Christian Life Education Reflection Paper Essay

Prayer is a manner of communicating between me and God. It allows me to speak to Him and listen to Him so that I can set up a closer relationship with Him. As I went about my CLE categories. I learned that there were proper ways and purposes that are needed in order to do the most out of supplication. therefore I reflected on my supplication life to see if I was praying harmonizing to the 4 keys.

First. I evaluated Rico’s supplication life since it is by making this that I can break measure my ain supplication life. Rico prays to God whenever he needs aid like during trials. and he does good workss in order to do certain that God will reply his supplications. Whenever he doesn’t need Him. he doesn’t set clip for supplication since he believes that analyzing is already a signifier of supplication. How one sees God affects how he relates to Him. In Rico’s instance. he sees God as a peddling machine. In peddling machines. purchasers insert money into the machine and in return. the machine gives the merchandise the purchaser desires. Rather than seeing God as a God who loves unconditionally. he sees God as person who demands that he make good workss in order for Him to allow the requests of Rico. Rico promises God to halt cursing. to halt backstabbing and goes to mass whenever there are trials because he believes that God demand he does these good workss so He will reply Rico’s supplication. Just like a peddling machine. Rico believes he needs to give “money” or good workss in return for the “product” or request he wants.

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Ideally one should see God as an unconditioned lover. who loves us despite defects. since this allows the individual to near God with trust. honestness and love. doing the relationship more existent and echt. Alternatively. Rico doesn’t believe in God’s unconditioned love since he chooses to make good workss to delight love and do God love him. In world. we shouldn’t make good to have God’ love but we should be unfastened to God’s unconditioned love. which will so actuate and transform us to make good. How one sees himself besides affects the manner he relates with God in supplication since how we see ourselves shapes how we think others see ourselves. If we see ourselves as loveable. we will be unfastened and honest since we know that the other individual will love us the manner we are. If we see ourselves as unlovable. we will be false and unreal since we will likely conceal our true ego to do others like us more. Rico’s image of himself is a mixture of both. He sees himself as loveable by God merely when he does good workss and spiritual Acts of the Apostless. He does these Acts of the Apostless to delight God and to guarantee himself that God will reply his supplications since he believes that making these Acts of the Apostless make him loveable by God.

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Rico doesn’t see himself as loveable when he indifferent towards others and when non making good workss. Because of this. he doesn’t find clip to pray to God when he doesn’t necessitate aid or make good workss. One premise is that Rico is ashamed of the cursing. backstabbing and other bad workss he has done. so he distances himself from God because he feels unworthy of his love. He merely prays to God when he promises to make good workss. so he likely thinks he is non deserving listening to by God unless he does good. This will hold a negative consequence on his relationship with God since he chooses to distance his messy ego from God instead than pray to God to better their relationship because he feels unworthy due to his defects and doesn’t think that God has unconditioned love for him. Alternatively of all the supplication clip he could hold spent with God. he misses out on it because of his incorrect perceptual experience of God and himself.

Reading Rico’s sample supplication. I’m non wholly certain if he is honorable with God. He appears to be buttering God up so that God will allow his requests. He tells God he promises to halt cursing and backstabbing. yet he goes back to his apathetic ways during regular school yearss. For me. it doesn’t seem that he seems sincere in what he is stating. so his relationship can non come on and remains shallow. He should concentrate more on showing what he truly feels in order to interrupt down barriers with God and in order to do the relationship with God more existent and confidant. Rico besides has a difficult clip incorporating supplication with day-to-day life. Rather than doing mundane an chance to pray to God. he merely prays to God when he needs him. This is similar to a relationship with a physician. wherein one goes to the physician for his services merely without set uping a personal relationship with him.

Rico merely goes to God when he needs something and doesn’t effort to set up a personal relationship with him. Occupational supplication is about acknowledging God’s presence in day-to-day undertakings. but Rico doesn’t do so since he merely seeks God when he needs him. Other than those times. he surveies and remains apathetic towards others. therefore he doesn’t acknowledge God’s presence unless he needs Him. Spousal supplication is resting from work in order to be wholly available to God. “My work is my prayer” is non an alibi since we all need to pass at least 15 to 20 proceedingss everyday to speak to God entirely. which will intensify our relationship with him and do occupational supplication more meaningful. Rico is “busy” and believes that analyzing is a signifier of supplication. therefore he doesn’t make clip day-to-day for spousal supplication. which prevents him from intensifying his relationship with God. Rico doesn’t listen to God frequently during supplication. Prayer is irrelevant when one dominates the phase and keeps speaking and inquiring for favours from God. Prayer becomes relevant when we use it to listen to God in order to detect what he wants us to make. Often times. what God has to state to us is more of import that what we have to state to him. so we must be altruistic plenty to give him the phase and brooding plenty to larn his message.

In Rico’s instance. he ever dominates the phase by praying merely to inquire for requests. He doesn’t listen to what God wants of him and merely prays for his ain personal purposes instead than praying to better his relationship with God. Rico needs to go more altruistic and put what God’s seeking to state over what he’s traveling to state. By listening along with speaking to God. supplication becomes a bipartisan communicating. which allows his relationship to boom with God.

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