Compare and contrast the education system in Saudi Arabia with UK Essay

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( KSA ) holds the rule that the best investing a state can do is in its human resources. On the footing of this belief. the Kingdom has made enormous attempts to give all possible resources to the development and betterment of its educational system. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. the right of instruction is guaranteed to everyone. in fact. the province encourages people to inscribe in any portion of the instruction system by supplying fiscal assistance and wagess to pupils. The alteration that has happened in the past few old ages have occurred up really much late. The population in KSA has increased compared to the past old ages of my grandfather’s coevals. Therefore. the economic system of cognition emphasizes chiefly continues human development. The alterations are efficaciously obvious through these old ages in KSA. even though compared with other states for illustration. USA. Life manner and other human demands have changed over clip. Education of the past few old ages has changed because of the development my state is doing. In add-on. my grandfather’s narratives were about how the category was. and how the instruction has changed really much since they were immature until they saw the changed now.

For illustration. in the yesteryear. the schools have one edifice and few categories all over the metropolis. nevertheless the schools now have many edifices that are divided into simple school. intermediate school. and secondary school edifice. In the categories there were few pupils and no chairs to concentrate. The development needs motive from an person and authorities. The Education system in the yesteryear was really hard to understand. and the instructors got the basic information. Today the instruction is much easier. and the human head were replaced with the new engineerings we live on today. Statistically. the figure of pupils has increased in KSA in the past 10 old ages by about 56 per centum. particularly for those who study Masters and PhDs degree

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