Ashok Leyland – Essay

Ashok Leyland has seven manufacturing plants – the mother plant at Ennore near Chennai, three plants at Hosur (called Hosur I and Hosur II, along with a Press shop), the assembly plants at Alwar, Bhandara and state-of-the-art facility at Pantnagar. The total covered space at these seven plants exceeds 650,000 sq m and together employ over 11,500 personnel. Ennore Spread over 135 acres, Ashok Leyland Ennore is a highly integrated Mother Plant accounting for over 40% ALL production.

The plant manufactures a wide range of vehicles and house production facilities for important aggregates such as Engines, Gear Box, Axles and other key in-house component Hosur – Unit1 Established in 1980, Hosur-I is the engine-manufacturing center within the Ashok Leyland production system. Apart from producing various types of diesel engines (including the engines manufactured under license from Hino of Japan) and CNG engines, the plant also manufactures and assembles heavy duty and special vehicles, Axles, AGBs, Marine Gear Box, etc.

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The facility is spread over 103 acres and is innovatively laid out, optimising the use of all resources. Hosur – Unit2 Ashok Leyland established this state-of-the-art production facility in 1994 at Hosur. Spread over 236 acres, Hosur II houses finishing and assembly facilities including sophisticated painting facilities. The complex also houses one of the largest press facilities in India for pressing frame side members. Laid out with an eye for the future, Hosur II has won acclaim from several automotive experts who have visited the facility.

Hosur –Unit 2A Ashok Leyland’s brand new Cab Panel Press Shop is an imposing addition to the industrial skyline of Hosur. At 800 m above sea level, it is also the tallest in the Hosur industrial belt. This state-of-the-art facility is housed in a 99-acre expanse with a built up area of over 15,000 sq. m. The Shop is equipped to stamp select panels for Cargo cab, G-45 and C-45 FES – totally, 55 panels and their variants. Right now it houses eight presses and has the provision to accommodate four more. The versatility of the presses an be utilised for making panels of complex shapes and profiles with appropriate tooling and dies. In addition to catering to our present needs, the Press Shop can take up additional panels of new / current models. Right at the design stage, a rainwater harvesting facility was integrated into the Shop. A 60,000-sqm lawn and the 2,500 saplings planted recently in the premises will give the Shop a cool, green cover. Built with an investment of Rs 1350 million, the Shop is designed and developed to be a state-of-the-art facility. The 210m long Press Shop consists of two bays with a 36m span in each bay.

The 24m high Press bay has an underground tunnel, 7. 1m deep and 90m long, to handle the end bits generated during the process of panel pressing. The other bay is 17m high. Alwar Established in 1982, the Alwar Unit in Rajasthan is an assembly plant for a wide range of vehicles with an emphasis on passenger chassis, including CNG buses, situated close to the northern market. Bhandra Patnagar Set over 190 scenic acres, the Pantnagar plant of Ashok Leyland is also its largest and one of the most integrated manufacturing facilities in Indian commercial vehicle industry.

On 200,000 sq. ms of built up area, it houses best in class industrial architecture combined with the latest manufacturing technologies that is also ecology sensitive as reflected in the selection of machinery and processes. Highly energy efficient, the plant is designed to be remarkably operator friendly. The shop floors receive the maximum natural light and ventilation while the insulated high roof reduces the inside temperature by up to 8oC in the summer months.

Designed on lean manufacture principles, process control for high quality of output and flexibility to manage variety with quick changeovers are built into the machine and process selection. The factory boasts of latest generation equipment sourced from global leaders in Japan, USA, Europe and India. The facilities have been so designed as to accommodate further expansion in terms of capacity and future models. At full capacity utilization, 75,000 vehicles will roll out of the Pantnagar plant.

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