Characteristics Of Open Distance Learning Education Essay

1 ) Open distance acquisition ( ODL ) is easy and accessible to all. ODL is a learning distance that can open or available for anyone and is irrespective of age, making or to the cultural group every bit good. The distance is to analyze off from the establishment or college and the clip of learning and acquisition is separated. The establishment or college will fix the class stuffs in progress. The acquisition method is the pupil to self analyzing of the class stuff at place or other topographic points and to finish the assigned assignment.

The ODL acquisition is does non necessitate the nowadays of the instructor. The learning topographic point does non needfully at the same clip in learning. For this instruction larning the methods of the communicating is thru ‘technologies inventions like self-instructional electronic communicating, telephone, printed stuffs, sound, broadcast medium, picture and on-line communicating. ‘ ( WOU Cadmium: Unit2 ) . The pupil can hold the comfort of analyzing at place.

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The ODL it has two larning direction such as synchronal and asynchronous.

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The features of unfastened distance larning as followers: –

The acquisition for the pupil and teacher – the pupil is larning in different topographic point, clip and possibly both with the coach.

E.g. WOU, the pupil can ever larn thru the ‘My LMS ‘ to travel to ‘Public forum ‘ or the ‘ General Discussion ‘ nexus to larn more.

The scholar demand to be self-managed – pupil demand to be independent and good form to larn by themselves.

E.g. WOU, will supply a class stuff such as text edition, printed stuff or Cadmium signifier for each pupil. The pupil can larn or analyze their ain when they are free.

Is thru ‘synchronous and asynchronous larning ‘ procedure ( WOU: Cadmium: Unit2.2 ) – the coach will be learning and larning that possibly at the same topographic point or different times.

E.g. WOU, the coach and the pupil will merely run into one time a month for a treatment or acquisition at the Centre or possibly thru picture conferencing.

The class can be limitless entree – pupil can hold limitless entree

to class by cyberspace to the tutorial which flexible throughout 24 hr a twenty-four hours, a hebdomad or a twelvemonth.

E.g. WOU, pupil can hold the support to acquire more information to the class by utilizing the cyberspace entree that provided from the Open University.

Learning procedure is on-demand and ‘Just in clip ‘ – from the digital acquisition will supply cognition every bit frequently as pupil required irrespective when and where. From this acquisition construct is by and large student finds more satisfaction and benefit to give benefit of cost economy for the employers.

E.g. WOU, pupil can entree anytime by provided web site from the Open University that can give them easy entree and cognition such as the ‘Tutorial ‘ nexus with the upload of the files or papers that relevant to their class. From this method is salvage a tonss of clip and they can larn ‘anywhere-anytime ‘ .

Is an institutional accreditation- the establishment or bureau has a certified or accredited and the acquisition by self-evaluation that without the acknowledgment of the official acquisition from the institute.

E.g. WOU, it has utilized of the accreditation academic to guarantee the distance acquisition is choice and as harmonizing to the accreditation criterion.

The mixed-media is in usage for the courseware- such as wireless and telecasting, picture, print, audio cassette, telecommunications and computer-based acquisition and for pre-tested and up-to-date before usage.

E.g. WOU, uses the printed, Cadmium, computing machine based acquisition and others to administer to the pupil and coach for they larning of the class. From the material pupil can analyze their ain when harmonizing to their agenda.

It is a bipartisan communicating – the pupil and coach can pass on from inactive reception from utilizing web-based direction broadcast signal such as synchronal or asynchronous.

E.g. Open University, the used of bipartisan communicating of audio-conference can be deliver to the pupil ( the voice that can pass on each other ) or bipartisan picture which the pupil can see and pass on with each other. The pupil is able to take part with each other in real-time and category.

Face-to-face meeting for the tutorials- the pupils can link with other in library survey, pattern Sessionss and research lab.

E.g. WOU, by utilizing the ‘Student Portal ‘ in WOU web site, the acquisition procedure is by stations to the web site such as assignment, treatment and lesson stuff of the class. From this web page the pupil can download the information to read or see based on their agenda. Besides, pupil can interact with other pupils to group up to analyze or holding treatment together by utilizing the WOU library.

2 ) The larning direction system ( LMS ) , WawasanLearn, is an on-line acquisition ( e-learning ) package bundle that direction and to present resources and informations to pupils. From this LMS engineering is makes convenience to the pupils and coach to give them back up in more options in larning environments.

WawasanLearn, makes easy in my acquisition of class that ‘s provides: –

I ) ‘Self Learning ‘ : –

– Mostly I will pass a tonss of clip in reading stuff for the class that given by WOU

– I can hold my ain agenda of ‘what, when, where and how ‘ I want to analyze.

– I will besides necessitate to travel through all the exercising and activities so that in clip I will cognize my ain advancement of the my apprehension for the class.

– The support for the ‘Regional Office Library ‘ is of import as good, the ‘digital WOU Library ‘ , from this digital library is enable for me to read extra stuff like ‘ diary, text editions and specimen examintation inquiry ‘ as good. ( WOU: Cadmium: Unit2.3 )

-I can besides reach my friends and coach for the relevant information or mentions every bit good. ( E.g through the LMS forum or electronic mails )

Two ) Through ‘Online Learning ‘ : –

Easy entree to the acquisition contents and the disposal.

E.g. I can entree to the LMS regardless anytime and anyplace every bit long as there is internet connexion.

Giving a tonss of learning resources

E.g. the LMS have the service that provides such as the accessing to the class stuff, the resources likes on-line treatment ( eg. ‘Public Forum ‘ ) and installation of the enrollment of classs.

The support of class stuff

E.g. In LMS, I can read or entree to the class stuff, quizzes, appraisals, trials, forums and confabs Sessionss by utilizing my ain personal computing machine.

The scholars expression

E.g. In LMS, I can portion my experiences in the forum or unrecorded treatment and from there I can interact with other pupils.

The interaction with Course Coordinator

E.g. In LMS, I can straight to interact with the Course Coordinator when brush jobs and necessitate excess information respects to my class.

The seeking of mentoring and unrecorded aid

E.g. In LMS, when I need mentoring, I can seek for solution through the ‘Online Forum ‘ by posting my question to the unrecorded treatment links. From at that place, I will acquire tonss of solution or sharing of experiences from the coach, administrative adviser and the pupils as good.

As the LMS is either in synchronal or asynchronous acquisition that has benefits me or pupils as followers: –

To pass on and join forces my acquisition.

In LMS, WawasanLearning, it has two channels of the communicating between the coach and the class couples such as electronic mail and on-line treatments.

E.g. the LMS, it is easy to utilize to link with other class mate and coach by utilizing the electronic mail and for the unrecorded treatment, I can sharing the information by upload it to the forum.

Entree to the class stuffs and mentions

It ‘s give support to entree the reading stuff of books, articles and diaries at anyplace, even at cybercafe . The digital library, it provides more organized of informations or information regardless the clip.

E.g. if I were outpost, I can still entree to the LMS by utilizing the cybercafe computing machine to read or entree to the information that I need.

The sharing if the resources and information

From the acquisition procedure is of import to portion the resources and information. It gives a support to me when I am busy with my households, work and surveies.

E.g. if I am off outpost to work for a hebdomad, I can entree to the LMS to acquire and the exchanged information from the forum. The LMS gives me tonss of support of alternate resources.

The feedback on the acquisition advancement

By utilizing the LMS, pupil can make the ego appraisal and the assignment feedback by look intoing the “ My Student Portal ‘ . From the feedback respond I can understand more of the inquiries.

E.g. in LMS, when the assignment has been marked by the coach, there is a remark by the coach respects on the assignment for farther cognition to better more.

Learning at ain gait

I do n’t hold to worry of how fast I ‘m larning or other pupils, because I can pass on more clip on the job such as self- appraisal or assignment inquiry boulder clay I understand.

E.g. in LMS during the unrecorded treatment, if I got to cognize that other pupil have already started to analyze on Unit 3, I does non necessitate to follow them and can still analyze with my agenda to pass more clip on Unit 2.

III ) ‘Group treatment ‘

Can actuate me to analyze better in the treatment of coming out new thoughts or information for the stuffs

The support of emotional and the academic

I can portion my job and uncertainties with the group

I can rush up my learnin and non analyzing entirely.

E.g Through the LMS public forum or run intoing a topographic point for the treatment by utilizing the WOU Library or any topographic point to run into up with the pupils.

3 ) It is of import to hold clear and specific ends to execute Wellss in my surveies and to win in life. Goals are really of import because the places of what we want in life. We can put a batch of different ends to accomplish them and by puting a end we need to do an attempts or be aftering to follow and accomplish them.

Personal satisfaction, to hold more cognition and to make full up my free clip to make something is deserving.

Social demands, to be as portion of easy to link with my friends base on the cognition or involvement that I have.

Career, for calling promotion to acquire higher publicity or place from my company.

The Main features of import to puting a end as followers:

‘Challenging and realistic ‘ ( WOU: Cadmium: Unit3 )

In order to puting my ends, I need to put it high or hard that I would work hard to accomplish towards my desire ends. I need to put it high because it is a challenge for me and the ends should be realistic base ain my ain ability.

Everyone ends is different and my ends might be different to be challenge to anyone else or for myself to accomplish it.

E.g. I have challenged myself to finish my grade in WOU in continuance 5 old ages. From the twenty-four hours I have register myself as pupil I need to work and analyze difficult to accomplish my end.

‘Specific and measureable ‘ ( WOU: Cadmium: Unit3 )

I must put my end which is specific and mensurable.

From clip to clip, I need to analyse my end.

E.g. I need to hold at least two ends: –

I ) All my assignment I must strict myself to go through all the assignment in every class.

two ) I must at least mark at 90 Markss in every assignment.

I can analyse myself from clip to clip on the assignment to hold the ends to be complete or making to my ends. For the assignment that I have score at 90 Markss, so is see I have already accomplish my ends.

‘Set with hebdomadal advancement in head ‘ ( WOU: Cadmium: Unit3 )

Consistency need to hold some planning for the triumphs to success.

For the effectual ends need to hold agenda and advancement in twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours or hebdomad by hebdomad.

Have a little to take to success in every hebdomad.

E.g. I need to work on my assignment from Monday to Friday dark after work. I need to roll up the information and at least finish 1 inquiry by 2 darks.

This means, I must besides finish it at least in a hebdomad in order to get down on another assignment for other class. By holding this advancement I will be motivated and able to accomplish my little ends and I can complete my assignment on clip.

‘Positive ‘

Base on the experience and memories need to believe positive ends and so as to our head.

For the positive result to success and we need to concentrate to accomplish positive ends alternatively of negative result. Negative result will give memories that cause experiencing unpleasant.

E.g. I ) I will go through the assignment by acquiring class A for Learning Skills

two ) I do n’t desire to neglect Learning Skills assignment.

From the above illustration, ( I ) is the positive ends.

‘Time-bound ‘

For effectual ends is by puting a start and terminal point. By holding a date line can do committedness and finish the ends before due day of the month.

E.g. I need to be after when to get down my assignment and date line to finish it so I can analyze or revise on the new unit before go toing to category.

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