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Car Culture Essay, Research Paper

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[ Introduction ]

Even though the car provides convenience and unprecedented mobility, motor vehicles have many destructive effects on people and the environment ( 1 ) . Each twelvemonth, motor vehicles kill 40,000 to 50,000 people in the U.S. , Americans spend $ 200 million a twenty-four hours for edifice and reconstructing state s roads, and motor vehicles have much things to make with land loss, air pollution, planetary heating and ozone depletion ( 2 ) . To work out this U.S. auto civilization job, I have searched for solutions as follows. First, I will explicate basic causes of environmental impacts. Second, I will analyze constructive actions practiced by single, environmental groups or grassroots groups. Finally I will believe about some basic solutions that we can pattern separately.

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[ Basic causes of environmental impacts ]

I think that U.S. auto civilization is a consequence that several possible basic causes of environmental emphasis have interacted. However, among these emphasiss I assume ignorance and misinformation, corporate capitalist economy, and attitude are the most responsible emphasiss. Motor vehicles corporations give public misinformation for their short-run net incomes and they do non take these jobs earnestly. Besides we should non overlook politicians who get a payoff to protect their concern. In Western civilization, car vehicles are symbol of power, sex, exhilaration, or success.

[ Activities by Grassroots Groups, Environment Organization, or Persons ]

Greenpeace has tried to cut down the annihilating effects of the auto civilization. They provide information and cognition thorough Internet, and besides have rebuilt a auto to cut down air pollution caused by the auto civilization. Greenpeace has had a Renault Twingo redesigned so that the auto consumes merely half as much gasoline as the original ( 3 ) . In this manner, it is possible to cut down the C dioxide emanations of auto traffic. They said, halving the gasoline ingestion is executable as a first measure for all autos.

Auto-Free D.C. is a grassroots organisation working to transform the metropolitan part s transit system. They advocated riddance of the monolithic subsidies that encourage car usage and their redirection to fund sustainable transit undertakings: public theodolite, bicycling and prosaic installations. Auto-Free D.C. believed that we must stop our forced dependance on the car as a stipulation for accomplishing an environmentally sustainable, just, and liveable community ( 4 ) . Auto-Free D.C. leads the battle to repossess Rock Creek National Park from car maltreatment through its Free-the-Park bike drives and ongoing lobbying of the National Park Service. They testified on the Clean Air Plan before the Metropolitan Washington Air Quality Committee. Auto-Free D.C. co-organized the Metro country s first National Bike-to-Work Week celebrations in May. Besides, they helped get the better of Metrobus menu additions by coercing the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

The Euro-America Clean Air Foundation has late instituted a National Clean Air Education run. This run assimilates several independent plans and productions in a united attempt to better environmental instruction and consciousness. Clean Air Commandos, the first picture release of the jutting Clean Air series, is soon being offered to s

chools and corporations. This picture is an acclaimed, instruction picture that relates what kids can make to assist cut down air pollution and environmental debasement. The Clean Air Demonstration Team, the Clean Air Challenge, and a alone synergistic Clean Air plan comprise a important part of the Community Outreach Program. The Clean Air Demonstration Team is a crew of Clean Air professionals who tour schools and demonstrate to kids how air pollution can be significantly reduced with proper vehicle care and the usage of bing engineering ( 5 ) .

[ Solutions ]

It is difficult to get the better of capitalist economy together with ignorance, misinformation, and attitude. However, those things can be cleared through instruction, organisation, and contending. As an person, I was besides nescient and misinformed in this society about the auto civilization. I am certain that there are still many people who have no information or cognition. Actually, I am involved in some organisations and we have regular meeting. I would wish to discourse about the auto civilization in the meeting, and I can inform their members of auto civilization. For illustration, we can speak about the destructive effects of auto civilization, which I have learned in this class, and I am certain we can do some single solutions together. I can besides speak the U.S. auto civilization with my friends and household.

We can utilize our bikes to travel to school or shopping alternatively of autos. Actually, we frequently use autos in short distance even though it is non necessary. As a affair of fact, bike entree expands the possible market country of high-velocity public conveyance services at low cost. In Western Europe and Japan today, the fastest growth and prevailing entree manner is the bike ( 6 ) .

On the other manus, we need to form a group to set up more efficient public transit system like coach and metro. I had a opportunity to travel to Japan to analyze its linguistic communication. My female parent and brother visited me at that clip. We traveled some celebrated topographic points, and we had a batch of merriment with a good organized metro system. Most Nipponese people prefer the metro or train to the auto. Actually, the public transit systems as I mentioned above are really efficient. Through the organisation, we can force our governor to believe our environment and eventually to do utile public transit systems.

[ Conclusion ]

My first action is to larn more about the auto civilization non merely in the U.S. but besides in the universe from now. I will hold more cognition about the destructive effects of auto civilization and I will allow my friends know what I have learned. Besides, I will utilize my ain auto every bit less as possible and I will believe our environment whenever I use my auto.

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