Cypcore 37 positive outcomes

In 2003 the UK government for England and Wales launched one of the most important policies, partly in response to the death of Victoria Climbie, in relation to children and children’s services. It was produced as a result of a review of children and young people’s services, it had two main findings; one was for all services to work together and share information and it identified five positive outcomes for children and young people. As a practitioner working with children I am aware that the support I give the children to achieve the five positive outcomes is crucial in their development.

Be healthy; Physically healthy Mentally and emotionally healthy Sexually healthy Healthy lifestyles Choose not to take illegal drugs Parents, carers and families promote healthy choices Stay safe; Safe from maltreatment, neglect, violence and sexual exploitation Safe from accidental injury and death Safe from bullying and discrimination Safe from crime and anti-social behaviour in and out of school Have security, stability and are cared for Parents, carers and families provide safe homes and stability Enjoy and achieve; Ready for school Attend and enjoy school

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Achieve stretching national educational standards at primary school Achieve personal and social development and enjoy recreation Achieve stretching national educational standards at secondary school Parents, carers and families support learning Make a positive contribution; Engage in decision-making and support the community And environment Engage in law-abiding and positive behaviour in and out of school Develop positive relationships and choose not to bully and Discriminate Develop self-confidence and successfully deal with significant life Changes and challenges Develop enterprising behaviour

Parents, carers and families promote positive behaviour Achieve economic well being; Engage in further education, employment or training on Leaving school Ready for employment Live in decent homes and sustainable communities Access to transport and material goods Live in households free from low income Parents, carers and families are supported to be economically active

http://webarchive. nationalarchives. gov. uk/20130401151715/https://www. education. gov. uk/publications/eOrderingDownload/DFES10812004. pdf Children and Young People’s Workforce early learning & childcare Penny Tassoni 2010 Published by Heinemann

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