the hazard of Taker, warm, friendly, competitory, workaholic and difficult negotiant. Those qualities are harmonizing to the trait theories of leading, chief characeristics of a successful leader.

Richard Branson has a good leader-member dealingss and handle his employees respect, like his ain household, even to the extent of giving invitations to his junior members for place for parties ( Dearlove 2007 ) . He ever welcome the feedback and new thoughts of the employees. The undertaking construction of the Virgin is normally low since Branson gives his employees the freedom and enterprise has to be originative. There are no constituted processs, in which, things must be done ( Nice, 2007 ) . His organisation is working on level and non-hierachical stucture ( NCE 2009 ) , which is made of bunchs, and given the flexibleness to work independently without much intervention ( Dearlove 2007 ) .These factors clearly show that his signifier of leading is of much more democratic and participative nature. Position power he proves to be dominant mind, and by and large makes determination by himself ( even NCE2009 ) . When detecting the eventuality theory of Fiedler, it is clear that he belongs to intercede type of leader who is undertaking motivated and socio-independent ( Durbin Dalglish Miller, 2006 ) .

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Branson has strong eventuality and situational leading accomplishments excessively. He has ever looked for and uses every chance to make a new company to be feasible. He is rather capable of commanding state of affairss and besides a high hazard taker ( Dearlove 2007 ) . This reflcts the most dominat theory of leading today i.e. situational theories. He follows different leading manners and technics harmonizing to the state of affairs and the context.This has been one of the most of import characteristics of Richard Branson ‘s leading ( Durbin Dalglish Miller, 2006 ) . He besides shows the ability to implement alterations rapidly. Virgin Cola in the United States changed its scheme, direction and location of its t-drinks concern with accent on the subject “ New Age beverages like fruit juices and energy drinks, when he saw no chance in the war against the Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola in the Cola Business ( Dearlove 2007 ) .

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The magnetic and transformational leading

Transformational leaders are besides those that can accommodate rapidly to alter ( Bass, 1985 ) . Branson has clearly demonstrated its flexibleness and its success in accommodating to altering organisational civilizations, as he bought new companies and moved into new countries, along with his work forces. Literature clearly shows that the appraisal of transformational leading is positively correlated with the rating of managerial public presentation ( Hater & A ; Bass, 1988 ) , Recommendations for publicity ( Waldman, Bass and Yammarino, 1990 ) and the per centum of the ends of the strategic busines units. ( unit Avolio, 1999 ) .

Harmonizing to Bass ( 1985 ) transformational leading is more more likely to reflect sociall values and arise in times of hurt and alteration, while transactional leading is likely found in well-ordered, steady environment. Virgin is an organisation that is focused on growing and changeless alteration, therefore suited for transformational manner.

Virgin is a land, where the persons Branson stamped in everywhere of the Business, hence, his values and ends are the driving force of the whole coporation. An overview of tranformational and magnetic leaderhip theories suggests that the leaders may accomplish relevent ends by doing of followings, who personally identify with this manner, besides the work-group they are with ( Yukl, 1988 ) . Thus transformational attack, in my sentiment the best summarzes the manner of this celebrated concern leader.


With personal appeal, rational stimulation and inspirational motive and individualised consideration, transformational leaders have a great possible to advance actions beyond outlooks and produce alterations within persons and organisations. It seems that this signifier of a leading well-suited for a clip like this in which has characterictics like uncertainity, planetary convulsion and institutional instability.


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