Customer Seller Relationship

However, it sakes two hands to clasp. CRM cannot be a one-sided thing, and companies must look at things from the customer perspective. Before a real relationship can be built, they must answer one big question-do the customers want to have relationships, especially long-term ones, with them? The answer is yes and no depending on several factors. First, types of products and services, I. E. Convenience products, shopping products, specialty products, customers purchase, to a large extent, determine if customers want to keep long-term relationships.

Generally, customers are more interested to keep such relationships with companies that supply high-tech, time-sensitive, or expensive products for user support, after-sales service, and other concerns. In addition, customer background such as character, education, profession, income, and hobbies also come into play. For example, customers who are well-educated and enthusiastic about gizmos may be happy to receive updates on the latest products or discounts from their suppliers.

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On the other hand, such relationships may not be on the top of priority list of customers in the lower income group. Most importantly, how companies handle such relationships and how such relationships add value for customers play a critical part. Issues of concern include how companies communicate with them, handling of private information and treating customers as individuals with different needs. CRM is all about getting to know customers, ensue ring they get what they want and keeping in touch with them. Throughout the whole process, the focus should be on the interests of customers.

When it comes to communication, impasses should offer discreet, easy and convenient channels to customers to avoid disruption of work or embarrassment. Another issue is handling private information of customers. No customers would want to have anything to do with companies that have no respect for their privacy and sell such information. Finally, most customers have the ‘ “Washes in it for me? ” mentality and no customer would like to give private information to and keep a relationship with a company without getting any value in return.

To keep such relationships, companies must treat them differently by finding out how such information they want, what level of service they expect, and their preferred way of communicating, which in turn enables companies to develop customized products, services or packages which suit their individual needs or solve their problems. In a nutshell, both companies and customers play a part in building and maintaining long-term relationship. From the perspective of companies, only those who handle CRM the right way will be able to build relationships customers care about, and enjoy benefits from such relationships.

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