Childhood Diabetes and the Lets Move Campaign

Childhood Diabetes and The Lets Move Campaign Instructor:Megan Pope May 23, 2011 ? There is a lot of discussion on childhood obesity and childhood diabetes. How to prevent it, what causes it, and how to treat it. Some researchers and writers have gone as far to say that because society as a whole is getting lazier, that this is causing out children to get bigger and less active. A lot of these statements are correct, but there are also other factors; such as heredity, environmental, and autoimmune diseases.

Even though some of these factors cannot be helped when it comes to the development of diabetes in children, doctors and experts agree that the best course of treatment and prevention is through proper diet and exercise. Because of this, there have been many different programs that have come out. One of the better ones to come out recently is the “Let’s Move” campaign that Michelle Obama has helped create and sponsor. Through this program childhood obesity and childhood diabetes can be prevented. The “Let’s Move” program describes how to incorporate a balanced diet into the everyday lives of children.

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It also continues to encourage children to get up and be more active with their play time. There is a lot of talk on the news about how society, as a whole, has become less and less active over the past twenty to thirty years. With modern conveniences like television, gaming systems, video games, and even small things like cell phones and the I Pad, people have been spending less and less time outside and even less enjoying recreational activities. When decades ago, children and adults alike spent more time outside and time together.

Childhood obesity has been described lately as an epidemic. That’s going a little far on the reaching scale. It is not an epidemic yet. But if something is not done soon it will be. Because the routines of family’s have changed drastically verses 30 years ago, the ways that a family puts a meal together has also changed. A lot of family’s now buy prepackaged meals and eat out a lot because of time constraints. With these changes people’s diets have lost a lot of the nutrients that is needed to help fuel their bodies like it should be.

With our diets lacking important vitamins new diseases like diabetes have come to the highest levels they have ever been at. 4 in every 1,000 children are diabetic. Along with diet, exercising has not been one of the favorite activities among children. Kids now and days prefer to play their video games and play on the internet verses going outside and playing with their friends. With this inactivity that children have, they are gaining more weight and are getting more health problem earlier in life.

Inactivity, poor diet, and unhealthy choices cannot be stood for. With the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign children and their parents have been getting more and more education on the subject of obesity and diabetes. They are learning at young ages valuable life choices, like how to eat healthier and how to stay active. This is promoting a positive behavior that will benefit them in their entire life. Without these changes that can be taught to children, their futures are not at all healthy.

If children learn now the importance of a healthy life style, that incudes proper diet and exercise, than obesity and diabetes will not be controlled but they preventable kind will be erased. The “Let’s Move” campaign was created with this idea in mind. Children do not deserve to be unhealthy. An educated child will make better life changing decisions. The best resource for the “Let’s Move” campaign is to go to their website, LetsMove. gov. It will give plenty of information and links that will help. The second best resource is The National Diabetes Education Program.

They have a whole written article on what diabetes is, what types are there, how you get it, and treatment for it. This is a must read for any person wishing to continue to learn about diabetes as a whole. One other good place to start is the Center for Disease Control’s website. This site has plenty of links that will help. With the resources that have been listed above, anyone will and can be educated on this childhood obesity and childhood diabetes. This is an important topic because; if this isn’t handled at a young age adults will not live healthy lives.

With help of the “Let’s Move” campaign the disease diabetes and obesity in children and adults can easily be controlled and eventually put an end to it. ? Refrences Overview of Diabetes in Children Adolescents. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://ndep. nih. gov/media/Youth_FactSheet. pdf The Rise of Childhood Type 1 Diabetes in the 20th Century. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://diabetes. diabetesjournals. org/content/51/12/3353. full Get Active. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. letsmove. gov/get-active

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