Beneath the Pearl

For it is said that people are on and on discontent, that you give them a particular something, staggering and awful things, exceptionally separating things, and phenomenal and mischievousness things no in the midst of wherever and they require something more. In John Steinbeck’s The Pearl, the author uses the experience of the characters, symbolism, and imagery to develop the theme that people are so engrossed on greed and wealth and they lose sight of what is really important in life.

“No, they never have any money. I, I alone in the world I am supposed to work for nothing — and I am tired of it. See if he has any money!”

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With these words, Steinbeck endeavors to indicate how insatiable the doctor is and how he won’t help a youthful exposed infant from death since they are poor Indians, who have nothing of significant worth to pay him for his helping hand. The doctor’s words and activities outline mankind’s battle with ravenousness. Another case of insatiability is indicated when Juana takes the pearl from Kino to toss into the ocean. Kino acknowledges what she is doing and pursues her. As soon as Juana goes to dispose of the pearl, Kino gets her arm and wrenches the pearl from her. He punches her in the face and when she falls on the rocks, he kicks her in the side. The accompanying statement sets up the viciousness that Kino releases on his better half with the protection of the shield, his valuable pearl from damage, because of his avarice of what the pearl will convey to him and his family: “…Rage surged in Kino. He leaped at Juana and wrenched the pearl from her…with clenched fists, struck her in the face…kicked her in the side…Greedy fingers went through his clothes”.

This statement demonstrates that the greed in Kino is getting more and more prominent. The reader can advise this since Kino will hurt the individual who he cherishes the most, and who adores him the most, just to guard his pearl.

Symbolism is a valuable instrument in narrating it enables the creator to add a more profound significance to the story. In the Pearl, Steinbeck improves each part of the story with symbolism from the setting, to characters, and the plot itself. The diverse symbols associate with each other all through the story, which at last influences the result of the novel. The first and most essential symbol is the huge pearl that Kino finds. The pearl is extremely rich with representative significance, which changes throughout the story. It is this loathsome object which moves the story along and includes drama. It causes the start of a radiant soul, however the destruction of goodness and humankind. The pearl had the ability to give Kino and his family all types of economic advantages, and education for Coyotito, so that he could be free and rise above his heritage. “Kino looked into his pearl…My son will read and open the books. My son will write and will know writing. And my son will make numbers, and these things will make us free because he will know.”

The evilness of the pearl then attacks Kino’s life and everybody he knows and adores. At first, the pearl seems to be extremely lucky to find, but it soon starts to corrupt their instincts, not only in the thieves who attempt to steal “the pearl of the world”, and those who admire Kino for possessing it and even Kino himself. Kino had killed a man and he and his family were forced to flee town. “The Pearl stirs up peace and only bloodshed restores calm”.

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