Biology Coursework: Effect of Sugar Solution on Potato Chips Essay


Before be aftering the experiment. I will research osmosis. so that I can do anticipations. This will assist me to detect how to do this probe carnival and safe. Planing in front will assist me happen out the order in which to transport out the experiment. This should take me to good consequences at the terminal of the experiment.

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Osmosis is the transition of H2O from a part of high H2O concentration through a semi-permeable membrane to a part of low H2O concentration. When a murphy is placed in H2O. the cells will spread out by deriving weight depending on the concentration degrees of the solution. When the concentration of the H2O is lower. more H2O molecules are allowed to go through through the murphy cell. This causes the murphy to derive weight and expand. If the concentration degrees of the solution are higher. the cells will lose H2O and do the murphy to lose weight and hence psychiatrist.


I predict that when the lower the concentration of sugar solution in the H2O. the more the murphy will spread out by osmosis. When the concentration of H2O is indistinguishable to the concentration of the murphy cell. there will be no addition or lessening in weight. This is because the sum traveling into the cell will be the same as the sum traveling out. Equally shortly as the H2O concentration becomes higher. the cells will shrivel because more H2O will be go forthing the cell than come ining it.

In distilled H2O entirely. I predict that the H2O in the murphy will be more concentrated. Because of this. the H2O should reassign from the solution to the murphy. and the murphy will derive weight.

In the 0. 2 molar solutions. the substances will be really similar in concentration. There should be small alteration to the size and weight of the murphy.

When the murphy is placed in 0. 4 molar solutions. the substances will still be really similar but the concentration of the H2O solution should be somewhat greater to that of the murphy. This will do the murphy to shrivel somewhat.

As the molar solutions get higher. the H2O will reassign more and more from the murphy to the H2O solution. hence diminishing its size and weight. The most utmost shrinkage should happen when the murphy is placed in 1. 0 molar solution. as here the difference in the H2O concentration is at its largest.


I will be utilizing a really crisp knife. which could wound person if it is non handled decently. And I will besides be careful that the solutions do non acquire into my organic structure internally as I am non to the full cognizant of the harm it could do.


I will cut french friess from the same murphy because different murphies may move otherwise and impact the consequences. I will cut them 15mm long precisely with square terminals 5mm broad and 2mm midst. I will utilize a chopping and knife for this. They all need to be precisely the same size to guarantee that it is a just trial. I will weigh the french friess to guarantee that they are the same size and weight. This will besides give us a measuring to compare them to afterwards. I will utilize three indistinguishable murphy french friess in each solution. This is because the experiment may non travel to be after. If we have three french friess. an norm can be taken at the terminal of the experiment to obtain more accurate consequences. The three murphies will be placed in 6 different solutions. 1. 0 being the strongest and distilled H2O being the weakest. The solutions I will utilize are as follows:

0. 0 ( Distilled H2O )

0. 2

0. 4

0. 6

0. 8

1. 0

The boiling tubings will be placed in a rack with an equal sum of molar solution. This is because indistinguishable solutions are needed for it to be a just trial. The murphies will be covered with the solutions. if non the H2O will non be able to go through in and out and the murphies would dry out. The solutions will all necessitate to be the same temperature and the french friess will necessitate to stay in the trial tubing for the same length of clip. The length of clip I have chosen to maintain the murphies in the solution is 5 proceedingss. This should be adequate clip for the osmosis to take affect. When the murphies are removed from the solution. the osmosis Michigan. I will so dry the murphies utilizing a paper towel being careful so that none of the murphies fall apart. I will put them into sets of three depending on when which solution they were placed in and weigh and mensurate them. To acquire the most accurate consequences. I will take the mean reading of the three pieces. I will so analyze my consequences and see if they match my anticipation.

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