Analysis of the Kill Bill Poster

The poster from Kill Bill caught my eye, first by the bright contrasting colors used. The character in the center, is wearing what seems like the same yellow tracksuit made famous by Bruce Lee, is the only person in color and not black and white. She is really gives me the feel that there is going to be a lot of bloody action and martial arts. Once I saw that it is a film from Quintin Tarantino, who is well-known to have a special interest in Asian culture and arts, it really holds my attention even more.

The other people that stand behind the front woman in the poster have an eccentric appearance that intrigues me. At the bottom of the poster there is the quote, “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” is displayed, which is a Star Trek’s Klingon Proverb which reminds me of the quote “hell has no furry as a woman scorned,” and makes me think that this movie is going to be an empowering movie for woman displaying what woman have the power of enduring and dishing out when pushed to do so.

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The other people that stand behind the front woman in the poster make me wonder what is going on, and how they interact with each other. The movie Kill Bill, was released in 2003, starring Uma Thurman, who plays the bride and is known as ”Black Mamba,” she is the protagonist, and described as “the deadliest woman in the world”. She is targeted by her former allies in the wedding chapel massacre, and falls into a coma. When she wakes up four years later, she leaves a deadly trail of revenge against the group of people who tried to kill her, crossing them off a list one by one as she kills them.

David Carradine plays Bill, the antagonist, who is never seen, although his voice is heard, was the former leader of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, He is also the former lover of the “Black Mamba,” and is the final target of her revenge. By looking at a movie poster of Kill Bill, there is an abundance of information that can be translated into what the film is about. Instantly, the first noticeable characteristic is the color scheme. Yellow, black and red paired together are nature’s warning colors.

They are seen on insects, a bumble bee for example, or animals, like a coral snake, and fire; all these things which pose a threat. These are used to attract and excite a potential audience who might enjoy the thrill of danger. In addition, the position of the yellow and black is striking and bold. The viewer’s eye is drawn to Uma Thurman’s character at the midpoint of the page, and her focus in the picture suggests she is central to the plot. She is intimidating, her posture and the way she holds the sword, as though she is ready to leap into battle, gives her an extreme amount of energy.

The axis of action guides the audiences eyes to the location where the vertical black line which directs the viewers eye down the center of the page , following the black stripe on her jumpsuit, than up her arm, than to the right side of the page, creating a horizontal line made by the sword to form what appears to be a cross, or perhaps a target in the center of Uma Thurman’s face. This is realevant because she was the target in the beginning of the movie, as well as further appointing her as the main lead.

The blood on the tight-fitting racing suit, both a symbol of her female carnality and her solidarity. is an unmistakable code: this film will be bloody. True to this conjecture, the films have been described as “the most violent ever made”. An audience with specific interest in gory or high-octane films will now already be interested. This would typically be a more masculine interest, and this masculine appeal is further affirmed by the ‘sexy’ illustration of the blonde stereotype, Uma Thurman, the lead actress in the film. The typography of the title is heavy-duty and outstanding.

Again, it is red and in contrast to the prevailing yellow and black all around it. The title itself is actually perceptibly strong. They are two similar, and rhyming, words that resound in the viewer’s head. Perhaps this is because of the sinister nature of the word ‘KILL’ and the seeming impotence and normality of the name ‘BILL’. Another recurring theme in the poster is the cutting or slashing. The samurai sword in the character’s hand is another enigma code. The audience is instantly wondering what she is going to do with the sword and crucially, who she is going to do it to.

The audience’s suspicions are confirmed in the title, which implies, of course, that her target is ‘Bill’. However, the audience is then left wondering who Bill is, and why she is intent on causing him harm. There are slashes through the title itself, and a similarly shaped blood spatter, indicating that swords and their use as an offensive weapon will be central to the story line. It is arguable, too, that the sword is also symbolic in other ways. In Chinese symbolism, a woman drawing a sword is suggestive of childbirth. A crucial trigger to the plotline is the retrieval of the central character’s new-born child.

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