Code of Conductof the Department of Education Division of Escalante City

INTRODUCTION 1. Abstract 1. 1 This Code of Conduct clarifies the standards of behavior that are expected of staff of the Department of Education Division of Escalante City in the performance of their duties. It gives guidance in areas where staff needs to make personal and ethical decisions. 1. 2 The Code does this by providing an ethical framework to guide actions, but also by highlighting the existing requirements for staff behavior so that staffs are aware of the standards expected of them. 2. Applicability of the Code 2. The use of “DepED DEC” in this Code indicates that the material applies to all parts of the Department of Education, Division of Escalante City, including schools Non-Teaching Personnel “DepED DEC Staff” is implied. 2. 2 The use of the terms “schools” or “districts” in this Code indicates that the material applies to only those areas. 2. 3 This Code applies to all DepED DES Staff. In this context “staff” includes all persons employed by the Division. “Employed” includes staff employed on a permanent, temporary or casual, full time or part time basis, as trainees, or as secondees from LGU or NGO’s and other agencies. . 4 This Code should also guide the behavior of contract staff, volunteers, and employees of other organizations with which the DepED DEC has contracts or agreements. Where the contract or agreement refers to this Code then the arrangement in the contract or agreement applies. 3. 1 The Department is committed to the highest standards of conduct in public education, training and administration. To meet this commitment, the Division has issued this single Code of Conduct to cover all employees and to more closely align staff conduct with the organizational values and thics which underpin the Division’s policies and procedures. 4. Policy statement 4. 1 Much of this Code is derived from legislation and other departmental policies and procedures of the Department of Education of the Republic of the Philippines. The Code of Conduct is a policy of the Department of Education of the Division of Escalante City. 5. Rights of staff 5. 1 Public employment carries with it an obligation to serve the public interest, however division staff should not be subject to unnecessary restrictions unrelated to the public interest.

DepED DEC Staff have all of the normal rights and obligations of employees under common and statute law. 5. 2 Staff should comply with a lawful direction given by an authorized officer. DepED DEC Staff however have a right to question any instruction which they think may be unlawful or unethical. 6. Responsibility of staff 7. 1 All DepED DEC Staff have a responsibility to comply with legislation, departmental/regional/divisional policies, procedures and this Code, perform their duties effectively and provide impartial and accurate advice.

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