Briefly Describes the Difference Between Sans and Nas System Essay

Briefly describes the difference between Storage Area Networks ( SANs ) and Network Attached Storage ( NAS ) system? Storage Area Networks ( SANs ) | Network Attached Storage ( NAS ) system| A SAN is a dedicated web that provides entree to assorted types of storage devices including type libraries. optical jook boxes and disc arrays. | Network Attached storage system are networked contraptions which contain one or more difficult thrusts that can be shared with multiple heterogenous computing machines. | A SAN is a local web of multiple devices that operate on disc blocks. | A NAS is a individual storage device that operate on informations files| A SAN normally utilizes Fibre Channel interconnects. | A NAS typically makes Ethernet and TCP/IPconnections. |

Identify and briefly describe each of TCP/IP’S five bed?
The basic construction of communicating webs is represented by the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol ( TCP/IP ) theoretical account. This theoretical account is structured in five beds. An terminal system. an intermediate web node. or each pass oning user or plan is equipped with devices to run all or some parts of these beds. depending on where the system operates. These five beds. are as follows: Application bed

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Host to host or transport bed
Internal bed
Network entree bed
Physical bed

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Physical bed:
The physical bed covers the physical interface between a information transmittal device and a transmittal medium or web. This bed concerned with stipulating the features of the transmittal medium the nature of the signals the information rate and related affairs.

Application bed
The Aplication bed. find how a specific user application should utilize a web. Among such applications are the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ( SMTP ) . File Transfer Protocol ( FTP ) . and the World Wide Web ( WWW ) .

Host to host or transport bed
The Transport bed. lies merely above the web bed and handles the inside informations of informations transmittal. Layer 4 is implemented in the end-points but non in web routers and Acts of the Apostless as an interface protocol between a pass oning host and a web. Consequently. this bed provides logical communicating between procedures running on different hosts.

Network entree bed:
The Network bed specifies the networking facets. This bed handles the manner that references are assigned to packages and the manner that packages are supposed to be forwarded from one terminal point to another.

Internal bed
This internal protocol ( IP ) is used in this bed to supply the routing maps across multiple webs. The map of the internal bed is to let process to take in order for informations crossbeam of multiple interrelated webs to take topographic point. This protocol is implemented in both the terminal system and routers.

Contrast the major features of WANs with those of LANs & A ; MANs?

Its is broad Area Networks| It is Local Area Netwoks | It is Metropolitan Area Networks| It consist of a figure of interrelated exchanging modes| Lan is a communicating webs that interconnected a assortment of devices and provides a agency for information exchange among those devices. | It occupies a in-between land between LANs and WANs. | | | |

How many quantisation degrees are needed to stand for each of the undermentioned sets of symbols characters or provinces?

a ) The uppercase alphabet A. B……Z
8*26 = 208 spots
B ) The figures 0. 1…… . 9
8*10 = 80 spots
degree Celsius ) 256 different colorss
8*256 = 2048
vitamin D ) 10000 Han characters
8*10000 = 80000
vitamin E ) Four billion calculating devices
8* four billion = 32 billion

Normally. medical digital radiology ultrasound surveies consist of about 25 images extracted from a full-motion ultrasound scrutiny. Each image consists of 512 by 512 pels. each with 8 spots of strength information. a. How many spots are at that place in the 25 images?

25 Images
1 Image = 512*512 pels
1 pel = 8 spots
8*512 = 4. 096 *512 = 2. 097. 152 * 25 images = 52. 428. 800 spots in the 25 images

B. Ideally. nevertheless physicians would wish to utilize 512*512 * 8 spots frames at 30 Federal Protective Service ( frames per second ) . Ignoring possible compaction and overhead factors. what is the minimal channel capacity required prolonging this full-motion ultrasound? 512*512 = 262. 144 * 8 spots = 2. 097. 152 * 30fps = 62. 914. 560 spots

c. Suppose each full gesture survey consists of 25s of frames. How many bytes of storsge would be needed to hive away a individual survey in up comprossed signifier? 600 MB = 629145600 bytes *8 = 5. 033. 164. 800

512*512=262144* 8 spots = 2. 097. 152 * 30 Federal Protective Service = 62. 914. 560 *25 sec = 1. 572. 864. 000 5. 033. 164. 800/1572864000 = 3. 2

Make some online research on the features of package as a service ( Saas ) platform as a service ( Paas ) and substructure as a services ( Iaas ) write a short paper describe the different between these services and
placing some of te major suppliers of each type?


SaaS or package as a Service refers to the bringing of applications over the Internet as a service that can be accessed by users. Alternatively of users holding to put in and keep package. they merely entree this through the Internet. This frees them from the direction of complex package every bit good as hardware and explains why SaaS in Australia continues to derive great popularity among users.

The applications offered by SaaS are at times referred to as hosted package. package on demand or web- based package. The supplier by and large manages entree to the applications. handiness. public presentation every bit good as security. This relieves clients of the load of put ining. keeping or updating hardware or package. To entree these applications. all a user requires is an Internet connexion.

Some of the features Software as a Service will offer you and which will assist you reply the inquiry what is SaaS are as follows:

It is a multitenant architecture- this means that all users and applications make usage of a individual. common substructure every bit good as a codification base that is maintained centrally. This enables sellers to introduce more rapidly therefore salvaging valuable clip that would ab initio hold been spent in keeping different versions of out-dated codifications.

Allows for easy customisation – every client is able to custom-make applications so that they can suit into their concern procedures and without needfully impacting the common substructure. These customizations are instead alone to each user or company and are frequently preserved through doing ascents.

Provides better entree – SaaS improves entree to data as you can entree it from anyplace every bit long as you have an Internet connexion. This makes it easier for members to join forces with one another as they can entree the same information irrespective of where they are located.

Many administrations are turning to SaaS because it is easier to implement and does non necessitate users to pay any up-front licensing fees. It is besides cheap and hence its popularity with little and average sized companies.

In today’s economic system. every concern is out to salvage some money. SaaS seems to be working positively for many concerns and a good figure has already embraced it. Although big companies have been a small hesitant to encompass it because of the limited functionality that comes with it. many others have already taken up this engineering and lone clip can state what its hereafter will be.

Major service suppliers of SaaS are NetSuite. Rackspace. Softlayer. Go Grid. Microsoft. salesforce etc.


Platform as a Service ( PaaS ) is a manner to lease hardware. runing systems. storage and web capacity over the Internet. The service bringing theoretical account allows the client to lease virtualized waiters and associated services for running bing applications or developing and proving new 1s.

Major service suppliers of SaaS are IBM. Orangescape.
Google. OS33. Gigaspace.

Indoleacetic acid:

Infrastructure as a Service is a proviso theoretical account in which an organisation outsources the equipment used to back up operations. including storage. hardware. waiters and networking constituents. The service supplier owns the equipment and is responsible for lodging. running and keeping it. The client typically pays on a per-use footing.

Features and constituents of IaaS include:

Utility calculating service and charge theoretical account.

Automation of administrative undertakings.

Dynamic grading.

Desktop virtualization.

Policy-based services.

Internet connectivity.

IaaS is one of three chief classs of cloud computer science
service. The other two are Software as a Service ( SaaS )
and Platform as a Service ( PaaS ) .

Infrastructure as a Service is sometimes referred to as
Hardware as a Service ( HaaS ) .

Major service suppliers of IaaS are Gogrid. Hp.
Logicworks. Amazon web services.

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