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Easily the most visible difference between Bangladesh public and private universities is the cost of tuition, which is much higher at a private university. In general, private tuition is approximately 9-10 times higher than it is at a public tuition. This is because private universities rely directly on student and alumni funding in order to operate. Unlike a public state university, the private school receives no direct subsidy from the state that the school is located in. 2.

Public universities are also much easier for a student to gain admission to, especially if the student is a resident of the state in which the university is located in. In some instances, public universities have programs that automatically accept transfer students that have completed a certain level of outside credits in a different state college. Benefits of attending a public university 1. Tuition is much cheaper than that of a private university. Semester and quarter systems do not differ in the total price of tuition. . Students who do not get achieve high enough grades to gain admittance into a private university (which can be extremely exclusive) will have a much easier time attending a public university. But while a public university may be easier to get into, the curriculum may be just as difficult—or more difficult—than a private university’s. 3. Public universities are much larger and more diverse than the average private university, and students may feel more comfortable around a larger student population that it offers. 4.

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Students have more of a choice as to which area of the country to attend school at when they select a public university. Since the chances of being accepted at such a public school are greater, the student can select a university in any climate, geographical region, or city they desire. Drawbacks of attending a public university Public universities are not as prestigious as private universities, and some careers might be more difficult to enter after graduation. The larger size of public universities may distance the student from the educational atmosphere, making them feel more anonymous among the student population.

The political clash is disturb to give the proper education. The session problem is too. Benefits of attending a private university 1. Like privatized junior high and high schools, private universities generally have smaller class sizes, and more prestige than does a public university. 2. Students generally build stronger, more personal relationships with their professors and instructors, as there are special programs designed to increase communication and dialogue between the two.

It is not uncommon for a university to arrange for professors to dine, correspond, and interact with students on a personal, friendly level. 3. Private universities also have a significantly higher amount of extra-curricular activities and programs for students to participate in, which can develop a stronger sense of community. Drawbacks of attending a private university 1. Perhaps the greatest drawback of attending a private university is the difficulty in being accepted for admission. The admission process is therefore intensely competitive. 2.

Price can be prohibitive for lower-income students, although many universities offer financial aid packages to those students who excel academically in spite of their financial backgrounds. 3. Private universities, although more prestigious and well-respected, are not automatically superior to public universities. Overall, the most important factor of a successful education is how well-suited the school is to the individual student’s needs and career interests. Students should consider rate their ideal university’s unique programs and course offerings before deciding on which school to attend.

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