Comparing and Contrasting “The Necklace” and “The Gift of the Magi” Essay

The chief character in The Necklace’s. and the chief character in The Gift of the Magi’s. personalities differ from one another immensely. In The Necklace. the chief character Mathilde Loisel is an thankless in-between category adult female who seeks wealths and esteem. Alternatively. the chief character in The Gift of the Magi. Della Young. is compassionate and works really difficult to purchase her hubby a present. and finally. selling the one thing that was more cherished to her than anything else. her hair. Mathilde is selfish. and when her friend. Madame Foreister is sympathetic plenty to allow her borrow her jewellery. Mathilde asks impolitely. “Haven’t you anything else? ” ( Maupassant. ¶39 ) . In contrast. Della is really appreciative when she receives a hairpin. and is really unselfish when giving off her hair to purchase a present for her hubby. Mathilde and Della are besides both remotely hapless. In the beginning of The Necklace. Mathilde and her hubby were reasonably good away. non excessively rich. and really simple.

But at the terminal of the narrative. they are ungraded hapless. holding spent 10 old ages paying debts. On the other manus. Della started out reasonably hapless. merely being able to garner $ 1. 87 for a Christmas nowadays. but enjoyed life all the same. These two adult females are besides unlike one another because of how they treat their hubbies. When believing approximately what to acquire her hubby Jim. Della thought. “Something all right and rare and sterling–something merely a small spot near to being worthy of the award of being owned by Jim. ” ( Henry. ¶6 ) This quotation mark shows how much Della loves her hubby. and how she thinks it is the best thing in the universe to be his. and to be married to him. Meanwhile. alternatively of experiencing like her hubby “won” her bosom. Mathilde feels like she settled for him. She shows these feelings for her hubby when O. Henry writes “…and she allow herself be married off to a small clerk in the Ministry of Education. ” ( Maupassant. ¶1 ) .

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Madame Loisel besides does non demo gratitude towards her hubby when he acquired the tickets to the party. and when he spent all that money purchasing her a frock when he truly could hold bought something for himself. On the other manus. Mrs. Young is really flattered when her hubby buys her a present. even one that she has no usage for. Both The Necklace’s. and The Gift of the Magi’s. terminations are dry. In The Necklace. Mathilde and her hubby spend most of their immature life paying off a immense debt because of a diamond necklace that she had lost. 10 old ages subsequently. she ran into the friend from whom she borrowed the necklace from. and found out that the necklace they thought was 36 thousand francs was merely five 100s.

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The Gift of the Magi ended in a more amusing sarcasm than The Necklace’s misanthropic sarcasm. Della had cut her long. alcoholics hair to purchase Jim a concatenation for his pocket ticker. and Jim sold his prized pocket ticker to purchase Della a munificent pin for her hair. The Young twosome didn’t head that they both bought something the other one no thirster needed. they were merely happy to hold each other. Peoples are confronted with picks every twenty-four hours. and in The Necklace by Guy De Maupassant and The Gift of the Magi. by O. Henry. the chief characters make subconscious picks to move selfish. or to move thankful.

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