Chapter I – Sales and Inventory System

Christopher Lim General Merchandising Sales and Inventory System A Project Presented to the Faculty of the College of Sciences Palawan State University In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Lauzon, Morris Alvin G. De Guzman, Vav Maria M. CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION This chapter includes the Background of the Study, Statement of the Problem, Objectives, Significance of the Study and Scope and Delimitations. Background of the Study Christopher Lim General Merchandise (CLGM) is one of the company owned by the Asia Wide Refreshment Corporation.

CLGM was established in Palawan year 2009. They are currently operating with 17 personnel in different department composed of inventory, ecoding, warehousing, sales agent, accounting and finance. Their mission is to provide good products to their costumers; they offer much kind of items like RC Cola, Fruit Soda, Root Beer and may bottled products. From here they exchanged the empty bottled products here in Palawan from Manila and vice-versa every Tuesday and Friday, the sales representative is the one who responsible for delivery of the product purchased by their costumer.

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Then, the warehousmen will submit their inventory reports to the CLGM office. The quantinty of the products to be supplied by the Asia Wide Refreshment Corporation depends upon the number of empty bottles. Furthermore, the warehousing management under CLGM is using manual system in doing transactions and operations, particularly sorting of products, financial statement and praparing of summary reports of sales representatives. The operations goes round in receiving of new stocks from the suppliers, sorting to warehouse, dispatch on sales and return of rejected or bad orders. Statement of the Problem

We the researchers desired to solve the following problems in Christopher Lim General Merchandise-Inventory Management. 1. The proper storage of compiled paper documents maintained. 2. The slow-moving process of checking and balancing of stocks and uncontrollable human error on encoding and documentation. 3. The probability of releasing of bad orders is the high risk. 4. The poor manual warehouse management system. Objectives To be able to develop a computerized warehouse management system for Christopher Lim General Merchandise particularly on handling Aisa Wide Refreshment Corporation products. Specific Objectives . To make safer storage files. 2. To develop and speed up the process of checking and balancing stocks, minimize the work to to be done and lessen human errors. 3. To be updated on the most necessary information of the stocks such as to avoid the released of bad orders. 4. To create an automation inventory management system. That will: * Provide security management * Manage generations of reports * Computation of Account Receivable (AR) Significance of the Study In this modern age of technology, the existence of computer is one big help that makes each and every work faster and better than what it can be doing t manually. Providing computer systemin the operations of a certain business serves as an immense aid because what seems to be slothful, time consuming, uncomfortable and inefficient. Computers can automate most of the business transaction inside the company. This proposed project aim to create a computer system that would provide remedy for the problems encountered by the warehouseman that makes the operation inside the warehouse tedious and slow-moving. The system will help them to upgrade the operations by automating the process of sorting the products, checking and balancing of stocks, updating the damaged products.

This will also make dafer storage of important documents and reduce manpower requisitions compared to manual warehouse management system. We the researchers help the company from manual to systematic program of Account Receivable (AR) in order to have an easy access of company’s compilation of AR such costumer profile, balances of current and past due account, summary of AR payments. Scope and Delimitation The scope of the project shall limited only from developing an automated system for sorting og products to warehouse, dispatch on sales and return of bad orders.

The delimitations is to extent this program is only to set the company’s Account Receivable (AR) for the month, balances, payments, aging of AR, costumer profiles profile. Thus, generating financial statements does not include on this program as a whole. But generating AR from manual to computerize program will be helpful on day to day operations of the company. The system will not include the following orders. * Salary of the warehousemen/agents * It in not an online based that the Asia Wide Refreshment Corporation can automatically view the stocks.

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