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Module description: This faculty covers the importance of volunteerism in lending to an betterment in the quality of life in communities around UTech and Community Colleges which deliver its programmes every bit good as the wider society. It farther unites schoolroom instructions with existent social demands and explores the relationship between General Education faculties and CSP 1001. MODULE OBJECTIVES: At the terminal of the faculty. you should be able to: 1. understand the nature of volunteerism 2. recognize the function of persons in supplying voluntary service 3. appreciate the value of a service moral principle in the development of a society. Needed READINGS • Robotham. D. ( 1998 ) . Vision and Volunteerism. Grace Kennedy Foundation Lecture. • Vision 2030 Jamaica: National Development Plan. National Planning Institute of Jamaica. 2009 ASSESSMENT 1. You will be required to finish four brooding pieces. Each contemplation must be type written. Times New Roman. 12pt. two-base hit –spaced and no less than one page or more than three pages. You will non be allowed to subject all four pieces at the terminal of the semester. You must finish each one and subject it on the due day of the month. You will fix two transcripts of each assignment. Submit one transcript to your lector. Have your lector mark and day of the month the other transcript to admit reception of your work. Keep all signed transcripts of your assignments in a safe topographic point. You may necessitate to supply these as grounds of entry of your work.


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Niobium: My transcript of each contemplation is to be e-mailed to [ electronic mail protected ]I do non necessitate a hardcopy of contemplations 1 – 3.

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A hardcopy of your concluding contemplation ( REFLECTION # 4 ) must be submitted to the bureau before you leave at the terminal of the semester. This signed transcript of the contemplation must be submitted along with the completed timecard. You must show all your work in a booklet with the following information on the screen page: Name: Academic Year: School: Lector: Name OF AGENCY/ PROJECT: ID # : Semester: TUTORIAL DAY/TIME: AGENCY SUPERVISOR:


At the terminal of each contemplation. you must type this information: Lecturer’s signature: Submission Date:

Session 1 Week get downing Aug 26 Content Introduction to CSP 1001 • Structure of the faculty • Assignment to groups and bureau • Readings and assignments Activities Assign reading for following category Explain guidelines for contemplations ASSIGNMENTS Reflection # 1 2 pages Vision 2030 and community service: a. What does community service/ volunteerism mean to you? B. Which 2 of the 4 ends of Vision 2030 do you believe is most closely linked to community service/ volunteerism? Why? c. Select 1 of the 2 ends discussed in ( B ) and suggest ways you can lend to accomplishing this end through your community service. d. Read Vision and Volunteerism: Resuscitating Voluntarism in Jamaica. by Don Robotham

2 Week get downing Sept 9

Associating the doctrine and pattern of community service / volunteerism to Vision 2030 • What is vision 2030 • Goals of Vision 2030 • Meaning of community service/ volunteerism

Reflection # 1 due Discussion of contemplation Discuss Vision and Volunteerism. Is volunteerism dead? Can we hold a Fifth Peak of volunteerism in Jamaica?

Reflection # 2

2 pages

Identifying your community service undertaking objectives a. Identify your bureau and briefly discuss the history. ends and aims of the bureau. B. Bearing the Vision 2030 end you selected in contemplation 1 in head. place a set of aims you aim to carry through in your assignment at your bureau. c. Discuss the specific stairss you will take to carry through those aims. Reflection # 3 2 pages a. Identify some of the problems/ issues you experienced or witnessed during your arrangement. B. To what extent did jobs you encountered/ witnessed in your arrangement reflect jobs prevalent in the wider Jamaican society? c. What impact do you believe these jobs will hold on our ability to accomplish the ends laid out in Vision 2030? d. If the job was something you encountered. what solution ( s ) did you use to turn to the job? If the job was something you witnessed. what possible solutions would you propose could be used to turn to the job? Assignment # 4 3 pages a. Briefly sum up your feelings of your clip spent in your bureau. What do you believe was the best portion of your service? What was the worst portion? B. Review the aims you set for yourself and discourse to what extent were these aims achieved? c. Discuss in what ways did the community in which you worked profit from your undertaking.

3 Week get downing Sept 30

Community Service as a alteration agent • How has community service contributed to our nation’s development historically. • What function can community service drama in accomplishing the ends of Vision 2030. •

Reflection # 2 due Discussion of contemplation # 2

4 Week get downing Oct 28

Community Service for development • Nation • Community • Globally • Role of UTech/ Community Colleges Evaluation of experiences • Challenges • Solutions

Reflection # 3 due Discussion of contemplation # 3 Distribution of rating signifiers.

d. State whether the organisation would profit from holding more CSP undertakings completed. Propose the sort of service which would help the organization/ community in which you worked. based on your experience at that place. e. In what ways do you believe could CSP 1001 be improved? f. Give contemplations on your reading of Vision 2030 and Vision and Volunteerism You will do a transcript of this assignment which you will subject to your bureau BEFORE YOU LEAVE at the terminal of the semester. 5 Week get downing Nov 18 Evaluation of experiences • Aims • Benefits • Challenges • Solutions Reflection # 4 due ( Final Assignment )

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