Comparison Of The Education System Between Vietnam And The United States Essay Sample

Today. there are many pupils from Vietnam who want to analyze in a foreign state. Some of them go to Korea. Singapore which is near Vietnam. The other 1s go to England. France. or the USA because they think these states have a better instruction system than Vietnam. After they graduate from college or university in a foreign state. they’ll have more chances to happen a occupation. Why do they believe so? The differences between the educational system of Vietnam and the United States will now be explored.

The first thing that is different is the construction of the instruction system. In Vietnam. the construction is 5-4-3 ; five old ages of simple school ( grades 1-5 ) . followed by four old ages of secondary school ( grades 6-9 ) . and three old ages of high school ( grades 10-12 ) . Higher instruction plans last between two and six old ages. In the United States. the construction is 5-3-4. However. both the U. S pupils and Vietnamese pupils have the same thing ; they have to analyze a entire 12 old ages for basic instruction plans from rating one to rate 12.

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Since 1971. a 10 point scaling system has been in usage at all degrees in Vietnam. The normal passing degree is 5 and the official definition of classs are: 9-10: xuatsac ( first-class ) . 7-8: kha ( good ) . 5-6: trungbinh ( mean ) . less than 5: yeu ( fail ) . However. some research workers show that most pupils in the universe don’t agree with that rating system. They think a 100 point rating system like in the United States is much better.

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because the pupils would hold more chances to acquire points on a trial. and a instructor can easy rate for the pupils. For illustration. if a trial has 10 inquiries. so each inquiry will be 1/10 of the entire points. In the U. S. you will acquire 10 points for that alternatively of merely 1 point in Vietnam.

The other differences in Vietnamese schools and American schools are regulations and policies for each school. In the United State. schools are really easy for the pupil. They do non hold many regulations that make pupils uncomfortable. Vietnamese schools are different. Harmonizing to School Is Bad for Children by John Holt. “If we don’t do you read. you won’t. and if you don’t make it precisely the manner we tell you. you can’t” ( p. 59 ) . Parents attach much importance to learning kids the self-respect of people. They want their kids taught to be an model pupil. Therefore there are many regulations that the pupils must put to death. For illustration. pupils have to have on uniforms. Boys wear black bloomerss and a white shirt. and they must insert their shirt into their bloomerss before traveling to school. Girls wear long frocks ( ao dai ) . They can non dye their hair or paint their nails For this ground. many pupils feel this environment is really difficult. and they do non hold excessively much freedom in school.

In Vietnam. pupils can’t decide the topic to analyze. All schools have the same standard degree for each class that pupils must follow. For illustration. all junior pupils in Vietnam take the same category in wherever school they’re analyzing. They have to take 12 categories for the whole twelvemonth. and there are five periods ( 40 five proceedingss for each ) everyday. In the other manus. Althen assumes that “The most of import thing to understand about Americans is likely their devotedness to individualism” ( p. 5 ) . Therefore. American schools are different. Their pupils should be allowed to take the class they take. They can take whatever categories they want to analyze for a semester provided that they will acquire all credits to graduate. Many people agree with this system because the pupils can easy take any categories that they think are suited for their instruction degree.

There are more things that are different between Vietnam and the U. S. Like in Vietnam. pupils wait for a instructor to come to category. and they don’t have to run around each period like in the U. S schools. A figure of pupils in one category don’t alteration during the clip they study in that school. It means that all the friends in your 10th grade category will be at that place for you in the 11th class and 12th class

In Vietnam there is one adage. “It takes you 10 old ages to works a tree. but it takes 100 old ages to develop one person” . The instruction system is really importance to every state. One state that wants to come on rapidly must hold a good instruction system. Today. most people agree that America has the best instruction system in the universe that makes pupils flexible and interested in their surveies. It would be better if all schools in Vietnam change the instruction system to be like the United State.

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