Anne Frank Book Review

T 1 Rosemary ENG 3U1 Ms 13 December 2010 Not an Ordinary Fairy Tale A memoir is defined as an account of one’s personal experience. It is what the author has encountered throughout his or her life, and is based on memory. They are real life events, and sometimes they do not have a happy ending. Despite the fact that The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank, does not have a happy ending, this memoir is astonishing. I usually enjoy happy endings, but this diary touched me more than any other story I have read. This memoir is truly one of the best novels by far.

Firstly, I can make an effortless connection with her as I read through her journey of hiding through out World War Two. As well, Anne’s transformation from a naive to an intelligent young girl in a matter of three years is entertaining. Finally, I learn the lessons she is sending to people all over the world. The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank is an impeccable memoir due to the fact it is so easy to connect with Anne, watching her as she matures while the reader learns the messages she is trying to send out.

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In Anne’s diary, she is so open and honest with her feelings, it is so simple to connect with her. She does not hold anything back, and tells the reader exactly what she is thinking and feeling. She tells the reader when she is scared that the Nazi’s may find her family. She tells them when is she mad because of the fights she has with others living in the secret Annex. She also tells them when she is confused about the person she is. Everyone encounters all these feelings T2 and emotions, whether or not it is a similar experience. I have the hardest time trying to maintain a normal facade when I’m feeling wretched and sad” (Frank 214) Anne is telling the reader that although she is not happy, she is pretending to be happy. Everyone experiences pain, and put a smile on our faces face and pretend like nothing is wrong. No one is fearless, and everyone has fear in them. Many have confusions of who they really are as well. Anne shows me that it is okay to cry sometimes, she shows me that all the fears that I have in life I am able to face them and everything will be alright.

She lets me know that growing up as a teen, it is really hard to figure out who I really am, but eventually I will figure it out. Every emotion she experiences, I know exactly how she is feeling. Therefore, what Anne is going through is completely normal, so it is easy for the reader to know what kind of emotion Anne is feeling. Kate Johns, a reader of this book writes “It was a true page turned that had me going through every emotion imaginable. I cried, and laughed, and I was angered, and I also felt helpless” (Kate Johns, Helium) With Anne’s open and honest words, the reader has no problem experiencing Anne’s emotions.

Another enjoyable part of this memoir I enjoy is the transformation Anne makes. Throughout Anne’s memoir, her transition from being an obnoxious young girl, to a mature young lady makes for a more enjoyable read. In the beginning of this memoir, Anne is twelve and very immature. She deals with childish matters and becomes angry at pointless issues. As her diary continues on, her issues become more deep and interesting. She talks more about the troubles she is experiencing and she no longer wines. This is more enjoyable and interesting to read about and to notice how much she changes.

On one of Anne’s older entries, T 3 she added in a comment from when she was older “I’m surprised at my childhood innocence. Deep down I know I could never be that innocent again, however much I’d like to be” (Frank 60) The situation she is in forces her to grow up a lot faster and be a strong person. In the beginning of the novel I thought that she complains too much and the memoir is too boring. However, as I continue to read Anne’s story I realise how much she changes and how mature she becomes. The more entries I read, the more interesting her story becomes.

This shows how anyone can change given the situation that they are placed in. It really made the memoir a lot interesting to see how differently Anne acts over the course of World War Two, and what a better person she became. A writer, Anne Parker, writes “The reader watches Anne go through many moods, and transform from somewhat of an ignorant young girl who chatters constantly to a thoughtful young woman who is independent and brave” (Anne Parker, Helium) In the beginning of the memoir, Anne sees this as more of a game, and does not think she will be stuck in the Annex for long.

Although, as time progresses on, Anne realises this is not a game, and their lives are at risk. The way she acts in the beginning makes me not want to feel sorry for her, and it is really hard to relate to an obnoxious girl. Although as she becomes insightful and open I realise what she is experiencing and that it is probably so hard for her to go through something like this. Reading this memoir, and seeing how Anne makes a huge transition in a matter of two years makes the memoir much more interesting.

It was really great to read her memoir and read about the messages she is trying to send across. Anne’s diary gives a lot of messages to the reader, and sets examples everyone, including myself should follow. As Anne hides throughout the course of World War Two, she keeps a T4 positive attitude throughout the whole memoir. She never loses hope and knows that this whole experience makes her a better person “God has not fore saken me, and He never will” (Frank 247) She still keeps her faith in God, continues to pray and does not ever talk about giving up.

In modern times today, many people tend to give up and lose hope easily. They take their anger out on others and lose their faith in God. Anne is in a life or death situation, but she continues to believe a miracle will eventually happen. She also makes the best of living with other families she does not really like. Sometimes I get angry at things in life and I lose faith, and I think negatively. After reading Anne’s experiences, I realise I have nothing to complain about.

Anne is going through a life or death situation and she does not ever blame her unfortunate events on anyone. When bad things happen, I blame others. Although, after reading Anne’s diary I realise that I should just appreciate the good in life and not to take life for granted. I always look at the bad things in a situation, but after reading Anne’s diary I am beginning to become a more optimistic and appreciate what I have in life. Despite Anne’s struggles, she never gives up and appreciates the good in life.

Such as, being one of the few Jewish families that are granted a hiding spot. They are blessed with food, clothes, and shelter. Anne makes it very clear that she is truly grateful of what he has been blessed with “She gave us all a look into how terrible life was for her, but she never really gave up hope” (Kate Johns, Helium) This teaches us all a lesson to never give up hope, because after every dark day, there will be a brighter day after that. Through Anne’s entries, the reader learns what Anne is trying to tell them and follow the examples she sets. T5

In conclusion, The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank is truly a fascinating novel because of the connection I can make with Anne, following the examples she sets and watching her grow into a mature young lady. Anne’s open and honest words makes me like I am there experiencing Anne’s journey with her. As Anne transforms from an immature twelve year old, to an insightful fourteen year old that has been through more than she has in her teens than many have in their entire life adds more of an exciting read. Lastly, Anne’s optimistic and faithful attitude is something anyone can learn from.

Everyone loves a happy ending, just like the ones that are read in fairy tales. Although, sometimes the most satisfying stories are the ones that we can learn something from, the ones that leave an everlasting impact in one’s life. T 6 Works Cited Frank, Anne. The Diary of Anne Frank. New York: Random House, Inc. , 1995. Print. Johns, Kate. “Book Reviews: The Diary of Anne Frank, by Anne Frank”. Arts & Humanities: Literature. Helium. Web. 18 Nov 2010 Parker, Anne. “Book Reviews: The Diary of Anne Frank, by Anne Frank”. Arts & Humanities: Literature. Helium. Web. 18 Nov 2010

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