Assertiveness & Emotional Intelligence

Assertiveness & Emotional Intelligence Have you ever found yourself sympathizing with someone that you may not know much about? Or maybe you wonder where you got your leadership skills and why its important to express your opinion to others. These actions are often involuntary and are performed without much thought. This narrative is specifically to describe why an individual does these things and how they are related in the different aspects of our life. Assertiveness is having the ability to express yourself and rights, without violating the rights of others.

It’s fittingly an open, direct, and honest form of expressive communication. Being assertive will allow you to feel confident and will help to gain the respect of your peers. It will enhance your chances for sincere relationships and allows you to feel better about yourself in everyday situations. If you were not an assertive person then you would subject yourself to many difficult situations. By not expressing yourself, others opinions, judgments, and needs become more important than your own.

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Such an individual could be considered a doormat, allowing others to walk over them without remorse. Assertive individuals are the people that dominate in their careers, families, and education. They speak up and let their opinion be known and are able to form networks, which a passive person would otherwise pass up. Emotional Intelligence is basically the ability to identify and assess one’s own emotions and those of others. Individuals who possess this trait often experience reduced levels of stress and conflict.

They also have improved relationships and a better level of understanding. EQ could have many benefits to someone’s daily life. An individual that can more easily identify with others and express themselves more clearly would live a much more productive lifestyle. This person could complete tasks with more attention to detail, due to their decrease level of mental distractions. With an increase in ability to understand, they could solve much more complicated situations, allowing them the time to focus of the more important decisions.

Their relationships would have more substance and built on deeper meaning. There are many links that are evident between assertiveness and emotional intelligence. One of the most important links is the ability to communicate effectively. Also, both attributes allow you to express your opinion, without hurting the feelings of others. These traits make it much easier to form new relationships with more conscious understanding of how your actions and words will affect your associates. These traits contribute to an individual’s success in both their life and their career.

These people are noticed for their ability to communicate and understand how their subordinates are feelings. Their effective communication allows them to express how they feel without demeaning the listener. In life, outside of the career, relationships are important also. They give an individual the capacity to express feelings to find love and manage disagreements, respectably. They allow them the ability to think clearly, in order to manage the different stresses that one faces.

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