Biology notes on Amphibians Essay

Frogs. frogs. salamanders. and tritons are direct posterities from fish. Amphibians evolved from a type of lobe-finned fish. The name amphibious is from the Grecian amphi. which means “double. ” and bios. which means “life. ” The name is appropriate because of the fact that they can populate in H2O. every bit good as on land. Fossil grounds indicates that amphibious vehicles evolved from lobe-finned fishes about 370 million old ages ago. Recent analysis of the Deoxyribonucleic acid of Latimeria chalumnaes and lungfishes indicates lungfishes are in fact far more closely related to amphibious vehicles than are Latimeria chalumnaes.

Amphibians first became common during the Carboniferous period. Biologist marked this clip as the age of amphibious vehicles. By the late Carboniferous. much of North America was covered by low-lying tropical swamplands. Thirty-four households of amphibious vehicles thrived in this wet tellurian environment. sharing it with pelycosaurs and other early reptilians. In the Permian period. after the Carboniferous. amphibious vehicles increased to a sum of 40 households. During the early Permian period a singular alteration occurred among amphibious vehicles. many of them began to go forth the fens for dry highlands. Some of these amphibious vehicles had bony home bases and armour covering their organic structures. and some were every bit large as a pony. By the mid-Permian. 60 per centum of all amphibious species were wholly tellurian.

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During the Tertiary period these staying moist-skinned amphibious vehicles underwent a extremely successful invasion of wet home grounds all over the universe. Today there are over 4. 200 species of amphibious vehicles in 37 different households. Even though each amphibious order evolved at a different clip during the Tertiary period. all modern amphibious vehicles have certain cardinal features in common. Legs. lungs. cutaneal respiration. pneumonic venas. and a partly divided bosom have helped them to accommodate. and is what they all have in common.

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There are 3. 680 species of toads and frogs in 22 households. They live in environments runing from comeuppances to mountains. and ponds to puddles. Frogs and frogs do non hold dress suits. Salamanders lay their eggs in H2O or in damp topographic points.

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