Clinton The method he uses is to

Clinton tries to win the trust and commitment of the American people and so he can attract their attention. The method he uses is to appeal to their emotions as well as the pride in their country and their sense of responsibility towards their children and the future and their country as well.
Clinton’s presidency included a great period of economic growth in America’s history. Clinton’s economic (clintonomics) approachassumed the end of the recession and entailed modernization of the federal government.
The ultimate goal involved rendering the American government smaller, less wasteful, and more agile in light of a newly globalized era.
Economy added 23 million new jobs under President Clinton,
compared to just 2 million under President Bush
President Clinton’s economy grew at an average
annual rate of nearly 4 percent
fundamentally, the Clinton administration put our country on a stronger and more equitable fiscal and economic path for many years to come. Specifically, the Clinton administration made good policy decisions that:
• Grew and strengthened the middle class by rewarding work, modernizing the social safety net, and helping families lift themselves out of poverty
• Built the foundation of a 21st century economy through robust investments in education, science and technology, and infrastructure
• Encouraged investment in America’s communities, particularly those located in inner-city and rural areas
• Accomplished all of the above while closing the fiscal gap
Taken together, these policies helped pull the economy out of the morass of slow growth and high unemployment that President Clinton inherited at the start of his term. And his policies laid the foundation on which the private sector and American workers could build eight years of unprecedented economic success
The 1990s where from most Americans good times. A digitised revolution in communication and information was generating prosperity and transforming life in America and around the globe. Clinton perceive that the technology and evolution would shrink the world and make it more interconnected this will permet to introduced market forces free trade and widespread deregulation.
The most American who wanted jobs had them the stock markets boomed the nation had a Budget surplus instead of a deficit and that more Americans than ever before Owned their own homes

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