Brutus the Tragic Hero

Howard Mrs. Andrews Language Arts 12 08 March 2013 Brutus the Tragic Hero The Title “Tragic Hero” can be interpreted many ways and means many things. A tragic hero could be someone who fell from power because of a mistake or weakness of one’s self. A tragic hero can also be someone who makes a mistake and doesn’t realize it until it’s too late but take their fate in curse but accepts their tragedy humbly. Marcus Brutus was a tragic hero whose fate was sealed by his own friends, his way of thinking or personality, and dedication to the roman people and Rome itself.

Brutus’s personality was a big part of his fall from prosperity. Brutus was loyal, trustworthy, honorable, and dedicated. Those are good qualities of his personality. Brutus himself was very fond of Caesar. He made sure Caesar was alright and did everything Caesar said without question. Overall Brutus had to make a tough decision. He was loyal to both Rome and his best friend Caesar all the while having a constant internal battle with deciding what meant more to him his love for Caesar or his love for Rome and the roman people. Brutus says “So Caesar may. Then, lest even he may prevent.

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And since the quarrel Will bear no color for the thing he is, Fashion it thus: that what he is, augmented, would run to these and these extremities” (II. i. 28-32). After his final decision he still doubted himself on if it was actually the right choice. That what made him a perfect target for his so called “friends”. Even though Brutus’s personality was a big part of his downfall the main part of it was contributed to some of his so called friends involved in the conspiracy. Cassius resented Caesar because the roman public viewed Caesar as a god and hates how much power he had.

Cassius says, “Did I tired Caesar. And this man is now become a god, and Cassius a wretched creature must bend his body If Caesar carelessly but nod at him” (I. ii. 122-125). Cassius then leads Brutus to believe that Caesar has become too powerful and has to die or Rome will suffer for it. This is when Brutus had to make a choice between two things he loved dearly but in the final choice he thought of what was best for Rome and its people and joined the conspiracy Brutus says, “We all stand up against the spirit of Caesar, And in the spirit of men there is no blood.

O, that we then could come by Caesar’s spirit and not dismember Caesar! But, alas, Caesar must bleed for it. And, gentle friends, let’s kill him boldly, but not wrathfully,” (I. iii. 180-185). Casca another conspirator believed that Caesar was a mass manipulator and took advantage of the roman people’s ignorance. Together Casca and Cassius teamed together to manipulate Brutus into joining the conspiracy because they know if Brutus is not in the conspiracy they have no chance of pulling it off.

Cassius and Casca forged letters themselves and sent them to Brutus to make it seem like the citizens hate Caesar and they want him gone. By then Brutus is convinced that killing Caesar is the right thing to do. There manipulation ended up sealing the fates of themselves and Brutus. Brutus believed in dying with honor and not going down without a fight. He went to war and defended his actions of killing Caesar. He fought and he fought and lost Cassius along the way and it tore him apart and changed his entire mindset, morals, and personality and this is what led him to suicide.

Brutus was manipulated and fooled while trying to do well. He made sacrifices for his country and the people in Rome which they did not appreciate. Brutus made the decision to seal his fate. He tried so hard to be the honest, trustworthy, honorable man everyone thought he was nut worked with people who made the decision based on hate and envy. For those reasons I truly think Marcus Brutus was a noble, honorable, trustworthy Tragic Hero.

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