Corporate Social Responsibility of Nokia

“ What is corporate societal duty? Different organisations have framed different definitions, depending on a figure of factors. These include the house ‘s size, merchandises, activities, location, providers, leading and repute – although there is considerable common land between them. The definition of CSR is that CSR is about how companies manage the concern processes to bring forth an overall positive impact on society. “ ( Mallen Baker, 2010 )

In recent old ages, corporate societal duty has been an progressively popular subject. More and more companies notice the importance of corporate societal duty. Because consumers are non merely paying attending to the merchandises like before, but besides size uping your trade names now. In order to keep well-thought-of trade names, CSR is a good manner for organisations to measure their impact on the universe around them, and to do alterations that create positive effects in their communities.

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This study will demo the benefits of corporate societal duty, the cardinal issues in corporate societal duty and implementing corporate societal duty. The purpose of this essay is utilizing the corporate societal duty theoretical account to analysis the company of Nokia and to do certain what sort of Nokia ‘s corporate societal duty scheme is. This study could split in four parts. Section 1 the overview of corporate societal duty, Section 2 implementing corporate societal duty, Section 3 Nokia ‘s corporate societal duty theoretical account, Section 4 decision.

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CSR Main Components

The range of CSR is unbound at the present clip, because the corporate societal duty is different for different organisations. British council ( 2004 ) shows that “ CSR is related to: Environmental protection ; Labour Security ; Human rights ; Community engagement ; Business criterions ; Marketplace ; Enterprise and economic development ; Health publicity ; Education and Leadership Development ; Human Disaster Relief. ”

The Benefits of CSR

Roland Benabou and Jean Tirole ( 2009 ) show that “ Empirical surveies frequently relate corporate profitableness with socially responsible behaviour. There seems to be, overall, no or a somewhat positive correlativity between socially responsible behaviour and corporate returns. ” So somebody position CSR as a drain on resources, because carefully implemented CSR policies can assist your organisation. Harmonizing to the web site of Simply CSR ( 2008 ) , “ benefits of CSR to companies include: 1. Win new concern. 2. Increase client keeping. 3. Develop and heighten relationships with clients, providers and webs. 4. Attract, retain and keep a happy work force and be an Employer of Choice. 5. Salvage money on energy and operating costs and manage hazard. 6. Distinguish yourself from your rivals. 7. Generate invention and acquisition and heighten your influence. 8. Better your concern repute and standing. 9. Supply entree to investing and support chances. 10. Generate positive promotion and media chances due to media involvement in ethical concern activities. ”

How to implement CSR committednesss

Different company will near CSR execution in different ways. Paul Hohnen ( 2007 ) show “ one manner to implement CSR committednesss:

Develop an incorporate CSR decision-making construction ;

Prepare and implement a CSR concern program ;

Set mensurable marks and place public presentation steps ;

Prosecute employees and others to whom CSR committednesss apply ;

Design and behavior CSR preparation ;

Establish mechanisms for turn toing debatable behaviour ;

Create internal and external communications programs ;

Make committednesss public. ”

Case survey of Nokia

Overview of CSR at Nokia

Every company ‘s features and fortunes are different, and it will impact how the company shaping and implementing societal duty. So there is no “ one-size-fits-all ” method for prosecuting a corporate societal duty attack. Let ‘s take Nokia for illustration to hold a expression how much work it has already done towards implementing a CSR attack.

Mobile communications have played a large function in people ‘s lives and Nokia was already the universe leader in the nomadic telephone industry. The Nokia ‘s web site shows Nokia ‘s caput office is located in Espoo, Finland, but production, research and development, gross revenues, and selling activities are located around the universe. The company has gross revenues in more than 150 state, over a billion people in the universe usage a Nokia phone. As a market leader, Nokia purpose to take in sustainability in a responsible manner by taking it into history in everything they do and bettering people ‘s unrecorded. ( Nokia, 2010 )

Nokia ‘s community CSR analysis

From the Nokia ‘s sustainability study 2009, we can see a broad scope of illustrations of what sorts of corporate societal duty had Nokia done for heightening their sustainability. Harmonizing to the corporate societal duty ‘s cardinal issues, there are subdivisions on:

Environmental protection: Nokia aims to be a prima company in environmental public presentation. They attempt focal point on four issues: Substance direction, Energy efficiency, Take-back and recycling, Promoting sustainability through services and package. For illustration, they cut down the mean courser ‘s no-load power ingestion from 2006 degree by 50 % by the terminal of 2010. ( Nokia ‘s sustainability study, 2009 )

Labour Security: They run a scope of runs and developing plans to raise consciousness about wellness and safety issues. In 2009, Nokia ‘s planetary hurt and unwellness rate was 0.49, go oning a three-year downward tendency. There were no fatal hurts. ( Nokia ‘s sustainability study, 2009 )

Human rights: They focus on developing workplaces loose from favoritism. For illustration, labour status appraisals are conducted every 2nd twelvemonth at all production sites. ( Nokia ‘s sustainability study, 2009 )

Community engagement: Employee volunteering besides is an of import portion of Nokia ‘s planetary corporate duty attack. Every twelvemonth, 1000s of employees contribute their clip and attempt to worthy causes in their communities. ( Nokia ‘s sustainability study, 2009 )

Business criterions: They comply with employment guidelines and labour status criterion. For illustration, labour status appraisals are conducted every 2nd twelvemonth at all production sites. ( Nokia ‘s sustainability study, 2009 )

Employee well-being: The well-being of employees had made a large difference with earlier. In the 2009 employee study, 61 per centum of the respondents felt that their director supports them in their attempts to keep a life balance. ( Nokia ‘s sustainability study, 2009 )

Supply concatenation: They thought define outlooks for their providers clearly as an of import portion of their work and they had developed a comprehensive set of planetary Nokia Supplier Requirements. ( Nokia ‘s sustainability study, 2009 )

Education and Leadership Development: They provide a assortment of preparation chances for employees to assist them develop a wide scope of accomplishments for the workplace. During 2009, they spent 25 million euro on preparation for employees. ( Nokia ‘s sustainability study, 2009 )

Human Disaster Relief: They try to react to disaster alleviation. In 2010 they have responded to the temblors in Haiti and Qinghai part of Western China every bit good as the mudslide in Uganda. ( Nokia ‘s sustainability study, 2009 )


From the information above, we can see that Nokia ‘s corporate societal duty has included Economic Responsibilities, Legal Responsibilities, Ethical Responsibilities and Discretionary Responsibilities. At Nokia they try to take in sustainability by taking it into history in everything they do. So we can state that Nokia ‘s societal duty scheme is proactive. In add-on, Nokia ‘s CSR scheme helps it acquire great benefits. For Nokia, CSR is non merely about determining corporate civilization, minimising hazard, heightening efficiency and edifice company repute in the eyes of the populace, but besides the CSR had been an built-in portion of good concern sense. Another of import concern benefit is the CSR aid it doing a good relationship with authorities. Corporate societal duty is cardinal to Nokia ‘s concern, trade name and civilization, so Nokia will continually near CSR execution actively. ( Nokia ‘s sustainability study, 2009 )


In a decision, this study has described the definition of CSR, chief constituents of CSR, benefits of CSR to companies and how to implement CSR committednesss. Furthermore, take the company of Nokia for instance survey, analysis what kinds of CSR had Nokia done by some illustrations, what kinds of concern benefits had Nokia got and the tendency. Finally, the CSR is still in the early phase and the richer our societies the higher demand for societal duty, so I hope will be more companies approach CSR execution.

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