Chisti Dargah Essay

In Ajmer metropolis. there is a Dargah Shriff of Hazrat Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti which is so an decoration to this metropolis. A holy topographic point where non merely Muslims but other caste people besides visit as it is a topographic point of worship for them. Since Khwaja Saheb came to India. he enjoys great regard and devotedness universally and known as a ‘Living Spirit” of Harmony and peace. He considered as a Jesus of human agony and one of the greatest liquors. He has been a beginning of moral strength and enlightenment of spiritualty. Both Hindu and Muslim are faithful and worshippers of Khwaja Saheb. Not merely common adult male. even many mighty male monarchs of Hindustan ( India ) have worshiped and submitted their ego to this great saint. There are cherished edifices and assorted rich charities dedicated to the Dargah of Khwaja Saheb. These are populating commemorations given by the people of India in the memory of Khwaja Saheb from 750 old ages.

The Dargah is at extream North of Taragarh Hill and here it has the grave of the great saint. The grave is chief attractive force of the Dargah and considered as sanctum of the Dargah. There are amny other outstanding attractive force which besides catches the eyes of visitants every bit shortly as they visit the Dargah. There are two Buland Darwaza. which were built under the vision of Sultan of Malwa. Sultan Ghyasuddin Khilji. He ruled Malwa from 1469 to 1500 A. D. There is another Buland Darwaza ( now uses as chief entryway ) in the North of the Dargah. it was built by H. E. H. Nisam Usman Ali Khan of Hyderabad Deccan in 1915 A. D. It was built at a cost of Rs. 55. 857/- . On the top of this Buland Darwaza. there is the chief Naqqar Khana ( drum house ) incorporating two braces of immense naqqars ( crushing membranophones ) . These were gifted by Emperor Akbar after his successful triumph in a run of Bengal. These naqqars ( crushing membranophones ) are sounded to the concomitant of music played on Nafeeries and Shahnias. These are sounded merely at certain fixed hours of every twenty-four hours and dark of the twelvemonth merely by instrumentalists lasting employees of the Dargah.

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There are many other attractive edifices. graves. courtyards and Daalaans in the Dargah. Some of which are first-class illustrations of the Moghul architecture and were erected during the Moghul period. Akbar ( the first Moghul Emperor who visited Dargah ) visited the Dargah on pes when Ajmer came under his ownership. There is a Akbari Masjid in the Dargah built in 1571 A. d. by Akbar which is a broad mosque ( 140?140 ) pess. Later It was repaired in 1901 A. D. by Nawab Ghafoor Ali of Danapur. As per given on the Website of Dargah Shrine

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Dargah Shrief. a topographic point where wants and desires come true. Fans from all over the universe visit this Dargah to be blessed by Khawaja Baba and to carry through their desires. More frequently than non their wants do come true and the wish fulfilment is normally followed by fans offering flowers. gilaf ( velvet cloth ) . ittar ( non-alcoholic aroma ) and sandal wood pulverization. Besides these offerings they besides recite Quran. Nafal Namaz. Milad and Aayat-e-Karima and Khatam Khawajgan. Servicess provided by Dargah Shrine:

* Sufies. Dervash and Aulia Allah started the usage of set uping Langars ( free distribution of nutrient for all the makhlooks ( world ) and this is now considered as one of the biggest charity one can offer. We arrange Langar. which includes one deg of biriani that can feed 70 people. Note: This should non be included as portion of Zakat money. * We make it possible for you to take part in all the activities of Dargah Sharief. The activities include milad. khatam of Quran. particular monthly supplications for members etc.

This entails going a member of our silsila. * Make conveyance and lodging agreement. bundle trips and besides offer services of ourguesthouse for free stay. * Make agreement for donating a room for people sing the Dargah Sharief We believe Khawaja Baba’s approvals can bring around any disease. concern or personal jobs. If you have any job please state us we will pray to lmighty Allah and he will listen out supplication with the approval of Khawaja Gharib Nawaz R. A.


It is a well-known historical fact that in distributing the ethical and religious values of Islam. major and effectual parts have been made by the walis of Allah ( saints ) . It was their humanistic temperament and commiseration. which won over the Black Marias of hundred thousand of people. They made a direct contact with the multitudes. served and loved them. lived with them in the realization of Eternal Truth.

Haji Syed Mohammed Sayeed Chishty

* The cogent evidence of this is more than evident from the history of growing of Islam in India. Although Islam had penetrated in this subcontinent in the first century of Hijra. but the baronial undertaking of animating the people to its dogmas and values in India was accomplished by Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty ( R. A. ) popularly known as Khwaja Sahib and Khwaja Gharib Nawaz. He did it all through his great moral power. glorious and appealing character. with love and dedication to mankind. without any secular resources of wealth. power. force and stuff agencies. * Khwaja Sahib was a bookman of great reputation. He interpreted the true Islamic message of love for world and through that. the love for the Almighty Godhead. He preached the Quranic doctrine of the integrity of faith and worked out its potencies for the whole humanity. He was the greatest mystic of his clip. He laid the foundation of the broad Chishtia order of Sufi in India. and divine 1000000s of psyches to be his followings and therefore served the multitudes of the Indian Sub-continent.

Why Ajmer Was Chosen

Why Ajmer was merely selected to be poineer of Hazrat Khawaja Muinuddin Chishti’s mission in India? This is a really general inquiry which may be asked by some critical readers. A microscopic survey of the history of India before Khawaja Saheb’s reaching. and of the period of his stay in Ajmer will reply this inquiry successfully. Dargah shrine have already thrown sufficient visible radiation on this point. Shrine hint a brief history of Ajmer and the Khawaja Saheb’s Dargah which attracts 1000000s of people every twelvemonth to seek religious approvals of the great saint. Geographically. Ajmer is situated in the bosom of Rajasthan. at one clip the bastion of India land. and therefore it suited the expansive mission of Khawaja Saheb best. Politically. Ajmer the place of a most powerful land of the last Rajput Emperor of India. Raja Prithviraj Chauhan ( 1179-1192 A. D. ) whose whole life was “one of unbroken concatenation of gallant workss and glorious feats which have won for him ageless celebrity and a name that will last every bit long as gallantry itself. ”

Prithviraj was the boy of Someshwara ( 1170-1179 A. D. ) who was the 29th descendent in the line of descent of King Vasudeva who flourished as far back as 551 A. D. Vasudeva has descended from Chahuan ( the laminitis of the Rajput kin of Chauhans ) whose day of the month is untraceable in the description of Ajmer. As given in Sarga IX of the celebrated documental “Prithviraj Vijaya” . runs as below: – The metropolis was so dumbly populated and there were so many gardens. armored combat vehicles and Wellss that non more than tenth part of the Earth was seeable to sun. and H2O in the Wellss was merely two cubits from the land surface. Karpurdevi ( female parent of Prithviraj ) under whose regency he was brought up besides founded a town” .

Describing Ajmer in his “Picturesque India” ( p. 77 ) Mr. Caine. says: – “It is an antediluvian. beautiful metropolis full of involvement. both historical and architectural ; its homosexual busy bazaars and its old houses with carven foreparts. some of which are among the finest in India. giving added attractive forces to its brilliant state of affairs. A well-built rock wall with give gateways surrounds the city” .

Beginning: – hypertext transfer protocol: //www. dargahajmer. com/a_about. htm

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