Appeal Against Academic Assessment Essay

This is an illustration merely and you should do certain that the missive you submit is in your ain words and reflects your personal state of affairs. Letter data format, content and suggested information to attach are included [ within brackets ] . Take attention in the readying of your missive as it is really of import – for aid with your missive you can reach an Education Officer on 08 6488 2295 or e-mail your missive to [ electronic mail protected ]and bespeak redacting aid.

Your name
Your reference – put in the reference that the uni should match with during the clip of your entreaty Contact phone Numberss – place and Mobile
Email reference
[ Indicate primary contact beginning ]

This text is NOT unique.

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Title, foremost name and family name of dean
Dean, [ insert name of the module ]University of Western Australia
35 Stirling H’Way
Crawley WA 6009

Rhenium: Entreaty Against Academic Assessment

Dear [ insert rubric and family name ] ,

I wish to officially appeal against my concluding class in [ insert full name and codification of unit ] . Since the release of consequences I have sought feedback from my unit coordinator and an arithmetic cheque of my concluding class was undertaken. I have considered the feedback provided by the unit coordinator and have appealed to the caput of school. I was informed on [ insert day of the month of presentment from school that your entreaty was unsuccessful ] that my entreaty was non successful and that there would be no comment of my work. I believe that the caput of school did non take all the factors into consideration and am appealing to you for the opportunity to hold my work remarked.

[ Insert a remark about your normal advancement across your surveies and in this unit – below is an illustration of what you could state ]

During the semester I attended all talks and tutorials and set about all the needed readying. I besides completed all the assessment constituents and my mean consequences were in the recognition scope. My public presentation across all units is normally in this scope [ class norm ] and I have by and large made good advancement through my surveies.

[ Insert remark on any feedback received and why you think the appraisal is non right. Remember it is non adequate to merely desire an excess mark/marks to go through or to switch your grade from a fail to a base on balls or from a base on balls to a recognition – you need to do a instance to hold the piece of appraisal remarked – below is an illustration of what you could state ]

The feedback provided by the unit coordinator indicated that my public presentation in the concluding scrutiny was non at my usual criterion and it is the consequence in the scrutiny ( deserving 60 % ) that has impacted significantly on my concluding class. I have reviewed my exam paper with the unit coordinator and believe that the grade received is non representative of my normal work criterion or of the exam paper itself. In peculiar, the unit coordinator has indicated that I did non reply inquiry five right. I have looked back through the stuff studied for the unit and believe that my reply was right. I presented this information to the caput of school who has advised that he has spoken to the unit coordinator and upholds the marker.

After sing the feedback, I would wish to officially bespeak that my concluding scrutiny in [ insert name and codification of unit ] be remarked. Thank you for your consideration of this entreaty.

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