Culture and Multicultural Education Essay

In the modern universe. the society is characterized by diverse populations with different civilizations. It is of import that single members of today’s society learn to construe and interact with other persons from different societal groups. Since the colonial epoch. society has experienced inequalities based on cultural and societal factors. Some civilizations have been depicted as more superior and others inferior. The colonial Masterss created a general impression that theirs was a more superior civilization that others needed to absorb and follow.

However. since the revolutions of 1960’s multiculturalism has been embraced and is now accepted as an of import aspect of larning. Culture Mitchell. B. M. & A ; Salsbury. R. E. ( 1996 ) defines civilization as a common set of values. beliefs. positions and patterns that are learned and shared by a peculiar societal group and which contribute to the behavioural results of the said societal group. Culture forms a footing on which persons defines interpret and interact with others.

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It influences individuals’ aspirations and relationships. Multicultural Education This refers to a system of larning that cultivates educational equity. consciousness of and esteem for the diverseness of the modern society in an educational scene. Thomas. D. G. ( 1994 ) posits that multicultural instruction is based on the realisation that kids need to larn how to interact with others who are culturally different from themselves.

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Multicultural instruction is an of import tool that can turn to cultural differences and prejudice in an educational scene this is because increased apprehension of the nature and footing of differences can heighten peaceable coexistence where the pupil learn to esteem one another every bit good as the others’ beliefs and patterns. In this manner multicultural instruction destroys the footing of prejudice non merely in the educational scene but besides in the society at big. Additionally. multicultural instruction creates a ego consciousness for the pupils in such that they learn how to put themselves among their equals which improves their relationships.

Harmonizing to Grant. C. A & A ; Lei J. L. ( 2001 ) . multicultural instruction serves an of import intent of extinguishing the intuition that exists between people from different civilizations that is normally as a consequence of misconceptions and misinformed stereotypes. My prepossession in visible radiation of research. Initially I had thought that the cultural patterns I considered extreme like the FGM merely needed to be merely done away with but have realized from my research that the people practising that deserve regard and it should non hence be imposed on them that they stop the pattern.

Rather they should be treated with self-respect and such attacks as instruction be used to make consciousness of the inauspicious effects of the pattern. Again research has helped me understand that the cause of cultural prejudices can non needfully be blamed on ignorance entirely but instead that the issue is multi faceted touching on the very foundations of the modern society. It is of import that a better apprehension of the cultural inquiry be cultivated in the best forum there is i. e. instruction scene.

As a instructor the duty lies to a great extent on my shoulders to go through this instruction to the pupils and the apprehension gained will enable me to be more sensitive in the class of teaching my pupils. I intend to make a schoolroom ambiance that embraces diverseness. Having a cultural twenty-four hours at school where pupils display different cultural facets such as frock. vocal and dance. and nutrients is one thought that I would wish to implement in the pursuit of heightening understanding and grasp of cultural differences.

Reference Thomas D. G. ( 1994 ) . Implementing multicultural instruction in teacher instruction Programme. Childhood instruction vol. 70 Grant C. A. and Lei J. L. ( 2001 ) Global buildings of multicultural instruction: Theories and Realities Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Mitchell B. M. and Salsbury R. E. ( 1996 ) . Multicultural instruction an international usher to research. policies and programme. New York Greenwood imperativeness Alex Moore ( 2000 ) . Teaching and larning teaching method. course of study and civilization. New York Routledge.

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