Buddhist Dhamma Schools And Life Skills Education Essay


1. Life means a uninterrupted procedure of instruction from one ‘s uterus to tomb. No mental and religious development is assured without instruction, which make a individual civilized and good mannered. All life manners and beliefs of adult male are based on instruction. Man is engaged in widening the skyline of cognition and wisdom from the beginning of his life which is ne’er comes to an terminal.

“ Educating kids with warm Black Marias and clear caputs ; kids who will one twenty-four hours assist to make a more compassionate, intelligent and peaceable universe. ”

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“ The Dharma School is successful in run intoing many of its purposes. It provides a good quality of instruction where students enjoy coming to school and go confident and self-conscious… . It promotes outstanding personal and societal development, every bit good as procuring religious and moral values. ”

Mr. Peter Murdock, Head instructor

Subodhi Dhamma School

Melbourne, Australia

2. Teaching of Dhamma was germinating from Lord Buddha ‘s clip since 2600 old ages back. After Arahath Maha Mahinda Thero ‘s initiation, Sri Lanka became a Buddhist state and Dhamma instruction spread all over the state. After being a British settlement, the Buddhist instruction faced a drastically downward in the state. In the ulterior portion of nineteenth century Cornel Henry Steel Olcott introduced the construct of Dhamma School, to do the people aware on the value of their race and faith. It was the startup of Dhamma school run in Sri Lanka. Thereafter figure of nationalists and talkers were born through this motion. And it has been expanded all over the state since that[ 1 ].

3. The vision of Dhamma School is to leave cognition of Buddhism to the Buddhist younger coevals and to enrich them with native cultural values of their Buddhist Sinhalese fatherland. The cognition, kids obtained from Dhamma School, take them to bask a good life, and do them good mannered boies and girls to their parents and to society, eventually constructive citizens to the state. Dhamma School put up the foundation to pattern Dhamma in kids ‘s day-to-day modus operandi and steer them to protect the pride of fatherland, to value the linguistic communication, civilization, native imposts and the traditions inherited from ascendants.

4. Education is for both single development and societal development. It is further meant for personality development, character or moral development, benefit of adult male and for his animal pleasance. Both these two major ends of instruction were considered in Buddhist system of learning as one constituent, but a particular accent and attending has been paid into one ‘s single and personality development, because flawlessness of cognition can be attained merely by the head.

5. With In the Dhamma schools, kids encourage to larn accomplishments and show their understanding harmonizing to their preparedness, science their primary phase. The different ways of learning methods use for learning for better consequence. Most of the clip subject based attacks are taken by ‘Bosath Charithaya ‘ and develop the chumminess harmonizing to the instructor ‘s strengths and the kids ‘s involvements. However today pupil based instruction system has been introduced to dhamma schools alternatively of instructor based system.And it has been lead pupil for originative chances and factual acquisition is enhanced by play, narrative authorship, poesy, music, treatments, societal activities and a broad scope of artistic and custodies on activities[ 2 ].

6. The research is chiefly designed to analyze and subject a cogent evidence that the pupils can develop their life accomplishments from Dhamma schools instead than other instruction institute. The informations were collected from samples analyzing, carry oning several interviews and relevant printed stuffs. The informations were analyzed and adduced by graphs and assorted charts for easy apprehension. Finally certain points were highlighted and recommended to elate the Dhamma school system.

Chapter II



1.A A A A A A A A The purpose of this research is to analyse whether the Buddhist Dhamma Schools have the ability to develop the life accomplishments of pupils through its instruction system or non.


2.A A A A A A A A In this competitory e-world school instruction is fundamentally prioritized in developing faculty members of students ‘ and pay attending to better athleticss activities and few excess curricular activities as good. This state of affairs has resulted a drastically diminution of life accomplishments of pupils ‘ since the recent yesteryear.However Buddhist Dhamma schools are playing a cardinal function to get the better of this affair today.


3.A A A A A A A A The instruction system of Buddhist Dhamma schools can play a major function to better the life accomplishments of pupils ‘ since their childhood.


Development of Life accomplishments of Student

Education system of Dhamma School

( Independent Variable ) ( Dependent Variable )


4. Today, the general instruction system has got more commercialised and has become competitory due to assorted grounds. Hence ordinary schools have high capacity of pupils instead than Dhamma schools. Therefore, limited pupils may acquire the opportunity to heighten their accomplishment degrees to a better place, but bulk was unable to make that degree due to miss of their engagement.

5. However the Dhamma school instruction system is wholly different from ordinary school instruction system because it is chiefly structured to give Dhamma instruction and supply more chances to heighten the factual acquisition on facts of Dhamma, narrative authorship, poesy, music, arguments, public speakingA and a broad scope of artistic and custodies on activities.

6. The research chiefly focuses about the Buddhist instruction system in the state and, how it helps pupils to develop their ain skills/aptitudes. As such it has become a measuring to estimate the importance of Dhamma School instruction. However, Dhamma Schools have to confront some unfortunate state of affairs due to the bad effects on instruction commercialisation. A Therefore, big Numberss of tutories are runing on Sundays. Several sentiments were submitted as recommendation to over come the bad consequence and to consistent future chance of Dhamma Schools as well.A



7. The information is collected from sample analyzing and mentioning to relevant books, paperss etc. Therefore the information was categorized fundamentally into two parts.

a. Primary Data.

The primary information has been collected from schooling pupils, instructors, public and private sector officers and parents. A questionnaire has given to the pupils to roll up informations and other grownups were interviewed to obtain informations. Finally, the collected informations were presented as tabular arraies, pie charts and saloon charts for easy assimilation and apprehension.

B. Secondary Data.

The secondary informations were collected from relevant Buddhist publications, paperss volumes and mentioning web sites. Several statistic informations were obtained from several governments and Dhamma Schools every bit good.


8. While carry out the research following premises were made and troubles occurred.

a.A A A A A A A A Hundred Students were selected from Colombo, Gampaha, Kaluthara, Kurunegala, Kandy, Galle and Puttlam territory as the cross subdivision. An premise were made that they represent the whole Buddhist pupils in Sri Lanka.

b. A A A A A A A It was assumed that the replies given by the members of the sample are 100 % correct.

c.A A A A A A A A It was assumed that all the Dhamma school pupils have same capablenesss like sample ‘s pupils. A

d. A A A A A A A Some responsible governments were rejected to reply some inquiries with respect to Dhamma schools.

e. A A A A A A A Lack of printed stuffs on Dhamma Schools was made more troubles to make sensible recommendations sing the hereafter of Dhamma Schools.



9. The book is structured as follows:

a. Chapter I Introduction


B. Chapter II Methodology


c. CHAPTER III Over position of Dhamma schools instruction

d. CHAPTER IV Data collectionA


e. CHAPTER V Data analysis

f. CHAPTER VI Conclusion

g. CHAPTER VII Recommendations

Chapter III





1. About 2550 old ages ago, that was about six hundred old ages before the Christ a figure of great minds, spiritual leaders of both eastern and western states put frontward different positions against the bing evil conditions with the hope of offering a better hereafter for the people of their states. They tried to present better ways of life.


2. The Lord Buddha became one of the most outstanding instructors in India. The Buddhist texts give us elaborate descriptions of the Lord Buddha ‘s instruction. The instruction could be described as a wide based system of instruction and, the construct of instruction covers a really wide field. Harmonizing to him, head is the bow smuggler of all actions. The Lord Buddha has given a really important topographic point to the head in instruction. He perched that the whole adult male will be activated as per his/her head set[ 3 ].


3. The Lord Buddha was the greatest instructor who carried out his mission for 45 old ages and was popularly known as ‘Teacher of the Men and Gods ‘ .


History OF DHAMMA SCHOOL – Beginning AND Expansion


4. After debut of Buddhism to Sri Lanka by Arahath Maha Mahinda Thero in 236 BC, it has caused a greater alteration of societal and cultural back land in Sri Lanka. In the same manner the instruction system got changed harmonizing to the Buddhist Doctrine. Mahinda

Thero put the base rock to get down Maha Viharaya at Anuradapura. It was the first school in Sri Lanka harmonizing to Mahavansa. Later on Buddha Sasanaya expanded all over the state. Simultaneously Buddhist instruction was established based on temples.


5. In 16th centaury Sri Lanka have under gone several foreign dominations that started to fall in the Buddha Sasanaya every bit good as the Buddhist instruction system in the state. But at that epoch ‘Walivita Sri Saranankara Snagaraja Thero rose up strongly against the foreign Administrators and played tremendous function to protect the Buddha Sasanaya. In 1815 Sri Lanka became a settlement of British. Later English swayers introduced their Catholic instruction system alternatively of Buddhist instruction all over the state and less precedence was rendered to Buddhist instruction. Then the spiritual and historical ties were broken at temples among Bhikkus and Buddhist public. Peoples tend to alter their faith on be half of their forces benefits. This was the pre signal of a catastrophe on Buddhist Education[ 4 ].


6. This has observed by several Buddhist monastics and civil persons and they rose up against the British Empire. They started an consciousness run for Sinhala Buddhists around the state. At that epoch Wariyapola Sri Sumangala Thero keep a Debate coded ‘Pnadura Wadaya ‘ against British regulation. It was celebrated around the universe. As a consequence of that an American Colonel named Henry Steel Olcott came to Sri Lanka and click a new resuscitate to ‘Buddha Sasanaya ‘ and Buddhist instruction. He laid the base rock to get down Sinhala Buddhist Schools around the state. As a consequence of that Anada and Nalanda Colleges at Colombo, Darmaraja College at Kandy and Mahinda College at Galle were established.


7. Further he had a thought to get down a separate school on Sundays chiefly concentrating attending on learning Buddhism.


“ One more of import thing has come to me, the kids of Buddhist should be taught their faith on a regular basis on particular yearss, at specified hours at every temple in the island. How can we anticipate them to turn up strong? Buddhists of them are non taught the component of their parents ‘ faith in their childhood when Christians do non pretermit their kids, why should Buddhists pretermit them ”

Colonel Henry Steel Olcott.


8. The first Dhamma School was started in 1881 based on Colombo but, after few yearss it was inactivated due to miss of instructors. However on 3rd August in 1895 it was able to set up a to the full pledged Dhamma School at Galle in conformity with the construct of Colonel Olcott.A ‘Waliwathe Vijayananda Dhamma ‘ School became the first Dhamma School in Sri Lanka. In latter portion of 19th and early portion of 20th centauries Dhamma school system got expanded all over the state in a big graduated table due to Buddhist Renaissance had at that clip[ 5 ].


9. Young Men Buddhist Association ( YMBA ) handled the administrative portion of Dhamma Schools since it began. After the cultural section established in 1956, Dhamma Schools were legalised and systemized. The enrollment of Dhamma Schools was started and free distribution of printed books among kids was commenced. In 1881, Buddhist personal businesss section was established and took the control of Dhamma Schools under it. A major function was done to elate the Dhamma School Standards. Soon, sum of 9211 Dhamma schools are runing under this section and 18, 25,663 pupils and 1, 14,308 instructors are engaged in acquisition and instruction every bit good[ 6 ].



10. The chief aim of Dhamma School instruction is to do the hereafter coevals, filled with good qualities, and to enrich them with better apprehension of themselves every bit good as their milieus based on Buddhism.

11. Skill Base Education. Today the general instruction system is based on accomplishments. National Education Commission has introduced Five Skills[ 7 ]. They are ;

a. Communication Skills.

Skills relevant to the Environment.

c. Skills relevant to Principles and Religion.

d. Sports and Leisure Skills.

e. Skills of Learning to Learn.

12. These accomplishments besides relevant to Dhamma School instruction every bit good. Skill is a complex combination of cognition, attitudes and activities. These three parts can be combined in different per centums with respect to each person. But there should be a practical method to unite these three parts together in a successful mode.

13. There are some identified general accomplishments which were developed through, Dhamma School instruction course of study[ 8 ]. They are ;

a. Identify the value of Dhamma School instruction and devoted to the ternary treasure.

b. Imitate the Lord Buddha ‘s character and other great Buddhist characters.

c. Respect Monks, Parents and Teachers by detecting ‘Pan Sil ‘ .

d. Build the personality with pure cognition of Dhamma and take the life for self improvement and for the benefits of society.

e. Always lament on physical and mental wellness and do the leisure productive.


14. Function of Teacher. The entire function of a Dhamma school instructors have been divided in to several subdivisions[ 9 ].

a. The procedure in connexion with Learning and Teaching.

B. The Procedure in connexion with the full Dhamma School.

c. The procedure in connexion with the community in the placed country of the Dhamma School.

d. The procedure in connexion with the development of the profession and the personality.

15. Teacher should understand the kid. It is required to understand on the physical, mental, emotional and societal development nature of the pupils of difference age groups in the Dhamma School. For this, it is required to analyze about the kid development procedure. The kid development phases can be approximately categorized as follows[ 10 ];

a. Initial childhood phase – From birth to ages up to 05 or 08 old ages

b. Childhood stage- Ages 7-8 up to 10 – 11

c. Pre-adulterant phase and adulterating phase – Ages from 11 to15 and 15 to 18.

16. Important thing to be cognizant before instruction.

a. The Dhamma Schools ‘ kids are in a place with the ability of think and argue in a alone manner but they are non big pupils.

B. It should seek to understand the abilities that kids possess to develop as adept individuals in the hereafter.

c. The left side of the encephalon possesses the ability of analysing, conceive ofing and creativity. The right side of the encephalon facilitates to make emotions, build-up attitudes and free actions. Harmonizing to that, instructor should set up his/her learning methods to develop the both sides of the encephalon. And it will consequence develop the personalities of each persons individually[ 11 ].

d. The instructor should promote pupil in candidly and heartedly in position of better the kid instruction.


“ Time to clip being a settlement under several foreign absolutisms, Sri Lanka was embraced by Missionary instruction and it was really luckless to victim the diminish of Buddhist instruction establishments in those periods. With the beginning of Dhamma School instruction system 110 old ages ago, once more the Buddhist instruction got the 2nd life.

From that twenty-four hours upto today the visible radiation sparked out from Dhamma school instruction to construct a disciplined and good mannered coevals, is unmeasurable. It should appreciate, forming competitions to upgrade pupils ‘ accomplishments, and I believe that, it helps widely in pupils ‘ future benefits. My sincere gratitude goes to the people who contribute in this procedure in success.

I wish, May Sri Lanka be a state filled with best qualities through Dhamma school instruction ” .

His Excellency the President, Mahinda Rajapaksha

Complimentary message for ‘Daham Ama ‘ magazine – February 2006.

“ Mahindagamanaya, the reaching of Arahath Maha Mahinda Thero, donated many to Sri Lankans. The Buddhist instruction system built in the state was foundational by ‘Mahindagamanaya ‘ . The societal betterment created through the temple centred Buddhist instruction system was tremendous.

Dhamma School instruction system, started 110 old ages ago is in a great degree today by bring forthing a good mannered hereafter coevals. It is appreciated the service providing by Dhamma Schools to do this society a pious and righteous society.

Furthermore I admire the competitions organized through Dhamma schools in state degree to better the accomplishments of pupils. And I wish to see a coevals that loves the fatherland enriched with good qualities as the result of this virtue motion ” .

Thissa Karaliyadda

Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs

Complimentary message for ‘Daham Ama ‘ magazine – February 2006.

Chapter IV







1. The information was collected from school pupils, parents, instructors and relevant forces, who positively engage with the Buddhist instruction field. These selected grownups were interviewed to acquire primary informations. A A Records of statistics and written paperss were collected from Dhamma schools and relevant governments in this field as secondary informations.




2. Venerable Godapitiye Indanada, Chief Incumbent of Bosevana temple and the principal of Sri Sugathnanda Dhamma School stated that fundamentally the Dhamma school instruction is focused on learning Buddhism to pupils and finally develop their religious activities and moral values. Harmonizing to the course of study, it is another compulsory demand to better pupils ‘ life accomplishments by assorted curricular activities. At the initial phase we will place the kids ‘s accomplishments. Subsequently on bit by bit develops these accomplishments to a higher degree. The terminal consequence will be a good citizen to the state. This procedure has adapted to all pupils in Dhamma Schools since their primary phase.


3. Mr. Jayasundara Perera, Senior Project Officer, Department of Buddhist Affairs stated that he is responsible to keep statistics about the Buddhist Dhamma Schools in island broad. Further he added that several new programmes were introduced late based on accomplishment development of pupils. Inter Dhamma School competitions were restructured with new engineering. Trainers ‘ preparation work stores were introduced and carry oning in Division frailty to leave cognition of Dhamma School instructors. During the last five old ages Numberss of the Dhamma schools and the pupils were increased dramatically. Finally he told that the repute of Dhamma schools have been increased due to it present programme.

A 4. Ms. Enoka Rajapaksha, Teacher, Sri Vajira Ghana Dhamma School, Colombo 4, stated that she is functioning in Dhamma school scientific discipline twelvemonth 2000 as a instructor. And it ‘s a really enthusiastic and self satisfactory occupation. Today the instruction field has become more sophisticated. Therefore pupils become more proficient and dynamic. But in our instance we have a grater challenge to change over these students to socialised individuals. For that we have to learn them about Buddhism and the mean while it is of import to develop their accomplishment to construct their personality. Further we provide chances to pupils to prosecute with societal activities with their wants and thoughts. The ultimate consequence is they will be exposed to society, derive leading qualities, practical cognition on determination devising in their degree and avert on phase fright. Therefore positive alterations may go on to pupils ‘ accomplishments and their thought form.


5. Mrs. Chandrika Munaweera, a Mother of three kids, resides at Kelaniya, states that she has besides been under gone the Dhamma school instruction in her childhood and it straight consequence to construct her life good. Further she added that, Dhamma School instruction has given opportunities her to expose the outer universe. Therefore she has been admitted her kids to a Dhamma School since their primary phase.


6. Mr. Mohan Silva, Sub Inspector, Officer-In-Charge Raddolugama Police Station stated that During his 14 old ages of service, he has investigated batch of civil instances and incidents. Among them, bulk were happened due to their irrespective behavior. This has shown a diminution of values, norms, right and rites. He said that there should be a certain topographic point to educate them in this respect.Finally proposed that the Dhamma School is one of the best topographic point to educate them to over come this threat and it will assist younger coevals to forestall from force in future.


7. Mr. Sugeesh Nanayakkara, Senior Manager, Ceylon Cold Stores, stated that He has undergone Dhamma instruction since his childhood and it has guided him to be a virtuous individual in the society. He begins his bearer in junior executive degree before 7 old ages. But the Important factor is he able to obtain the present assignment within a shorter period of his bearer due to accomplishments he has obtained from his Dhamma School.




8. A transverse subdivision of 100 school pupils were selected from Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara, Kandy, Kurunegala, Puttlam and Galle territories. A questionnaire was given to the Cross subdivision in order to acquire informations. These pupils are undergoing faculty members in class 6 to 10. During this informations roll uping procedure it has observed that some pupils were loath to reply the questionnaire and some did it in willful mode. All the replies were given in their ain wants without any intervention of other party. The amounts of replies were tabulated in table 1 ( Annex ‘A ‘ ) .



9. Numbers of 10 Dhamma schools were selected to acquire statistic informations to measure the accomplishments of pupils. These Dhamma Schools were selected from same territory where the cross subdivision was selected. The information has shown the numerical of pupils ‘ engagement for completions on Dhamma school degree during the last five old ages. It shows the growing rate of Students ‘ public presentation. The informations were tabulated in figure 1 to 5 ( Annex B ) .


10. The whole Island broad Dhamma schools pupils ‘ public presentations records are maintained by Department of Buddhist Affairs[ 12 ].The whole island competitions are conducted by the same section with the aid of YMBA. These competitions are conducted yearly to measure the pupils ‘ public presentation degree. Last five old ages statistics of pupils ‘ engagement for whole Island competitions are tabulated in figure 6 ( Annex C ) .





Chapter V







1. These informations were collected from grownups ‘ forces who positively engage with Dhamma School instruction system and officers of authorities and private sector. 80 % of them accept that Dhamma School has the ability to develop the accomplishments of pupils. However it was highlighted that during the recent past the bing Numberss of Dhamma Schools were increased unusually and the pupils ‘ population has increased significantly. The inside informations are tabulated in figure 7 ( Annex ‘D ‘ ) .A A A

Chart – 1 Growth of Dhamma Schools

Chart – 2 Growths of Dhamma Schools ‘ Students



2. Numbers of 14 inquiries were forwarded to the cross subdivision as a questionnaire. The replies were categorised to five parts and analyzed as follows ;


3. Choice of Cross Section. Students were selected to the cross-section from Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara, Kandy, Galle, Kurunegala and Puttlam territories. The Numberss are mentioned in table 1 ( Annex ‘E ‘ ) . The highest per centum of 40 % is represented in Colombo territory and other territories are represented every bit 10 % . A big section has given to Colombo territory due to its Dhamma Schools and Student population capacity is higher than other territories.

Chart – 3 Growths of Dhamma Schools ‘ Students

4. Students from class 6 to 10 were answered the questionnaire. More than 70 % of 6 to 8 classs pupils volitionally make replies but the remainder of others from 9 to 10 classs were loath to reply the same. Sometimes they rejected to reply the questionnaire. The Numberss of pupils of different classs are mentioned in table 2 ( Annex ‘E ‘ ) .However in this cross subdivision 80 % of pupils were positively undergoing the Dhamma School instruction But the remainder of 20 % have non gone through the Dhamma School Education yet.

Chart – 4 Attendances of Dhamma Schools

5. Willingness for Dhamma Education. In the section of pupils who were undergoing Dhamma School Education, 42 % were admitted to Dhamma School on their ain will, 32 % were admitted due to their parents ‘ pick. Another 26 % entered due to their friends petition and none of pupils were entered due to other ground. The Numberss of pupils are mentioned in table 3 ( Annex ‘E ‘ ) .

Chart – 5 Reasons for Dhamma School admittance

6. Skill Development. In this sample 32 % of pupils have born accomplishments and endowments. The remainder of 68 % have non that sort of accomplishments or endowments. Both parties needed to better their accomplishments. The instructor ‘s function is really of import in the accomplishment development procedure. They should carefully follow the pupil abilities and indentify the accomplishments what they have. Then teacher has to back up the peculiar pupil to develop his/her skill/s. However 83 % agreed that they got the support from their instructors but 17 % were disagreed for that. 87 % of pupils mentioned that they have no opportunities to develop accomplishments in their School. But the remainder of 13 % were mentioned that they will acquire opportunities to develop their accomplishments in their school. But 92 % of Dhamma school pupils mentioned that they will acquire opportunities to develop their accomplishments in Dhamma School. A More than 90 % were mentioned that they were already been developed any sort of skill/s from Dhamma Schools. The Numberss are tabulated in table 4 ( Annex ‘E ‘ ) .

Chart – 6 Skill developments of Dhamma School pupils

7. Competition Attendance. Relatively a high sum of competitions conduct yearly and half annually in Dhamma School instruction system instead than twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours school. These completions are already been categorised for certain degrees and behavior by several Authorities. Classroom degree and School degree competitions behavior by the peculiar Dhamma School. Inter school degree, provincial degree and all island degree competitions conduct by YMBA or Department of Buddhist Affairs. Therefore pupil can transport their ain accomplishments and endowment from category room degree to whole island degree. It will actuate the pupils to better their accomplishments harmonizing to the competition degree. The inside informations of pupils ‘ attending for these competitions are tabulated in table 5 and 6 ( Annex ‘E ‘ ) .

Chart – 7 Competition Attendances

Chart – 8 Levels of Competition

8. Opinion on Dhamma School. In the Globalization procedure pupils should hold to expose the outer universe to obtain cognition. The Dhamma Schools play a critical function to educate the younger coevals. In that procedure good ideas and accomplishments create in their heads to take the hereafter challenges. In this cross subdivision 70 % of pupils were out of phase fright. It gives a positive reply to the society. 85 % of pupils have the practical experience in Social activities. It will take the state for a brighter hereafter. At the terminal 75 % of pupils said that the Dhamma school instruction is good and the remainder of 25 % said it was just ( Table 7 – Annex ‘E ‘ ) .A Finally all the sample members agreed that the Dhamma schools make a qualitative alteration in their lives with accomplishments and values.A

Chart – 9 Opinions of Dhamma School



9. The information which are tabulated in figure 1 to 5 ( Annex ‘B ‘ ) clearly illustrate, during the last five old ages at that place was a important growing of pupils ‘ accomplishment degrees. This growing has recorded in all parts of debating, vocalizing, essay composing, versification and drawing. Some figures got doubled with in two three old ages clip. These figures show the public presentation degree of each Dhamma School every bit good. At the terminal it illustrates the positivity of accomplishment development patterns taken topographic point in Dhamma Schools. A A


Chart – 10 Annual growing of pupils ‘ engagement for competitions

10. During the last five old ages, it has proved that the pupils ‘ engagement shown a important growing in whole island competitions ( Figure 6 – Annex ‘C ‘ ) .

11. After analyses of all collected informations, it has confirmed that the hypothesis has proven automatically, which had used as the foundation of this research.


Chapter VI




1. The Buddhist doctrine and the Lord Buddha ‘s instructions have an external value. The Lord Buddha ‘s counsel and instruction is helpful in crisp the lives and it provides benefits in the long tally.


2. Today the range of instruction is more scientific and teaching methodological analysiss are complex type. This was non so in the yesteryear. The purposes and aims of instruction changed from land to set down and state to state. It is accepted that in the development of the whole personality is an of import as physical, physiological, moral and societal development. This new tendency becomes meaningful by analyzing the counsel of the greatest instructor of the whole universe, Lord Buddha[ 13 ].


3. However, these things came into action after presenting the Dhamma School system. Novice Bhikkus and Buddhist kids were benefited and they got a opportunity to larn about the Buddhism. It has been a new epoch for them to cognize about our native imposts, values, traditions and norms, which are depriving by our ascendants. Teaching Pali, Abhi Dhamma and Sanskrit will take them to a stable place to understand the Buddhist “ Gatha and complex issues ” . In the long tally it has been proven that pupil will free their head and organic structure with impure ideas and wonts[ 14 ].


4. But, Subsequently Dhamma Schools have been taken a secondary function to develop and better the pupils ‘ accomplishments. This has fundamentally introduced to learn the right places, how should adhere to Buddhist patterns and responsibilities from the childhood. Gradually it has been advanced today. Students can develop their single accomplishments of debating, vocalizing, versification and essay composing other than the general Buddhist patterns. It has been proven by the informations

analysis in this book. Today Dhamma Schools have become the phase for pupils to avoid their phase fright. Students have tested in several degrees and, it will take them to expose their ain accomplishments to full universe.


5. Other than single endowments and accomplishments, squad edifice and squad work can pattern in Dhamma Schools since the childhood. That makes their leading qualities, administration ability and good friendly relationship among each others. It gives them an thought about the societal activities and leads them to organize societal events.


6. Today, Dhamma School directions are concentrating to bring forth good immature coevals to the state. But they have to come across several inconvenient state of affairss due to miss of resources and deficiency of motive. Therefore sensible recommendations were made to minimise these short approachs and hike them to a better hereafter instead than present.A

Chapter VII


1. Following stairss are recommended in order to elate the criterion of Dhamma instruction system and to develop the pupils ‘ accomplishment base activities. Further it has proposed practical solutions to consummate the practical jobs which are confronting by Dhamma schools today.

a. Government should give the equal provinces to the Dhamma schools like twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours schools. Equal statues of GCE O/L and A/L should secure to Dhamma School Final scrutiny.

B. Free issue of text books and a unvarying set should present yearly.

c. Students, Teachers and Parents combination should be set up in positive mode to pass over out the dropout rate of Dhamma School.

d. A particular preparation programme should be introduced to develop the Dhamma school instructors. It will assist for effectual instruction activities in category room. It will profit to the instruction and larning procedure in the long tally.

e. Today the tutorials have been collapsed the Dhamma instruction system and the general instruction system every bit good. This has traveling to be a serious issue to the state ‘s hereafter. Therefore the authorities should take steps to curtail the map of tutorials at least from 8 am to2 autopsy on Sundays.

f. Skill based development programme should be introduced and implement to better the skill degree of pupils.

g. Maximum chances should allow the pupils to take part to societal and environmental activities. They should promote forming societal activities to demarcate the national events.

Dhamma school ‘s instruction procedure and pupils ‘ advancement should measure yearly to tag out the prevailing oversights. After that necessary steps should implement to revise and heighten the prevailing procedure.

J. A trained and dedicated individual should be appointed as the decision maker of Dhamma School.

k. Dhamma schools should carry on in a clam and rather environment and it will straight consequence the mental concentration of pupils. Because of that originative idea will originate from their head and it will take them for a bright hereafter.

l. Government should pay more attending to protect and heighten the Dhamma Schools ‘ sector.

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