arachne, astonished

The poem, “Arachne, Astonished”, is written by Josephine Jacobsen. In this poem, the author, Josephine Jacobsen, relates spiders to humanity, by talking about problems that the spider experiences and how they relate to humanity. Josephine Jacobsen also describes how the spider deals with its problems and how the spider must always improvise. In this poem, the author states that like spiders, humanity must continue to adapt to survive. .

One of the biggest problems a spider faces is with its web. A spider’s web is delicate, silky, weave of thread from the spiders guts itself. It is the spider’s home and it’s supplier of food. It can be torn or broken easily. Human have their own webs too. They have their own web of problems, web of family, wed of friends, and their web of community. This is related in the poem when the author states, ” but I thought that webs were a community of architecture as unreconstructed as the fern’s.”.

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Problems are brought to spiders, and individual humans everyday. We must be resourceful and deal with these problems efficiently and effectively. If a spider’s web is torn or broken, she must not sit there, feel weightless or sulk, she must fix the problem. She must be efficient and effective, or, if not, she may starve, or perhaps lose her web entirely. As with people, we must also be effective. This is related because spiders act effectively by patching tattered or torn parts of their web, and humans also deal with problems mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Problems that fall upon ourselves happen everyday and we never know when to expect it. In the poem, the author expresses how the spider feels helpless and as if she was trapped in cage. The spider feels this way because she knows that she can not control whether a gust of wind tears her web from where it stands, or if, an insect is caught on her web and rips a certain section of it. Knowing that the spider is aware of this, one might expect her to sulk or become frustrated and angry.

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