Bruce Lee Inspiration

To start off I don??™t know who my inspiration is. Before now I have never had to answer the question of who is your inspiration. Threw the process of writing this essay I will find out who my inspirations are and why. Ill start out by asking the question what is an inspiration An inspirational person is someone you look up to, someone you can go to for answers, someone that you have great respect for, and in some ways someone who guilds your life.
My first two inspirations, like many, are my parents. My parents are divorced and I live with my mom and step dad. My mom drives me to do better and succeed. Her standards and expectations keep me on the right path everyday. My dad helps me on a more personal level. I don??™t know my dad that well but I am more like him than my mom. Even though we don??™t see each other that often he knows what to say when I am having a hard time. Being this age and starting to figure out who I really am is hard but I feel like if I get to know my dad I will get to know myself. Parents always have to be an inspiration because the child is a product of them. The kid will find inspiration in their parents whether they are good parents or bad.
Bruce Lee has always been an inspiration in my life. Bruce Lee was a was a? Chinese American, Hong Kong? actor,? martial arts instructor,? philosopher, film director, film producer, screenwriter, and founder of the? Jeet Kune Do? martial arts movement in the 1970s. Lees words and phrases guild and inspire me to be better at all the things I love doing. He said ???Don??™t get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water??? (Lee). The first time I heard this it changed the style in which I thought about everything. He thinks that in everything you do you should flow like water and be shapeless. Become your environment and adapt to it and make you own forms threw your experiences. I try to incorporate this idea two of my passions. This quote is very important to me in my artwork because everything needs to flow and shape into its own idea. Also I am a gymnast. Every move you do or combo needs to flow or it is not possible. You need to be able to take momentum and flow it threw your body with perfect timing and precision.
Bruce Lee also had this very strong belief that he a regular guy. Everyone is different but we are capable of the same greatness. If you start to believe that you are better than your common man then you become obsessed with yourself. ???Dont think, feel….it is like a finger pointing towards the moon. Dont concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory!???(Lee). When someone has a goal it should be there own. It should be something they just want to do because its there dream. Something they feel and could strive for with limitless determination. No one can tell you what your passion is but everyone has one. Bruce Lee makes sense and his saying and beliefs are open to different interpretations. The way I read his work and learn from it is probably a little different from everyone who is inspired and fascinated by him. Bruce Lee is an inspiration in my life for my own reasons. Not because he has achieved so much but because he believes in solid ideals that I can relate to.
Bruce Lee has inspired me in some many ways. Every time I look him up or read up on him I find something knew to take from him. Inspiration and determination are important to anyone??™s dream or passion.

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