Citizen Kane – innovative techniques Essay

Citizen Kane. a authoritative American dramatic movie. is considered to be the ultimate authoritative chef-d’oeuvre and the world’s most celebrated and highest rated movie. as it is ranked the figure one best movie of all clip. It was the first film Orson Welles. a theatrical mastermind. co-wrote. directed. and produced at merely an age of 25 old ages. The topic of this film is the life of Charles Foster Kane. known as Citizen Kane. which is played by Welles himself. Dating back to 1941. Citizen Kane set a high criterion for the art of filming as it made cinematic progresss and proficient inventions on many foreparts. A new manner of movie devising was created with inventions changing from the usage of deep focal point technique. camera places and angles shootings. narrative stating and aural techniques.

The most advanced proficient facet of Citizen Kane is the drawn-out usage of deep focal point technique which is considered to be the most important part to cinematography. This technique allowed him to snap backgrounds with as mush lucidity as foregrounds. as opposed to holding merely the people and things in the foreground in focal point. Such a technique is noticed in the scene where Kane’s parents are filmed discoursing his hereafter while he’s seen through the window in the foreground playing outside in the snow.

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Deep focal point makes possible for the movie shaper to showcase overlapping coincident actions. where the mise-en-scene becomes more important since the physical environment in which the movie takes topographic point should be so taken into history. Besides. is it of import to observe that the dramatis personae members that Welles’s had chosen for his movie had ne’er made a film before and were all classically trained theatrical histrions. Their theatrical background played an of import function and had an impact on the success of techniques like deep focal point. since histrions were puting themselves steadfastly in each scene.

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Furthermore. another irregular method used in the movie was the low-angle shooting. This technique tends to stretch a individual or object. doing him or it seem more of import. They were used to expose a place confronting upward. therefore demoing ceilings in the background of the scene. Such camera places and angles were of import in Citizen Kane. since they had artistic and psychological effects. That technique gives an added power to the individual on the screen. which turned out to be Kane for most of the scenes.

It intimidates the viewing audiences since they found themselves in the inferior place of looking up. In fact. it is that inordinate usage of those shootings that bent Kane and made him grotesque to our reactivity. In add-on to that technique. we have witnessed in the movie several scenes which depict characters traveling across suites. and holding the floors and ceilings traveling with them. This unusual technique tends to dehumanise the characters by immersing and cut downing them to some decorations in a shifting or moving architecture.

Welles besides carried over originative storytelling techniques. from flashbacks to techniques that relate consecutive episodic sequences. What is meant by the latter is the devising of next scenes on a same set. but holding the characters altering their costumes and makeup during the cut in between the two scenes. In this manner. the undermentioned scene would be taking topographic point in the same location of the old one but at a clip long after the old cut. On the other manus. flashbacks were greatly used in the movie: relation Kane’s life narrative wholly in flashbacks was another advanced attack to storytelling.

Other types of cinematic progresss are the aural techniques. which were decidedly related to Welles’s experience with sound from wireless. Sound effects were intensively but skillfully used in the movie to make tempers and emotions. such as the cold reverberation heard at the monumental library. in the scene which put on position the newsman and the daunting librarian. In add-on to mounting the potency of sound as a manufacturer of tempers and emotions. we witness in Citizen Kane a singular aural invention. known technically as the lightning-mix. which is used to associate between different scenes via related uninterrupted series of sounds or phrase. Here. the continuity of the soundtrack. non the image. gives a smooth seamless narrative leap between two different scenes. To exemplify that technique. we can remember. in the beginning of the movie. the scene where the defender of Kane. who was still a kid. wishes him a “Merry Christmas” . after which we all of a sudden jump to a shooting of Kane. fifteen old ages subsequently. hearing “and a Happy New Year” .

In add-on. Welles had many others advanced techniques such as the usage of spectacless and mirrors which can be seen through out the film. to heighten the consequence of the film. We can remember the last scenes of the movie where Kane is left entirely. where in one of the scenes ; he passes in forepart of a set of mirrors in the background of the set. Besides. Welles’s usage of lighting and shadow was impressive. holding camera set-ups designed to border characters in the oblique angle of visible radiation and shadow created by their environment.

Finally. we can non but admit that Citizen Kane introduced Hollywood to the inventive. originative and productive potency of cinematic techniques. All the section of visuals. particular effects. sounds and screenplay shows innovative techniques. The art of filmmaking was vastly affected by the proficient glare of Orson Welles.


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