Built in International style Essay

Administration Building
Built in 1949. designer in Pablo Antonio Sr. ( National Artist for Architecture ) Architecture is in art deco manner ( art deco came from the Gallic word “art decoratifs” ) stressing the 3’s ( form. symmetricalness and nuance ) ? The four monti Ba alleviation by Francesco R. Monti ( celebrated Italian sculpturer ) . Made up of plaster of Paris and Kamagong o 1.
Historical landing of the Chinese on the Philippine dirt O 2. First Baptism of the Filipinos by Magellan

o 3. A barrio scene from the Spanish epoch
o 4. Filipino builders against the background of ships. edifices and vehicles which shows the modern industrialisation of the state – art deco celebrated industry ? Carara marbles – really expensive marble from Italy ( Carrara marble no longer exists ) Gintong Pawis/ Bayanihan by Robert T. Ko – Robert Ko is a professor of Fine Arts in FEU The mural by Antonio Dumlao ( 60yrs ) – Conveys the university mission of developing the young person for advancement Glass Panels ( Stained Glass ) by Antonio Dumlao – sarimanok O Bought around 2009 – pays testimonial to FEU 80th twelvemonth anniversary The university purchased the Sarimank stained glass panels in 2009 to co-occur with the sixtieth day of remembrance of the Administration Building. the FEU Auditorium and the Dumlao wall painting on the second floor. Cardinal fanlight

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Once the Cultural Center of the Philippines ( CCP ) during 1950’s-1960’s. All the foremost Filipino and foreign creative persons performed on its phase. It was the lone air-conditioned locale. It had a revolving phase and an orchestra cavity doing it ideal for many productions. Assorted creative person performed both local and international creative person ( eg. Lisa Macuja. Alexandra Danilora. Alexandra Danilova ( leading danseuse ) . Isaac Stern ( fiddler ) . Martha Graham ( Dance Drama ) . Leonor Orosa Goquinco ( National Artist for Dance ) Nick Joaquin ( National Artist for Theater ) Lamberto & A ; Daisy Avellana ( National Artists for Theater )

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Lucio San Pedro ( National Artist for Music ) It houses 1040 seats. it has a revolving phase which is non being usage any longer due to excessively much electricity ingestion Art deco was embellished in the auditorium thru the star diamond forms on the ceiling. Serve as illuming while the trigon form serve as air-condition for the airing It complements the colour of the university ( green and gold ) ? Plaque of UNESCO and the CCP PLAQUE


Institute seals by Galo Ocampo ( Father of Philippine Heraldry ) ? Fluvial Festival of San Clemente painted by National Artist for Visual humanistic disciplines. Carlos “Botong” Francisco
Nicanor Reyes Sr. Facts
1st president of FEU – Founder
1st Filipino comptroller
He envisioned a school that would advance the instruction of accounting to Filipinos. a profession once available merely to aliens. He wanted to turn out that Filipinos were capable and trusty in managing the hundred of endeavors that would ensue with the coming of the independency of the state. For that affair. he finished his surveies in the USA for him to be capable plenty to set up a school that will provide to his visions

He earned an A. B. in 1915 from the University of the Philippines. a bachelor’s grade in Commercial Science from New York University in 1917. and a Maestro of Arts grade in Business Administration from Columbia University the undermentioned twelvemonth. He received his Ph. D. in Accountancy from Columbia ( that’s why he is considered the 1st Filipino comptroller ) which was besides the first grade of its sort to be awarded by Columbia. ? The Japanese killed him during the Pacific war ( universe war II ) and some members of the household. ? Subsequently on his boy Nicanor M. Reyes Jr. became the president of FEU

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