Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation Pattern Essay

It is dry that Kapil Sibal declared at 125th Birth Anniversary jubilations of great Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan that exam-centric instruction system would hold to travel. One wonders what Ramanujan himself would state – “Mr. Minister. even I am a merchandise of exam centric instruction system” ? Kapil Sibal says he would wish to replace the current system with a child-centric 1. Now that is a really interesting term. So how does the curate define the term?

Expressing his finding to make away with rote acquisition and the “archaic” examination-oriented system. he said: “We are endeavoring to reform this with accent on accomplishment development and unlocking the originative endowment within the kid. ” The Ministry’s determination to make away with scrutinies at the terminal of the twelvemonth. replacing them with a Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation ( CCE ) system in a command to de-stress kids. was a measure in that way. [ Link ] Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation has its benefits.

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It has to be. nevertheless. said that CCE will non de-stress the kids all by itself. Students are under emphasis due to the scope of competition. Imagine a campaigner looking for IIT JEE during +2. He faces at least 7 lakh others across the state. Imagine what goes on in the household. bury the campaigner! Every IIT alumnus has a narrative to state as to how many sacrifices the complete household makes for success at the test! CCE has its benefits and can de-stress the pupils but in an independent organisation with tight controls within the organisation.

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For illustration. some technology colleges at alumnus degree and about all of them at post-graudate degree usage it to the maximal benefit of both pupils and professors. The system is a success at these topographic points because of the liberty. JNTU implemented CCE in technology colleges affiliated to it. It had limited impact and yet. it couldn’t make off with the concluding test. The concluding test had to cover 80 % of the entire mark. CCE makes sense when the figure of establishments involved is less. Another of import factor that influences the impact of CCE is the physical propinquity of attached establishments.

Otherwise fraud and cheating would go on as the instance is with JNTU’s illustration. Understanding the issue JNTU faced several issues with implementing CCE is more than 100 colleges in AP affiliated to it at the clip of debut of the system. They started with 80 % external rating in the signifier of concluding comprehensive test and 20 % internal rating across the semester via 5 tests conducted by the teacher. Due to miss of feedback mechanism between pupils and the regulating organic structure – JNTU. the system led to several jobs. There were instances of cheating and fraud.

JNTU wanted to work out this job by doing internal rating “not so internal” through on-line nonsubjective rating. For this. an internal rating inquiry bank was created through suggestions from all its professors. adjunct professors. associate professors across the attached institutes. The on-line rating package would throw random inquiries on the screen to be answered in stipulated sum of clip. This system once more failed at several establishments due to infrastructure issues but the major job was once more adulterous and fraud.

The issue is rather clear – big educational organic structures with centralised regulating organic structure can non utilize CCE efficaciously. Effective usage of CCE can go on with decentralised theoretical account. JNTU understood this and divided colleges between JNTU Hyderabad. JNTU Kakinada and JNTU Ananthapur. The division was strictly based on physical propinquity of the institute to the regulating organic structure. This system still faces the issues that it had ab initio. It will go on to confront them. Take another illustration. IITs. For measuring alumnus pupils. IITs dont have a common scrutiny across all the IITs!

Even BITS Pilani which has its campuses in Pilani. Dubai. Goa and Hyderabad doesnt usage CCE across all four via a common rating organic structure. Closed cringle within each campus is used. In fact in all these institutes. fleet justness in instance of any fraud/cheating via commissions within the institutes ensures better rating. without impeding the procedure of instruction. The cardinal phrase – “checks and balances” . One so wonders why such a tight cringle can non be framed within the schools or a set of schools within near physical propinquity! What is go oning now?

In our current system of school instruction. we have CBSE at national degree and as viing organic structures we have State Education Boards. Schools are allowed to take one of the organic structures. The chosen organic structure non merely dictates course of studies but besides evaluates pupils in a concluding scrutiny with a common test held on a common day of the month at all attached schools. So by design CCE is losing. Private schools. so far bridged this spread by holding internal rating which does non impact hiting at concluding test but will merely assist pupils to be ready for the concluding rating.

Government schools on the other manus. have been busy functioning repasts at midday to kids instead than carry oning categories on a regular basis. All authorities instruction organic structures across India have a common end – course of study. Core of the job lies in this – accomplishment development has ne’er been the country of involvement of these organic structures. Skill development was and still is the school’s duty to vie with other schools. Students who make it top notch institutes across India via JEE. AIEEE. BITSAT etc. . by and large have a set of accomplishments in some country or the other.

But it has to be understood that they do non do it at that place due to those accomplishments. They get those accomplishments at school. due to their ain enthusiasm and sometimes due to the school’s emphasis on extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. Fortunately or unluckily. accomplishment development is non due to the regulating organic structure. Some exclusions do be in topographic points like Kerala though! In footings of the system of instruction. both geographics and human ecology have a immense function to play. Before CCE Implementation… . Sibal’s megalomania and grandiose programs lack substance merely because of one of his very cardinal averment – centralisation.

For a state of the size of India. with such a big population. centralisation of instruction is a catastrophe to get down with. Decentralizing and leting that small freedom to schools would be a really of import measure. Such a decentalisation procedure must be addressed before CCE can be implemented. If we are supposed to acquire anything utile from execution of CCE. what Governments at category X. +1. +2 degree in Government Schools needs to Let more freedom to schools to join forces and spool resources – they are already in terrible resource crunch. Leaving out scrutinies wholly would be a formula for catastrophe.

As it is. bead out rates in Class X. +1. +2 across provinces like AP is excessively high. Any headlong debut of CCE without first rectifying some cardinal defects in forming schools would merely convey about quicker bead out rates at these degrees. CCE is already available in an abstract manner in private schools. Several aided and authorities schools tried to emulate it to see fringy success. But the issue remains. CCE it self will non cut down emphasis on pupils. In decision. CCE would do sense merely with a proper mechanism to turn to drop-out rates at category X. +1. +2 degrees across authorities schools in India.

Acts proposed by Sibal like RTE merely make it worse as they attack Private schools which have a nice CCE theoretical account already in topographic point. Bottom line – leave private establishments entirely. If possible allow them a % portion of entire rating points/score. Don’t scrap scrutinies. even if you introduce rating. Meanwhile. guarantee Government and Aided school improve criterions w. r. T substructure and module. Form conglomerates of schools within a certain radius and let them to border. form and measure their pupils through proper resource spooling.

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